The tap and hold method used to reveal alternative chord functions also holds true for many of Capoa€™s other icons. Capo touch makes it simple to break up your songs into regions such as verse, chorus, bridge, and solo. Capo touch lets you transpose the songa€™s key or tell the app that youa€™re using a capo on your guitar, too. The Beats tab is where you can see the songa€™s tempo, change the time signature, and such.
The final Song Settings tab is Notes, which is where you can set your instrument type (guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, or ukelele), the tuning used for your chosen instrument and the position, if any, of your capo.
Capo toucha€™s ability to slow down or speed up music, raise or lower the key, and loop regions can help musicians at all skill levels learn and practice new songs. Free download from Shareware Connection - Learn to play your favorite music on any instrument. Guitar and Drum Trainer - Slow down music between 5%-200% normal speed, set loop start and end points, and filter frequencies with a 16 band equalizer to learn to play your favorite music on guitar or any instrument. Shareware Connection periodically updates pricing and software information of 'Guitar & Drum Trainer' from company source 'Renegade Minds' , so some information may be slightly out-of-date.
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With versions available for both Mac and iOS, Capo allows users to easily learn songs by altering a songa€™s speed without changing its pitch, generating chords for the song, and more. You can open a song in Capo 3.1 on your Mac, make edits to the tempo, pitch, and chord choices, then close the app. Available since version 3.0 of the Mac app, Capo toucha€™s chord recognition works well and offers a great starting place for learning songs, but ita€™s not perfect.
Simply tapping the chord icon at the bottom of the screen will prompt Capo touch to analyze the song at the current position and add the chord. While it keeps the design clean and uncluttered, I found that it wasna€™t always apparent how to find certain controls; but as I continued to use Capo touch, it became easier and easier for me to get things done. Tap the Regions icon at the bottom of the screen to generate a one-measure region atop the song playhead. Just note on what fret youa€™d like to place your capo, and Capo touch will adjust the generated chords accordingly. You can also enable or disable the built in metronome and configure whether youa€™d like Capo touch to give you a one-, two- or four-measure count-in before starting the song, and a choice of five sounds to help you keep time: metronome, wood block, cowbell, rim click and square click.
As you switch between settings, the fingering of the chords displayed changes to reflect your choices.

The feature additions and improvements to the iOS version are most welcome and I hope the company continues to add and refine features, because I really enjoy learning new songs with Capo touch. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Slow down music, create loops, pitch shift, filter frequencies with 16 band EQ and low pass filter, use volume FX to play over-top of songs, save song configurations, count in to songs. The recently released Capo touch 2.0 brings the Mac appa€™s innovative chord recognition features to iOS for the first time. If iCloud syncing is enabled, Capo touch will display those songs in its Projects window and allow you to open and continue editing. While Capo touch recognized most of the chords and their placement correctly, I found that I had to perform at least a little bit of editing for every song I tried.
Tap on an already-generated chord in the project, and the chord icon turns red; touch the now-red icon and that chord disappears.
You can grab the handles on the left or right side of the region to move and expand it; you can also label and color code regions for easy recognition.
One feature found in Capo for Mac but missing from the iOS version is the ability to fine tune the songa€™s pitch to 100th of a semitone. Here, youa€™ll find presets to help you bring up the bass in the mix; this section also offers a feature for targeting frequencies where female or male vocals most often reside. Once youa€™ve created regions in your project, you can loop them, playing the parts over and over until you master them.
This fine pitch-adjustment feature comes in handy when (as is often the case) a song isna€™t tuned correctly, and I hope the company can add the capability to Capo touch in the future. This lets you sing along to a song as if it were a karaoke track, or just focus on the instrumentals. A window pops up with different chord fingerings (open, barre, chords higher up the neck, etc).
While this feature does help to eliminate some of a tracka€™s vocals, the equalization affects more than just the singing, and makes the whole track sound thinner.
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The intuitive color mixer, color pickers, and color eye-droppers make choosing colors fast and easy. The magic then happens when you tap the play button, which starts the song and you can hear and see the notes that are being played on the tab in real time.
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While copying data like media content or documents to external drives is easy, few users bother to take backups of personal settings and related data. There’s even a Solo mode that will mute all other instruments except the one currently selected.
Songsterr is like the Wikipedia of guitar tabs; users can contribute new tabs and even make edits to existing ones. It’s one of the best apps out there on iOS for learning tab and playing along with your guitar or bass.

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