The goal behind this “Play Piano in a Flash” article is to show you a simple and practical method to learn piano tunes quickly and easily. Right Hand – You need to learn the position of the first 25 keys (including the black keys) on the treble clef.
Left Hand – Learning chords and their symbols not only will help you to play piano in a flash, it will make your left hand an automatic easy part when playing your favorite songs. The following example (a section of Jingle Bells) illustrates how you would be playing the chords using this method. When you really want to play piano in a flash, you just hold the chords while you play the melody. If you prefer a C chord arpeggio, you’d play one note at a time: C, then E, then G, C, then E, then G, etc. Get our special rate on this high-quality Yamaha keyboard, perfect for learning the Play Piano in a Flash system. In order to play piano in a flash, you need a method that uses a minimal amount of note reading.

Starting from middle C (the C closest to the middle of your keyboard), all the way up to the 2nd C above middle C. The big difference is that a fake book doesn’t show the left hand or bass clef, so you just need to follow the chord symbols. However, once you’re ready for the next step, you can play split chords or arpeggios with your left hand. Learning how to read single note melodies and memorizing the corresponding chords for your left hand is all it takes for you to play piano in a flash. And, you’ll have fun doing it because with this system, you start playing the songs you like from day one, not practicing endless scales. System includes 4 DVDs, exclusive 40-song workbook with instructions and sheet music, key stickers, quick start guide, stand-alone guides, plus a FREE BONUS DVD. His Ultimate Play Piano System includes everything you need to learn how to play piano, and have fun doing it.
If, on the other hand, you’re about to start learning piano, chances are you don’t want to start with a traditional classical instruction.

This method should also contain the very basic elements necessary to play your favorite music.
Select a tune you like and after you’ve memorized some chords, all you have to do is learn the melody or right hand. For instance, a regular C chord is C-E-G, but a split C chord would be: C, then E-G together, C, then E-G together, etc.
Used under license by Direct Holdings Americas Inc., which is not affiliated with Time Warner Inc. Ditch the boring scales, anyone can learn to start playing their favorite pop piano songs using the piano guy's techniques. So, if you want to learn popular style piano, and play your favorite music in the fastest and easiest way possible, this guide is for you!

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