I am planning to learn digital music keyboard – Self help for time being since I want to avoid commuting time. Hi Tapas, If you are learning on your own, I think most of the courses would teach you using the standard notation (C D E F G A B).
For playing Indian songs, with rhythms that include the Indian Tabla and other rhythms, there are choices like the Yamaha psr i425 and the Yamaha psr s550b. If you want complete satisfaction of all Indian music and rhythm then select yamaha psr s550b.
Latest Punjabi Song Patiala Peg By Diljit Dosanjh, Piano Notes Available Only On Piano Daddy.
Learn Upcoming Movie Tevar Song Radha Nachegi With Piano Notes First Available Only On Piano Daddy.

Learn Latest Hindi Song Sajna By Pakistani Singer Farhan Saeed On Piano With Piano Notes By Piano Daddy. Selfiyaan (Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene) Piano Notes Available With HD Video Tutorials First On Piano Daddy.
But adjusting to the Indian style is also not difficult later once you understand the concept of scales. Khwaishein (Shael) Piano Notes With HD Video Tutorials First Available Only On Piano Daddy.
Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu (PK) Piano Notes Available With HD Video Tutorials First On Piano Daddy. After learning keyboard in desi style try to learn in western style because with western style you will be able to learn chords and chords fill your melody.

Do not try to learn keyboard with only notations and only try to learn with sargam exercises if you want to create your own songs. If you want to play with the best keyboard which can produce real tabla voice then you should use Yamaha PSR.
With high-end Yamaha PSR keyboards, you can also record your own performance by attaching a mic and record mp3 or wav.
Yamaha PSR real tabla styles or rhythm for PSR S910 e.g dadra, kehrva, jhaptaal, teen taal, roopic, bhangra, remix and ghazal is available.

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