So even if you find yourself to be not the next Chopin, you must still give piano playing a try for all the benefits it brings to your body, life, mind and soul.
The best and easiest way to learn a piano in a short duration, is to take piano lessons from experienced professionals. To help you gain some more insights into what playing a piano entails for you, below listed is a step-by-step guide to how to learn to play piano.
While they may at first do not mean much to you and look anything but readable, musical notes are the ABCs of music. The Black keys are found in groups of threes and twos; Look for the group of five black keys, right at the center of the piano. Mastering the music scales is the key to a solid foundation to piano learning, or any other musical instrument. There are 12 major scales (Major Scales I and Major Scales II), and 36 minor scales (consisting of the natural minors, melodic minors, harmonic minors – 3 x 12). While notes, chords and scales, give you a solid foundation, to become a true pianist or a musician, you must know how to play in proper rhythm. Along with Sight-reading and playing by ear, playing with both hands is what will take you to the next level of piano learning.
Finally, after getting accustomed with all the major to-dos and know-hows of piano playing, you must learn to be able to enjoy your performance on a piano. Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox. March 7, 2016 by admin Leave a Comment Everyone usually have love for music and you would have seen many people who have interest in creating music. Here is a list of 5 most common reasons why people might quit learning to play a musical instrument quickly and we will be sharing some ideas to fight those reasons. Many people who fail or give up learning instruments are fearful and self-conscious about making mistakes.
Another vital reason is lack of encouragement or moral support that students look for in their surroundings. One of the prime reason for frustration is often new learners are seen to practice over cheap quality or very old instrument.
Ideally you would want an acoustic piano, but there are so many cases where digital pianos would be preferable. Aside from these obvious advantages, digital pianos have so many features that will help your child not only learn playing it faster, but the entire experience will be so much more fun. Paying attention to the way your child is interacting with the piano is essential to being able to talk with him about it. I’m sure there are other tips that might be helpful but if every child who was just beginning to play the piano would have all of these aspects covered, the entire experience would be more fun and rewarding.
The course comes with 27 video lessons with step-by-step instructions and many exercises and sheet music. I am not a beginner and have been learning to play the piano intermittently for many years but I am so glad that I purchased this beginners course. The Adult Musos formerly known as the Melody Makers is a Wendy’s Music Program introducing adults and teenagers to the basics of playing their instrument. Learn to Play Junior Players edition is a Wendy’s Music Program introducing children to the basics of playing their instrument. Performing: achieving a level of playing and confidence to perform independently or with others for an audience.
Ear Training: developing the ability to listen and understand musical content and performance issues. The Learn to Play or SIng Junior Musos edition is a Wendy’s Music Program introducing children to the basics of playing their instrument or singing.
Performing: achieving a level of playing or singing and confidence to perform independently or with others for an audience. The Learn to Play or Sing Junior Musos edition is a Wendy’s Music Program introducing children to the basics of playing an instrument or singing. The best part about learning to play a piano is, any one can learn a piano and age has nothing to do with it! Though, piano courses are seldom low priced, they are the most effective way to get yourself familiar and develop expertise with the instrument. You must first completely familiarize yourself with the keyboard layout, note names and the piano finger numbers. The Middle C is the white key placed to the left of the two black keys in the exact middle of the piano. It goes a long way in helping you get familiar with the keyboard, as well as helps you during the latter stages in composing your own music.
It will take you hours and hours of practice to just explore the various levels of scales, but in the end you will find your confidence, technique, familiarity with the keyboard, ability to read, learn and memorize music, all enhanced remarkably well.
Once you have begun to feel confident playing using either hand separately, you must always (nearly always) practice to play a piano using both hands, in equal measure.
Playing a piano is no easy feat to achieve, and while learning its basics, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and bored with the process. For that purpose they get themselves involved in learning to play musical instruments such as piano, guitar, organ or many others.
If you think that you can skip practicing or can do well by trying your hands on the instrument only once a week, you need to rethink on your strategy if you really want to make progress. Learning anything is a process where you would be making mistakes and it is completely okay.
It could be encouragement from teacher, from family, from friends or any other audiences listening to their practices and early performances.
