The background preparation mentioned above leads you into explanation of Hindustani notation.
Here at Cakewalk we are fortunate to have an external team of rocket scientists who help test out SONAR beta releases.  This team is dedicated, passionate and most of all appreciated by all of us internally here at the Cake shop.
Cakewalk:          What are some of the specific SONAR features that help you to compose the music for TV and Film? The Duke Western:        “In my workflow these days I’ve really customized so many different playing fields inside of the SONAR Platform.
The Duke Western:        “Nothing I haven’t stolen from the real geniuses in the sonar forums! Writing and playing, vs mixing has a sort of Yin Yang relationship with me – they coexist, but don’t cross pollinate well.

Cakewalk:          In your own words, how did you get going with composing and what got you to this level?
The Duke Western:        “At 12 years old, I got a Yamaha keyboard for Christmas that allowed me to record 4 different MIDI arrangement tracks.
That’s the nuts-and-bolts of it; however, what got me here is my decision to stay faithful to the same left brain, and the fascination with the power of song that made me want to get in the game in the first place. Cakewalk:          What are some of the shows that you’ve created music for fully in SONAR?
To get started on creating your own musical cues, please visit the SONAR pages or TRY SONAR FOR FREE.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Rockower, I started having a deja vu-type moment but then quickly relegalized it was a reverberation from my investigation on Mr.
They also have a 2445 Plate Reverb that is really spectacular, and I use it on almost every mix in one form or another. Bentley Ousley in the fact that I had uncovered yet another SONAR mastermind right under my nose.
Z open-back 2×12  where I’ll record my JCM 800 or another amp which works wonderful for a good rock tone.

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