Yamaha brand is becoming popular in India, through models like PSR I-425, PSR I-455, which supports Indian Music. In short, though Yamaha I-455 doesn't support much for carnatic gamakas, it provides a classical environment with good tabla rhythms and tambura sruthi, which makes learning music interesting. Though there are a number of keyboards available with pitch bend knobs, most of the the keyboards do not have good tones that support playing of carnatic gamakas. Selection of tone is also very important to use the technology available in these instruments. The portamento facility gives a glide from one note to another, when the second note is played, holding the first one. The legato setting gives some connection between notes, but it gives different effects based on the touch pressure on the notes., and it requires special practice to handle this effect in the keyboard. Learning Electronic Keyboard becomes interesting, if you have a good Keyboard with beautiful voices, rhythm patterns, required funcions like transpose, tuning, metronome, dual voice, pitch bend, etc.
If you go for models below the above price range, either the sound quality will be poor or the features will be restricted. BM Institute Indian Music offers online classes for Carnatic vocal, Keyboard, guitar, violin, and also bhajans, cine songs in all languages. A musical keyboard is the set of adjacent depressible levers or keys on a musical instrument, particularly the piano.
The keyboard is made up of white keys with repeating patterns of black keys in groups of two and three.
We are a team of dedicated, sincere and talented musicians cum music teachers conducting lessons for carnatic music, western music(both theory and practical), film songs in keyboard or piano and carnatic violin through Skype online. We believe in serving to the larger population both in india and abroad by teaching them a very fine art of Music. Our students right now are from various countries like Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Jamaica,Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, UAE, UK and USA. Our faculty is committed to the development and growth of the students as both artists and as individuals. If you'd like to get in touch then give us a call on +91-99529-80040 or through our contact page.
Our faculty is committed to the development and growth of the students both as artists and as individuals.
Finished Grade 8 Theory of Music and Grade 5 Piano Solo from Trinity College of Music London. Worked as part time keyboard teacher(for both carnatic and western ) in Vidya Mandir estancia from 2011 till 2014.
Performed as a rhythm guitarist for various instrumental troupes for almost 4 years ( over 200 plus concerts) from 2007-2011.
Performed as a music keyboard player for various instrumental troupes for almost 4 years ( over 200 plus concerts) from 2007-2011.
If you'd like to get in touch then give us a call on +91-99529-80040 or through our contact page. No traveling required at all to attend the classes and you can sit back, relax and learn with the luxury of being at your home. You can be living anywhere around the world but still can learn by connecting yourself to the world through internet. The choice of lesson timings is completely yours and can plan the best learning time to fit and accommodate your work and family priorities. With today's world becoming a small global village, literally you can access any teacher anywhere in the world just with the click of your mouse.
Because it is usually individual attention sessions, the lessons are unique and customised based on the student's level of understanding and not just on the syllabus. With our faculty being very versatile and diversified in the field of music, we can teach carnatic and western music both theory and practical using instruments like Keyboard or Piano and Violin . Coaching provided upon request by students for Trinity College of Music London grade exams as well. No prior knowledge or experience of music is required, as we will evaluate the student's ability and interest in music, and tailor the lessons for better understanding of nuances of music and progress in music. We serve the passionate music enthusiasts who have nurtured the dream to learn music around the globe. In the past and the present, we have a bunch of students who are happy and satisfied with the progress they have made in their musical journey by learning from us. If you just have the passion for music then we are here to help you dig deep into the ocean of music by throwing light on the nuances and intricacies of music. We provide you support for the lessons as appropriate and required from time to time using audio and video recordings. Every student has a unique and very different level of grasping, we are well equipped and experienced to cater to the individual needs and interests.
The journey of learning music can and will be very interesting and intriguing, we aim to make the experience as wonderful and as smooth as possible. With co-operation from the students side by regular practice and attendance, together we can achieve rapid and spectacular results. It is usually advisable to take up 8 hours in a month for better progress and continuity though you can choose to reduce it to 6 or 4 hours based on your budget and availability. But generally, there will be noticeably significant progress in your musical understanding and instrument playing in a couple of years. Yes, after completing the basics like notation fluency and developing a reasonable rhythm and timing sense.

Many of our students have felt this need and the importance of taking such exams though initially they were not for it. You can either call us in the phone numbers listed or write us an email with your details and we can get started after an introductory discussion. Teachers like you who are as passionate and enthusiastic about music will sure bring the best out of your students by giving consistent feed back and encouragement needed.
The main logic is to practice, as it is said practice makes a man perfect, it is the same here. The theory lessons carried out by the student should be scanned and sent to the teacher for corrections and to see if the taught lesson is understood or not, as per our convenient time.
On skype, if the teacher sends an important message and if the student forgets to note it down or print, the message remains there for further reference. The main plus point of the online classes is that no matter wherever the student and the teacher is, still the classes can be held.
According to me learning music by online is a better, faster, comfortable and convenient way of learning music.
