Sennheiser Evolution 835 S microphone, "On Stage Stands" Euroboom # OSS MS7701B, and Cable.
To see this and the vendor's other items for yourself, visit the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall!
I guess it would be something to get used to if I decide to use official Chrome OS hardware. I ordered one from Amazon but it will take over a month before it even ships (third party seller) I think Amazon should stock some.
This piano has only been played by the light fingers of my child and has been cared for.Designed for performance and music instruction.

Its one of the most complex digital synthesizers ever, using additive synthesis and a type of FM synthesis to create very complex digital sounds. Chances are I suspect they are cheaper to produce, therefore the margins made on the sale of them (given the niche) is greater.
Currently using a generic Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse with my Samsung Chromebox without any issues (so far). Wendy Carlos is probably the best known Synergy user - she obviously appreciates it for its excellent ability to recreate complex acoustic instrument sounds. I actually like it because I have to knowingly activate Caps Lock and can’t accidentally press it.

Please seach the web for more information about the Synergy if you're not familiar with it.

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