Though taking lessons for learning a musical instrument is difficult and it needs complete focus and commitment; many people could not stick to it for long. If you want to make learning the piano as easy and efficient as possible for your child, there are some things that you can do.

You will speed up you child’s learning ability possibly by months during the first year of lessons. It may seem like something obvious for you, but if it doesn’t then read on to better understand the benefits of owning a piano. When choosing a digital piano, look for weighted keys, touch sensitivity, pedals, a firm stand, and a sound that matches the one of acoustic pianos. If you have an acoustic piano, always keep it in tune! If you already have an acoustic piano, great. Purchase a piano bench that is height adjustable. Sitting at the right height and maintaining the perfect position is a big part of playing the piano.
Pay attention to what your child discovers at the piano and, when it’s the right time, talk with them about their discoveries.
Make sure your child knows the difference between their right and left sides. This aspect goes beyond making a difference between right and left. Knowing the alphabet from A to G, and maybe back, will be be very helpful for your child. This is a concept that will not be covered during the first few lessons.
I can say I am doing okay for now and spending more time on the notes above the stave and the notes below the staves and also the Chords and the timing which is so important.When I am finished I would of covered everything. The program covers all the essential musicianship skills such as knowing the “way around” the instrument, reading music notation AND introducing creative and listening skills, which are invaluable to developing and advanced musicians.
Whether you are extremely gifted or just an average person with the desire to be a musician. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do are the musical notes which correspond to C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C respectively. For which, a proper (and comfortable) posture, sitting position and some basic keyboard skills are very helpful. If you go up or down the length of the keyboard, you will notice that every white key to the immediate left of any set of two black keys is a C or Do. Learning piano scales might not be the most interesting part of piano learning, but it is most essential. It must be noted that without gaining proficiency in scales (most teachers and players avoid them), you will never be able to achieve a high level of piano skills. While major chords have fuller sound to them, the minor chords tend to sound flat and slightly dissonant. Even if you are playing only a portion of a song, you must keep playing it at a set rhythm, never mind if you miss a note or two, or forget to play a major chord…just do not let the rhythm break.
You need to keep your mind fresh, so that it is able to endure the long hours of piano practice.
This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice. Most of them try learning but research concludes that over 50% of them quit too quickly and easily.
One mistake that most beginners make is that they set unrealistic goals, like learning to play a piece in one day etc.
These goals would vary according to your level or individual learning preferences but as far as you can make improvements and can stick to learning, you are moving in the right direction.
Many people don’t practice for enough hours and thus in the end feel discouraged by not making progress. Many people think that they cannot master at fingering or if they have hearing problem or have fear of embarrassment for their mistakes.
An encouraging and motivating piano teacher could be the best gift for an early musical instrument learner. I have seen many young students taking piano lessons on a piano that is not properly maintained. Reasons can be several including lack of interest, limited practice time, unfriendly teacher and many others but remember that learning an instrument can be rewarding at a later stage.
Following is a list of useful tips that you can implement on your own to enhance the piano learning ability of your kids.
If you cover all the recommendations you will be perfectly prepared to help the little ones experience big leaps in performance. When starting to learn how to play a musical instrument, children need to practice as much as they can between lessons. Digital pianos on the other hand fit in most spaces, most are very portable and they have many tones and effects.
The presence of the piano will make your child feel comfortable with it and even trying to explore it on his own.
This is a sure way to give your child the confidence he needs to make great progress in learning how to play the piano. Any action, even during playing, that involves movement or coordination between his left and right side of the body will contribute to his ability to better master the piano.
If he can understand that the musical alphabet flows from A to G, repeating itself over and over then you might save a lesson.
I am now able to understand the left hand notes on the sheet music and able to play with different chord progressions and beats with confidence. All concepts are introduced in a simple manner with performance, theoretical, aural, and creative review, which enables each concept to be thoroughly understood.
Or someone who always had the passion but never the time or money to learn a piano; you can learn to play a piano in a short time, provided you are willing to put in the required effort. Of these E, G, B, D are the Bass Clefs (also called G Clefs), while C, F, A, C are Treble Clefs (or F Clefs). You will do well do practice this out a bit, and learn to match all the notes to the black and white piano keys. Practicing scales forms a connection between your fingers, your thinking process and the keys. The happier tone of the major chords makes them ideally suited to be used in a happy background music, while the minor chords are mainly used to create suspense and thrill in the piece.

