Notations play popular hindi songs (guitarsite), You can get notations and play popular hindi songs in your musical instrument.
But what if we want to find chords for an Indian song of your choice (or for any song for which you can’t find chords online)? What if you don’t want to anymore depend on chord sheets to play chords for songs you love?
There is probably not enough easily available and reliable guidance for us when it comes to being able to find chords, harmonize melodies, songs, phrases, ragas. There is probably not enough time either for most of us to dedicate time to trying to solve the mystery by collecting and analyzing available evidence.
Also, if we don’t have a background in music theory, it maybe not an easy task to make sense of the different chords used. Material is given to clearly show you what I think when finding chords – the method by which anyone gets good with finding and playing chords.
Have a look at the videos on this page, to see how chords are used for a few Raga based songs. This site already has free posts with a lot of information to get you started with playing Ragas and Chords for Ragas. Get access to it once, and you will have gained access to all the resources and guides that will be updated over time, about Ragas and playing Chords.
Videos explaining the ragas are given – I will be using guitar and vocals in the videos, to explain the notes and the ragas. Arohana avarohanas for a number of ragas are listed, along with how they connect with the corresponding western scale.
So if you want to understand Indian ragas in terms of western notes, scales and western instruments, these scale to raga connection will make things clear for you. For example, understanding chords of the melodic minor scale (Raga gowrimanohari), one understands the logic behind finding chords based on the scale, from each note position, how those chords can be used with the scale from different note positions etc.
Ragas gives us a good opportunity to go beyond major and minor scales and to use chord finding methods on scales that have flat nines, flat 6ths, sharp 4ths etc. Below is an example video on improvising over a song using basic concepts of chord finding. It is good if you have  a resource or guide that would help you understand chords for songs or ragas and scales, in easy steps. Not a bunch of content that would overwhelm you and make you feel there is a lot, but something that is straightforward, clear about what is really the path to take, what you have to do or think that is absolutely useful.
Once you start understanding the basic principles of finding chords for songs, scales or ragas, you will be able to build the whole skill from the basics. Since major and minor triads are the most basic of chords and since the sound is easy for us to relate to and play, you may want to learn to play any song in any scale using just major and minor. Includes a method to play exact and simple triad chords for any phrase, without having to find out the root or knowing much theory, just by finding the notes of the phrase.
The very beginning of the course is about using major and minor chords, and shows you the list of possible chords you could use for most popular songs. How to play chords for any song, scale or Raga teaches you how to play chords for any phrase, scale, song or Indian raga. Approximating all chords to major and minor, regardless of how different the real notes of the scale are from major or minor scales or modes.
In detail, the method to find chords for most songs we come across, starting from the basics.
Then you are introduced to finding chords for songs in scales other than what is usually used in western music.
Includes an universally useful method to find simple major and minor chords to fit for any phrase regardless of the scale, or its origin. Variations of chord progressions are given for the same phrases, so that you can mix and match, and choose different combinations for variety. The same seven chords of the major scale can be used to find chords for Raga Shankarabharanam, Raga Natabhairavi, Raga Keeravani, and… all the janya ragas of any of these three ragas. The janyas of these ragas are the basis of many very popular Indian classical compositions. This technique alone will be enough for you to have your freedom and independence when it comes to finding and playing chords.

