The NEW portable Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano comes in both 73-key and 88-key, Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard. Korg is prudent with details, the on-board effects provide spot-on recreations of studio techniques, amp chassis, stomp-box pedals, and speaker cabinets transformed these sounds into coveted classics. If you have played vintage keys before you will notice that when you play Korg SV-1, it is the keys and the incredible sound which make you feel like this is something that you had played before.
Korg unveiled its most portable and affordable digital piano it has ever developed at the recent Winter NAMM Show 2010, the Korg SP-170 Digital Piano. Additionally, the newly developed Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) faithfully reproduces the touch and graduated weight of acoustic piano keys. The Korg SP-170 is also perfect for music beginners and is able to satisfy the most discerning pianists. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from Sonic State is prohibited.
As the name says it all, this new vintage keyboard will cure those who are addicted to vintage keys, while at the same time fulfilled the wishes of those who yearn for both classic and timeless keyboards, all in one instrument. Additionally, the SV-1 incorporates Korg’s Real eXperience (RX) Technology whereby each sound is a detailed and authentic recreation, accurately capturing the full range of expression and dynamics of the original. The SP-170 compact, simple, yet elegant designed piano focuses on what is most important in a piano – authentic grand piano feel and vibrant sounds. The soft-fall, wooden key cover is flat on top, allowing the instrument to blend elegantly into a room when it's not being played.

The 36 sounds in the SV-1 span electric pianos, acoustic pianos, clavs, organs, strings, and even a couple of synths for good measure. The SP-170 features a full 88 notes Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) Keyboard, a duo sampled concert grand piano sounds and 8 additional sounds; Electric Piano (x2), Harpsichord, Clav, Vibraphone, Pipe Organ, Electric Organ and Strings, 60 notes (stereo) Polyphony. The LP-380 features Korg's RH3 keyboard, three pedals, and large-diameter speakers ensure a superb piano-playing experience and a rich and robust piano sound.
Besides the robust sound system you can hear the real mechanics of all the instruments behind the way the sound comes out.
The authentic hammer weighting gets progressively lighter as you go up the keyboard, just like playing an authentic piano. Over 950 sounds including Stereo Piano and GM 2 Sounds plus 64 Drum Kits are preloaded, representing a full range of musical instruments from almost every genre. The acoustic piano sound is very intuitive, and that is a very hard thing to model on many keyboards.
A total of 30 expressive, high-quality sounds are built in, including piano and electric piano. The Korg SP-170 can be used as the master keyboard for computer music software via the MIDI output. Particular emphasis was placed on the electric piano sounds, which reproduce not only the way the tone responds to touch, but also the subtle noises that occur when a key is released. This lightweight and easy to carry keyboard instrument also makes it ideal for live performances.

Six varieties are provided, covering the sounds widely used in pop music of the '60s and '70s.In order to reproduce the playing feel of an acoustic piano as closely as possible, the sound switches between four piano samples according to the player's dynamics. From subtle touches to powerful crescendos, the sound will respond realistically to user input. Additionally, the LP-380 includes all three pedals normally found on a concert grand piano, including support for realistic half-pedaling on both the damper and soft pedals. These pedals are affixed to the LP-380 in the perfect position for a true piano playing experience.A Layer Mode lets two sounds be played together, and a Partner Mode divides the keyboard into left and right regions so that two people can play the same range of pitches at the same time. Two headphone jacks also make it convenient for two people to enjoy playing the LP-380 together. Nine different temperaments can be selected, some of which support historically authentic performances with period instrument ensembles.The amplifier (22W x 2) boasts the highest output in its class, properly reproducing expressive piano sounds with authentic, detailed tone and damper resonance.
Two large-diameter 3.9" speakers are mounted inside the cabinet, allowing the sound to resonate for even richer depth. The speakers have been placed below the keyboard to create the sensation of sound enveloping the entire piano, for even greater realism.The Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard reproduces the same playing experience as on a grand piano, with a heavier response in the lower register and a lighter response in the higher register. In addition, a Key Touch Control function lets the user choose one of three levels to specify how the performance dynamics will affect the sound.

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