And before long, you will be able to make changes in the rhythm on your own, vary it according to your taste or, in other words, learn how to make music! Make sure that you shut off all the stress and worries when you are sitting at a piano, you don’t need tensed fingers while playing, as they simply wont be able to create music on an instrument as sensitive as a piano. For example you can set a goal of learning a scale or a tone in a week or two weeks and you can reach for bigger goals as you progress as a musician. A proper teaching style with positive reinforcement enables you to make impressive progress. An instrument that is in improper worn out shape and needs proper repair can hinder learning capability of a student. If they are not able to practice between lessons, they will not be able to make significant progress. Manufacturers have made some big leaps in technology and with some models, the difference in touch and sound are almost unrecognizable, when compared to acoustic pianos. If you don’t have the time to do that, I recommend Casio PX850 or Yamaha Arius YDP-V240. He will understand the difference between black and white keys and the tonal distribution (high notes towards the right and low notes towards the left end. Some think few cushions will do the job, but in reality it’s nothing but improvising.
If he can also think backward from G to A, then he made the foundation to orienting himself on the keyboard. Basically these are two symbols that are used in music writing to represent the notes that are played on the left and right side of the piano. Not only playing piano is educational and fun, it also has its therapeutic and health benefits. The treble Clefs are usually those higher notes that are often played with the right hand; they start from the middle C (at the center of the piano) all the way to the end of the keyboard. You must remember that notations are important though, and a rhythm played with proper notes, punctuated by well-placed silences is the key to making beautiful music.
Some may think that it is not their cup of tea, some lack dedication and commitment, some of them blame themselves for not getting results and the reason may be some false expectations. However people who are more relaxed and easy to go with the process of learning would not only stick to learning but they would be making progress much faster in comparison to others. If your music teacher lacks these qualities, you may need to speak up or change your instructor. Malfunctioning of the instrument can lead to moments of frustration and thus resulting in students skipping lessons and finally quitting learning. There is no good companion than music or musical instrument so it would have some ups and downs that you have to deal with in order to become a pro instrument player. You will have to book a piano tuner near you and be at home while he’s taking care of the piano.
He will also learn the effects a piano has, for example when pressing a key in a lighter or harder manner, as well as the sustain effect of pedals.
You could also opt for a second hand acoustic piano, if you do not want to buy a digital keyboard. The bass Clefs (or G Clefs) are the lower pitch, all left to the middle C and played by the left hand of the pianist.
It is simply not possible to learn a musical instrument in one day and believe me there are no shortcuts. Apart from that people often overlook practicing musicians, so don’t be discouraged if you get no appreciation in the beginning. In order to avoid that parents or instructors or learner himself should make sure that the instrument is properly maintained or repaired (if needed) before beginning the learning sessions.
The advantage with these two models is that you will not have to change them to something better as your child progresses.
Your child will not enjoy playing an acoustic piano that is out of tune, and you will not appreciate the sound for extended periods of time either.
Does he play across the full length of the keyboard or does he restrict his playing to a certain area? Your child may have seen it before just never quite understood what it represents (basically it means the notes on the top half of the piano). Having a piano at home helps you practice as much as you want, in your preferred environment. For beginners, it is advisable to stick to learning the major chords, before they move on to the finer, minor chords.
After a little practice, you will be able to pick out the melody using your ears, and your hands will learn to play in accordance without having to so much as glance at the notes lying in front of you. There may be roadblocks hindering your learning process but there are ways to overcome those roadblocks too. It may take many thousand hours for you to practice yourself with the instrument and becoming a professional expert. Remind yourself that you are learning something that is a skill that not many people have and it is a practice of years. Understanding and distinguishing between these concepts will put him on fast forward towards learning how to play the piano, enabling the piano teacher to approach more complex musical pieces sooner.
Key to developing mastery in playing with both hands is practicing playing by ear and by sight reading new music. Mistakes are no big deal, everyone makes them so need not to worry about them but remain focused.

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