These methods of approximation are satisfying while at the same time, making chord playing easy.
Another way is to use simple minor and major chords to play Ragas like Mayamalavagowla and Geetams of ragas which do not directly let us play minor and major over all its notes. Now, the major 7th chord does not represent the flat ninth and flat sixth notes and hence the characteristic sound of Raga Mayamalavagowla. Once you start getting familiar with how to find chords from scales, you will notice that it is easy to choose the scale notes to form chords you can play for the particular phrase or the raga in general. Understanding chords as chosen scale notes suddenly makes the connections much more obvious and brings you freedom and confidence about finding and playing chords for any raga, scale, phrase or song.
What are the composers or musicians thinking when finding and deciding chords for melodies?
Once you know the basics behind playing chords for melodies, you won’t have to look for chords on the internet.
Most of the songs we come across, that are popular, are based on the major and minor scale.
For any pitch there are only 7 chords you have to know to play chords based on the major scale. Once you know how to use the chords for the C pitch, transposing or changing the pitch to some other key is just addition and subtraction – basic arithmetic.
Interestingly, the same chords used for the major scale can be used to play minor scale songs. Guess, by now, you get the hint on how knowing to use just a few number of chords can actually make you able to play chords for a very large number of songs.
Know what the composer, musician, performer or arranger is thinking while making beauty with chords.
Being digital downloads, there is no delivery time delay or charges ?? Click below to gain immediate access to downloadable pdfs which you can start using right now. When you are searching for How To Play Piano Hi, right place to purchase How To Play Piano Hindi S. We have found the best How To Play Piano Hindi Songs related products from all over the world for you to browse and order o Play Piano Hindi S online. It probably has chords and other material for any Western song you would want to work with.
What if you want to understand those easy ways of remembering what chords to play? What if you want to make your own songs, play chords for your own songs? What if you knew that you could learn to be able to find and play chords for any melody or phrase or song or raga you wish? And in my experiece, without the help of a reliable musician guide, it is almost impossible for us to be sure of what we are doing. If you think being able to find chords like that is useful, then the explanation in the resource will help you in that direction.
Nothing to worry: major, minor, flat 9, everything is explained in an easy to understand language.
Popular songs and compositions have their chords derivable from our knowledge of major scale chords and derivatives there of. I include material based on user needs too, in addition to the core topics. Which means that you may please mail me your specific needs, based on which I can add material to help you with what is important for you at the moment. In this Raga Chord resource, we will get into more details, more resources to help you learn ragas and chords for ragas, more chord sheets, a deeper and complete understanding of the logic behind being able to play chords for any Raga, Scale, Song, Phrase or Melody. Examples of all different possible note combinations – makes you prepared to find chords for any melody or phrase you may come across.
Chord names are explained, the chords are explained while mentioning the notes played in each chord. This resource is the one place where I will be updating all that I know about finding and applying chords. When useful, Tuxguitar, a free notation and tab software is used to play the melody along with chords. Needless to say, you can use them in your music context, especially with the understanding you gain about the chords they are associated with.
So if you are a guitarist, you can use the videos to learn to play carnatic phrases on the guitar.

This gives us a clear idea of how the notes in the song or scale or raga can be used to find the corresponding chords of the scale. And once we have seen different kinds of possibilities using ragas and scales, in finding chords, naturally we will find it easy to find chords for songs and phrases in real life, however different or complex they may be.
The field of arranging or chord playing is not random – it is based and built on solid principles.
So you have practical, useful information which can immediately change the way you view chord playing and will bring noticeable difference to your skill. Each of the chord sheet has a drop down to choose the root of your preference, when the chords change to match your selection. The chords are based on the same logic or method discussed in the minor major chord section.
If you are comfortable with singing in the key of G (pitch 5), then choose G from the drop down, and all the chords displayed above the lyrics and swaras will be for the pitch of G.
How do we make these approximations to be able to use minor and major chords instead of more complicated chords, on ANY raga?
Understanding basic chord formation principles lets us see that the notes of the whole raga can be expressed as a single chord – the Major 9th chord.
For example C Em Dm F G Am Bdim (or G7) are the only chords you will need to play a large number of songs, if you sing at the C pitch. You can download the material or come back to the page each time you want to check something. Just let me know any time in 60 days if you want a refund for some reason, and i will be happy to return your money. This kind of chord playing instruction is what many consider unique to me, and what I am asked the most to teach.
Fast Distribution : Our speedy and useful delivery service means your order will be with you in time period.
This is THE resource I will be updating with all possible information and guide towards Ragas and Chord playing. And, also the reverse, where you will find it comfortable to find melodies for chords and chord progressions. Then we have essentially covered a wide range of possibilities, situations, cases, so that we will be able to extend this understanding to any song, scale, phrase or raga that we will come across. Therefore, you will have a clear understanding of why you are playing the chords, and also make your own choices and variations if you feel the need for. You can take two notes of the phrase and find the third and be sure that the chord is a simple major or minor and that it will fit over the two notes.
Depending on the scale or raga, you may get chords with names more than seventh or 9th etc. Since you will have unlimited access to the material, you can revisit it any number of times to master the material or reference the material according to your need. Later, the examples of flat 9 scale and melodic minor gives the logic behind finding chords for any scale, using the scale notes.
It has a keyboard view also, suitable for piano or keyboard players to watch the melody or chords played. Then we can include those differences to the chords of the major scale to get chords that can be used for the new raga. But once you get familiar with how to find these chords, that skill remains with you for life. This is again for you who is keen about the topic and knows that $67 is worth the money, in return for a complete, authoritative guide to  specific instruction that you have been looking for. I have spent much of my life, time, energy and other resources trying to understand chords and harmony, linking Indian and western music.

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