Jingle Bells is a very easy tune to play on the piano so it’s perfect for beginners to be able to grasp quite early on. Before attempting to teach Jingle Bells and if you are new to the piano, check out my First Piano Lessons eBook to introduce the basic concepts of fingering, rhythm and notation. 2. Play the tune to the child while they sing along, if the child can read the words, suggest they point to the words on the music as they sing. Check out our Christmas lesson plan for lots more musical and educational activities to celebrate the season!
However, I don’t read music yet, and I was wondering if you had more songs using the numbered fingers so I can follow while I learn too. Thank you for this, although it is not for a child it is for me because my husband and I just inherited a piano and I figured I would learn to play, since I prefer things to be used rather than just looked at, and your site will make it fun to learn. When your student comes back the next week, have her play the song for you so you can make sure she’s proficient.
This activity is powerful because it shows kids that there really are fun applications of piano scales. If you like this activity and the free printable, please take just a second to like it, share it, and leave a comment below.
My son is sitting his teaching diploma next week and has to talk about transposition so this post was very helpful.
Three Little Notes for PianoThree little notes and your little music student can be playing a real song today.
Since Reharmonization Method 1 is mainly Christmas Songs, I decided to provide a MEGA DISCOUNT CHRISTMAS SALES  for other students who are now ready to take their piano playing journey onto the next level. There is no need to follow written sheet music arrangement for the 10 levels, because I show you how to PLAY BY EAR by understanding chord sounds and chord functions.
To be good at reharmonization techniques, we need to practice this skill into lots of songs with different chord progressions. To take your piano playing to the performance level, learn to play beautiful endings so as to leave a memorable experience to your audience.
Learn to creatively add harmonic runs and fills into your playing easily with 4T0 Handshape & 4T6 Handshape.
It appeals to all ages and nothing announces the arrival of the Christmas season better than a jolly rendition  – here is a step by step lesson piano lesson plan for how to play Jingle Bells for beginners, with free Jingle Bells sheet music that you can print off at the bottom of the page. The tune is so well known and it’s repetitive pattern and small five note range makes it a perfect piece for young players with small hands. The lessons and exercises in the eBook introduce children to playing the piano in a fun, engaging way. Ask the child to play the first phrase slowly, count 4 beats in, and point at the notes as they play them. Add each phrase in the same way, breaking it up into small chunks makes it easier to grasp. This may be the first time that they have had a new position for the L.H, so spend a little time getting used to the C below middle C. Point out that the chord is played on the first beat of the bar, each time on the word Jingle. Practise the song together as a duet, taking turns to play both left and right hands until they find it easy . Love introducing music to little one’s early on and it’s so great to add into lessons daily!

Good luck with the lessons – unfortunately I think I missed your link-up but will look out for it in future. Jingle Bells makes a perfect transposing activity because it’s a simple, well-known song and the kids will be excited to learn it.
Now just have her move her hand to another pentascale and play using the same finger numbers. Do activities like this often, and start right at the beginning, and you’ll have students who are excited to learn scales and chords because they understand how powerful this knowledge is and how much more freedom and fun they can have at the piano. Kids love Jingle Bells so much that they’ll be excited to learn it during any time of year!
If your student wants to play the whole song, challenge him to figure it out and play it by ear.
This helps other teachers to find and be able to use these resources and I love hearing your feedback! These easy to read free printable music sheets for beginning piano are just the ticket to get a new student started off on the right note.
Some of you have requested for special bundle sales, and so I am providing the following 2 bundle sales for a special discount price for early bird Christmas sales.
Lesson Worksheets for Students You learn how to turn a song from its basic level to putting in advanced chords for interesting harmony. Once you apply these 10 levels of reharmonization principles to at least 10 songs, you will become very good at arranging and rearranging songs at the piano by ear. To be skilful at reharmonization techniques, we need to practice this skill into lots of songs with different chord progressions.
Later, the melody has been adapted to a popular Christmas standard sung by Johnny Mathis in 1976. This Kit will provide a variety of ways to help you creatively arrange the ending of a song.
The 10 Levels of Reharmonization are done in C Key while the piano technique section is done in G Key.
Very young ones can just play the melody line with the right hand only, and the left hand can be added later on, when the child is ready to play both hands together. Make sure they don’t try to go too fast and point to the notes as they play, helping them with the fingering if they get stuck. The child will want to attempt to play both hands together soon enough, but it should be all their idea! The majority of the sheet music on the site is intended for accompaniment rather than beginners, but there are a couple of games included in the First Piano Lessons series that might be a good place to start as they aren’t sheet music based.
The parents were tremendously impressed–both by the fact that their kids could do it and that my studio was teaching such useful skills to beginners. Also Chord charts and Chord movement diagrams with lyrics are provided in all the 10 levels. Remember to stay focus at each level so that you are crystal clear to the reharmonization rules you are applying at each level. For those of you who wish to learn the skill to turn a simple traditional song to playing a dreamy standard love ballad, this Reharmonization Kit will give you lots of ideas to play with. Explore how you can keep your audience in suspense by delaying the final resolution to the tonic chord.
Ascending, Descending and Contrary motions are explored so that you can freely put them into all your favorite songs.

This Jingle Bells sheet music is simplified slightly as it is designed with beginners in mind. Talk the child through the fingering of the first phrase, touching gently each finger in the correct order that they should play. Play the rest of the left hand phrase by phrase,  with fingers 1-5-1 moving only on the first beat of the bar. If you’re working with a young child, I recommend that you send the piece home with the assignment to practice every day so she gets really good at it.
Make a big deal about how she just transposed the piece and that this is an important skill.
I just love how the internet can connect us to people from all over the world and allows us to share ideas.
All they have to do is understand how the finger placement chart at the top illustration of a keyboard corresponds with the numbers above the lyrics in the song.
As a BONUS to this course, I am teaching you some new piano techniques so that you can have fun playing this song. Add to your bag of tricks by spicing up your endings with dreamy chords: Fm, Ab7, Bb7, Ddim7, Csus, Csus2. These harmonic runs & fills are usually played slowly to fill up the empty measures and the long tones.
I request you kindly please you support & help me about Piano teaching advance skill of children. In the music section the numbers are repeated for the child to follow as they learn the corresponding notes later. The UNIQUE feature of Study Kit 2 is to learn the Jazz Waltz Swing Style with Chromatic Approach Notes. You’ll learn how to make good use of plagal cadence, Am deceptive cadence, suspension resolution, echo ending, climax ending, Flatted 6th Cadence, and ending on the 3rd tone. I have lots more resources that I send out to my email newsletter subscribers, so be sure to subscribe so that you can get more great content.
Once you learn how to end a tune with different types of chord progressions, you can also improvise on these ideas to do creative introductions to set the mood and style of a song. Playing harmonic color chords is a big subject, so I will give you a basic foundation so that you can continue to explore and create your own harmonic runs and fills using the concept of polychords, chord inversions, 4T6 and 4T0 Handshapes. Easy Beginning Piano MusicTeachers, do you need a way to introduce the piano to a music class? Once you understand the basic concept, you can build your own vocabulary of harmonic fills and licks in different contexts of songs.
Mary Had A Little Lamb For Piano is a free printable music sheet that will show a youngster how to play a simple song with only three notes. Playing the song in 16th notes to give it a nostalgic classical style so that you can add in 16th notes runs and fills easily. Sometimes all it takes is a positive exposure to music that will grow to be a real desire to learn to play an instrument. Learn the freedom to play rhythmically by playing on off-beat notes anywhere in the measure.

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