The classes are conducted through skype and it is nothing different from sitting next to your teacher. The classes are very comprehensive,global material and best fit to the needs of the student. Nagaraj, the teacher was at his comfort best and made the student also feel the same and gave a good introduction to the lesson and to the strategy and it was good one. I wish all those who are to take the lessons good time learning and a good time experiencing music in an enlightened way. He has helped him in understanding the various nuances of carnatic music on keyboard in a very structured, understandable and step by step manner. He also makes sure to motivate my son and push him past his perceived limits to get the desired results.
The classes are very very effective and worth spending the time and effort with my teacher Nagaraj R.
I appreciate the best satisfying Online Carnatic Music learning experience from Indian Music Online Classes. I have started dreaming about Music World since childhood, never got an opportunity to learn in correct manner.
I always wanted to learn music instrument but some how it has not happened here in Moscow(Russia). Gururaaj and Nagaraj Sir are so friendly and they know the art of Online Teaching Methodology very well.
I wish them good luck and teach many many more students in the world as music is one language which anyone can understand. Due to my busy schedule and hectic work-load, I took some time off from the Keyboard classes (am planning to take in near future), so it has been a while since I saw or spoke with you.
Being very much fond of music, I always dreamed about playing one of the instruments, but never got a chance to go to music class.
Divya Music Online classes for Learning music are the Top rated music lessons online by the Best Indian Music Gurus, Hindustani vocal and Carnatic Singing online teachers, Online voice trainers and musical instruments playing instructors for online music learning lessons in Indian Sitar, Veena, Tabla, Flute, Bansuri, Sarod, Santoor, Sarangi, Dholak, Pakhawaj, Mridangam, Rabab, Dilruba, affordable, low cost, cheaper online music class lessons to learn Violin, Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Drum, Cello, Clarinet, Banjo, Mandolin through internet based e-learning music lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced level global music students. Music Lessons Online : Divya Music School offers DM Live Core - online Keyboard training lessons from best Keyboard Gurus - top rated Keyboard teachers in India for learning to play Keyboard musical instrument. Keyboard instrumental music classes and levels of learning: Online instrumental music courses - Keyboard playing online lessons on Skype and Google hangouts available with DM Live Core Divya music school online classes are for all levels of Keyboard learning and classifications for the global students. LEARNING KEYBOARD - BEGINNER LEVEL: Three levels of beginner Keyboard learning include 24 online Keyboard lessons (of 45 minutes duration each) in each Keyboard learning level. LEARNING KEYBOARD - INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: Three levels of Intermediate Keyboard learning include 24 online lessons (of 45 minutes duration each) in each Keyboard learning level.
LEARNING KEYBOARD - ADVANCED LEVEL: Three levels of Intermediate Keyboard learning include 24 online lessons (of 45 minutes duration each) in each Keyboard learning level. The learning levels in Keyboard instrumental music online lessons offer a complete learning as a hobby with the instrumental music education curriculum and a complete well defined Keyboard musical instrument studying syllabus for a promising career in music as Keyboard musical instrument performer or teaching Keyboard musical instrument.
The famous, experienced, senior Indian Keyboard instrumental music teachers in Divya Music school faculty - the Keyboard gurus teaching how to play Keyboard musical instrument teach the art and technique of playing the traditional classical Indian instrumental music form to the global Keyboard students in a non - competitive, dedicated and disciplined manner through live, one-on-one, interactive online Keyboard lessons, facilitated on Skype & Google hangouts, following the well-known, age old 'Guru - Shishya parampara' (Indian Teacher - disciple system), in a family like sacred atmosphere. Keyboard instrumental music education and training with Divya Music: The Keyboard musical instrument learning students searching to look and find online Keyboard teacher - Keyboard guru from India and for internet based online Keyboard class lessons opt for the high quality, flexible timing, convenient, cost effective and cheaper one-on-one online Keyboard classes by Divya Music. Affordable, low cost Keyboard lessons for Global Students : Divya school of music offers affordable, low cost Indian classical music lessons online on Skype - vocal music lessons online, and internet based musical instruments lessons online with flexible online music class time schedules for International music institute students & global non-resident Indians (NRIs) living in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Fiji, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand & other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East & South America.
The Keyboard music learning - online students at Divya Music Academy learn about the finer techniques of standard Keyboard playing with Keyboard musical instrument practice, complete Keyboard music theory knowledge of all the major subjects - including the origin, development, significance and the history of musical instrument Keyboard, contribution and work of noted famous International Keyboard musicians in the world including the basics and advanced learning of how to play Keyboard, Keyboard performers, solo instrumental performance and special group Keyboard instrumental music performances, music competitions etc. Tabla, Dholak, Drum, Pakhawaj, Conga, Harmonium, Piano, Tanpura, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Mouth organ, Shehnai etc.
