Mar 26, 2013– Newark, USA  (Techreleased) – Today Logitech announced the expansion of its tablet accessories lineup with the introduction of its Logitech Keyboard Folio and Logitech Keyboard Folio mini, designed to both safeguard your tablet and touch-screen while complementing it with refined fabrics and new colors to match your personal style. The Logitech Keyboard Folio connects to your iPad through Bluetooth® and delivers the feel of familiar, traditional full-size keys with function shortcuts for the iPad, helping you overcome the limitations of typing with an on-screen keyboard.
Marrying aesthetics and practicality, Logitech combined sophisticated materials with a clean industrial design, to evoke personal style while helping to minimize the risk of damage to your tablet.
Belkin manages to shoehorn a full QWERTY into its Portable Keyboard Case for iPad mini, but it doesn't offer a great typing experience.
The iPad mini, like its larger sibling, is great for a lot of things, but typing anything longer than a short email message here or there isn't one of them.
Design, Setup, and Keyboard Unlike the ZAGGkeys Mini 7, which uses a thick rubber shell and kickstand, the Portable Keyboard Case resembles more traditional keyboard folio cases. Along the right edge are a micro USB port for charging with the included cable, a power switch, a pairing button, and an LED indicator light. The keyboard itself, while offering tactile feedback and a full QWERTY layout, isn't very comfortable. Accessory maker ZAGG today announced a pair of Bluetooth-powered backlit keyboard products for Apple’s iPad mini. Additionally, the Cover sports a magnetic closure which protects the screen during transport.
ZAGG said the Cover will be available in both silver and black while the Folio will be initially offered in black and white, with new colors rolling off the production line by Fall. The KeyBook Series by Poetic is the ideal case for those who need to do a lot of typing, featuring a removable Bluetooth keyboard. The full-sized Bluetooth keyboard provides that true keyboard feeling without adding extra weight! Made of high quality aluminium, the SHARKK iPad Mini keyboard case provides great protection and ease of type.
Protect your iPad minia€™s screen and enjoy a comfortable typing experience without detracting from its thin, light and cool style.
MiniSuit introduces their newest must-have accessory for Apple iPad Mini Tablet: a 3-in-1 stand, keyboard, and dock. Featuring an attractive folio designed specifically around the curves of iPad mini, and highlighted with ZAGG’s award-winning keyboard technology, the MINI 7 offers a complete mobile experience for a tablet. A This was my post regarding the best iPad mini Keyboard cases you can find these days on the market.
Taking protection and convenience to the next level, Logitech has included magnetic closures to further help minimize the risk of damage to your tablet while in transit, and a hands-free flip stand offers two comfortable viewing angles so you can enjoy your iPad or iPad mini in the perfect position.
But while keyboard cases are genuinely useful for the full-sized iPad, the small footprint of the iPad mini doesn't allow for very spacious keyboards built into cases.
A thin, suede-like outer flap folds around an inner frame for the iPad mini and a black plastic keyboard.

Setup and pairing works like any other Bluetooth keyboard; simply flip the switch into the On position, press the Pair button, and enter the pairing code provided by the iPad mini. The chiclet style keys provide a bit more travel than the ZAGGkeys Mini 7's, but they're noticeably smaller. If there are doubts about the full-sized iPad as a productivity tool, those are only heightened by the iPad mini's compact build. The ZAGGkeys Cover and Folio are both ultra-thin, pack in Bluetooth wireless connectivity and sport a patented hinge system that allows for up to 135-degree viewing angles and can reverse the device for a one-piece reading and playing mode. The super slim and light weight(7 mm) Bluetooth keyboard has a 10 m range offering improved and comfortable typing experience. The rubberized keys are spill-proof, and also protects your device’s screen from scratching when closed. The sleek, portable keyboard allows you to write fast and precise and carry your laptop around without any fear you might scratch it.
They build their reputation on two strong principles: A rigorous and relentless quality control A and best material guaranteed. It delivers the same text input as the traditional PC and laptops with no need to install software or drivers and includes special keys that activate iPad features. Each key has a spring mechanism that provides tactile feedback when struck, enabling fast, intuitive, and comfortable typing. Island-style keys in a sleek and unique layout provide maximum finger space in a compact Bluetooth keyboard, perfect for accentuating the utility and convenience of iPad mini.
Designed with the mobility of the iPad mini in mind, both of these folios are precision-engineered with state-of-the-art materials, resulting in cases that are ultra-thin and ultra-light, yet protective. Belkin is the latest company to try and shoehorn a full QWERTY keyboard into an iPad mini case, with its Portable Keyboard Case for iPad mini ($79.99 direct).
The flap snaps closed magnetically and folds back into a small triangle for propping up the tablet for typing. On top of that, the keyboard layout is unorthodox and somewhat awkward—for instance, the Space Bar is far too small and the Backspace button is in line with the top row of letters, instead of numbers, like on most keyboards.
Simply put, I'm not sure there is enough real estate within the dimensions of the mini to fit a truly comfortable keyboard.
No matter where you are or if you simply enjoy to be in closeA connectionA with the rest of the world, you can build up your network or stay in touch with your friends using this great gadget. But that does not mean you have to ignore the advantages of such an accessory: a mini keyboard cover is light yet strong enough to protect your iPad mini and offer you more accuracy and speed. It is great for traveling- it offers vertical or horizontal positions forA multi-viewing angles. With its built-in stand, engineered to absorb shock-damage from accidental bumps and drops, this case truly is the ultimate companion for your precious iPad Mini.
Also, feel free to share if you have a favourite one and I might haveA skipped mentioning it!

Additionally, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini features a built-in keyboard for a fast and fluid typing experience.The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini includes a Bluetooth keyboard, and our unique layout maximizes its key size for fast and fluid typing, despite its smaller size. Unfortunately, the keyboard is just too small, with some awkward layout choices that make it tough to type with ease or speed. That led to a lot of mistaken keystrokes in my tests, especially when trying to type quickly. The ZAGGkeys Mini 9 manages to fit a much more comfortable keyboard in, but, given its bulk, it nearly defeats the purpose of getting the compact tablet in the first place. The slim, durable vegan leather cover protects your device, plus also provides full access to all controls.
Other advantages you get with this case:A A full body protection, matte surface finish, elegant and fingerprint free , chocolate key design. You will alsoA appreciateA the sleep function that makes sure you use your gadget as efficient as possible.
EasyType keys offer a traditional typing layout in a small form factor, plus iPad mini function shortcut keys for commands you use most often, such as copy, paste and more. The smart stand design of this cover allows you prop device up to comfortable viewing and typing angle. Couple that with iOS shortcut keys, such as cut, copy and paste, and you can type on your iPad mini as fast as you would on a full-size keyboard.
I had a far more difficult time adjusting to the Portable Keyboard Case than the ZAGGkeys, which itself didn't offer the best typing experience.
Logitech recently announced an iPad mini version of its excellent Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, so I'm eager to see how that fares.
If you answer e-mails or use your tablet to write a blog post your way to work I am sure you experienced this.
The keyboard also has some build-in functions, like a home key, functions to change the brightness of the screen, volume, search, music controls, and more! There's no dedicated function row like on the ZAGG model, instead you have to hold down the Fn key and use the number keys to access shortcuts like media controls. In the following post I will offer you some tips on some really great keyboard cases on the market: they areA fashionable, elegant and most important, they do a great job protecting your iPad mini. The case is compact, lightweight and made with aluminum color finish for a professional look and feel.

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