It has a wide range of functions like Registration memory, multi-pads, one touch settings, layers, sound effects, pitch benders, good speakers, recording style loops, and many more. The pitch bend range decides how much you can bend the swaras, and hence in such keyboards, we can play only limited gamakas, which are not sufficient to play fine carnatic. There are also parameters like the portamento and legato in such keyboards, which provide extra support in handling gamakas. Though it gives some glide, it can not match with the same glide we get when we play on manual instruments like violin, veena etc. Sometimes we get very good effects accidentally, and in some other time we do not get the effect.
PSR I-425 has some Indian tones & tabla rhytms, which is not available in any other model.

So in my opinion, you may begin with PSR E413 or I425 and upgrade to S700 or S800 at a later date.
Generally there are a lot of rhythm patterns, out of which, a few have been provided in the Keyboard. Keyboards typically contain keys for playing the twelve notes of the Western musical scale, with a combination of larger, longer keys and smaller, shorter keys that repeats at the interval of an octave. It is good and effective like a teacher visiting your home in real time to teach you the education at a very reasonable cost.
Learning is a never-ending process and cannot be determined by the old age if health supports.
Please discuss with us about your preferred time and we will do our best to work out a mutually convenient schedule.
The online music classes have been a great convenience for the people who are busy like me. The virtual classroom created by Gururaaj sir is so very real and make one feel taking classes face to face. Somehow I googled and found about Indian Music Online Classes and got in touch with Guru and Gopi. But now suddenly it occurred to me that, although I am not in direct contact,I could help or express my gratitude towards your classes by writing a small testimony. He was were very kind and patient during the class and always being supportive is one of his qualities that I liked the most. Here you can see more information to compare costs and also read the customer reviews before you buy. The flexible online music classes with Keyboard playing online instrumental music lessons facilitated on Skype and Google hangouts is the best option for learning Indian Keyboard at home, offering affordability and convenience to the Keyboard instrumental music students all over the world. The highly experienced Indian Keyboard musicians, qualified Keyboard playing instructors, Keyboard talent training experts in India conduct the Keyboard instrument playing lessons online for the kids, school children, college students and adults alike. Though it is a bit heavy to carry, the tones are really pleasant and very good for accompaniment.
But it is necessary that the person who plays the keyboard understands the gamakas well, and practices his fingering well, such that he can bring out the maximum carnatic feel from the instrument. Some guitar tones, in particular Jazz Guitar tone is the most suitable one for playing carnatic music. To have a perfect control over the effect, we have to analyse it carefully, applying proper finger pressure.
To be honest, as far as the classes were concerned, I was a little-bit doubtful about learning music over a computer screen.
Divya school of music offering DM Live core online music lessons is promoted by the top music school in India - Divya sangeet (music) vidhyalaya, as the best sangit - online international music education center in India conducting Keyboard learning hobby lessons for the global music students. Keyboard playing trainers noted instrumental musicians, Indian Keyboard Gurus and International level Keyboard training experts at Divya school of music teach the energetic and lively art and technique of the perfect Keyboard playing. There are some keyboard artists who have done a lot of practice in these areas, but yet bringing 100% correct gamakas is impossible in keyboard, when compared to manual instruments. If you are looking for a Keyboards at higher price range, say around $800 - 900, you may go for PSR S700 or S800. While learning the basic lessons, it is better to play lessons with simple rhythm patterns like 8 beat (or) 16 beat. On electric and electronic keyboards, depressing a key connects a circuit (Hammond organ, digital piano, synthesizer).
Very Profound and clear knowledge of what needs to be taught and what pace should they keep for student.I had a good rapport with both and started learning Keyboard, It was roughly in 2010 and I still amaze looking back the basics, that those days made me what I do today or i better say what I can do today.
I found so interesting and one to one between teacher and student.Total focus on one student which does not happen in regular class so much. He make a really good healthy environment for learning and then adjust his teaching speed according to the need of student. The famed, awarded and renowned Indian classical music groups and Keyboard teacher's faculty at Divya music school provide the high quality Keyboard training to the beginners, intermediate and advanced level music students at economical fee prices. Since the most commonly encountered keyboard instrument is the piano, the keyboard layout is often referred to as the "piano keyboard".
Really helpful lessons, so clear vision of teaching, in depth knowledge of both Music Masters introduce to my dream world in reality. Today I can play Keyboard with little ease, I was able to read sheet music for certain period, I can play Harmonium and can sing along.
The teaching is not bound to to just the lessons they gave you, it's always about finding your self in Music - they helped me a lot. On a special note, I felt the same as quoted by the Composer Baha: "The art of music is divine and effective. Each key on the keyboard has a particular tone or pitch, and a certain place on the music staff.
You will learn how each tone relates to a line or space, and you will be able to find it on the keyboard and combine the notes to make beautiful music. Brief is, I learned a lot from myA inspiring both teachers, It was really pleasure learning keyboard, understand music within and around us, technically both Classical and Western.

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