As mentioned earlier, in an effort to create speed and efficiency in the typing process, typing keyboards have become standardized over the years.
Standardized computer keyboards have allowed a mechanization of the typing process resulting in incredible advances in typing speed and efficiency.
A computer keyboard may seem like a simple and relatively unimportant tool, but the reality is that the keyboard interface has allowed information to be created and replicated in a way that has transformed the world. The number of keys on a keyboard generally varies from the standard 101 keys to the 104 windows keyboards all the way up to 130 keys with many programmable keys. The Keyboarding Skills Test is software for the PC which allows the user to assess typing and data entry skills.
Companies or employment agencies who wish to test job applicant skills during the recruitment process. Gross and net words per minute (WPM) as well as accuracy are measured and saved in a results database for printing and viewing. Gross and net keystrokes per hour (KPH) as well as accuracy are measured and saved in a results database for printing or viewing.
So, let's say you can type at a rate of 27 WPM, your KPH speed would be 8100 (WPM times 300 = KPH). A job posting is seeking someone for a data entry position who must be able to key at 10000 KPH.
I am applying for a job and I'm told there will be a keying abilities test as part of the recruitment process.
If you will be doing data entry type work all day, you will want to avoid prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders, pain, and discomfort. Read through Lesson 4 of Nikki's Adventures with Maps and then play the mapping game on Adventure Island to learn more about symbols and keys. Watch this video to learn a little more about latitude and longitude.Latitude and Longitude video PageHere are two fun activities to practice longitude and latitude.

Learn about the 50 states in the United States and where they are located by completing the following activities.Learn the states of the US URL50 States Video URLWhere are the states? As a class project we will be working together to make a map of the New Ulm Walking Tour using a web2.0 tool called mapme.
The computer keyboard keys include numbers, letters, symbols and a variety of command keys. The program is shipped with a few typing tests which can be edited or you create new tests specific to your environment. Not only will you learn a lot about maps and globes, but you will learn a lot about technology throughout the lessons because this class is ONLINE! Your teacher will help guide you through the class, sort of like your map guide or navigator. In this lesson you will read a story about a little girl named Nikki who goes on an adventure in a hot air balloon. This information might include things such as roads, tourist attractions, and campgrounds, or they might represent the latest weather.The objects on a map are represented using symbols.
Nikki's Adventures with Maps URLWelcome to Adventure Island - Mapping Game URLTake the following online quiz to show me what you have learned about map keys and symbols.
You must do the first activity, but the second, Crack the Code, is just for an extra challenge.
Below you will see some online activities to explore before starting your final projects.GIS Mapping Activity URLHere is a fun video about maps.
While in the balloon she learns some things about how maps are created.Work through lessons 1-3 on the Nikki's Adventures with Maps website. These keys usually show a small picture of each of the symbols used on the map, along with a written description of the meaning of each of these symbols. Compass Rose Coloring FileGo to Park the Car, Compass Rose Practice Site and Orientometer to practice your directions skills.

Mapping Knowledge QuizClass Map       Throughout this class we will be building a class map of our adventures outside of school. You will come back to this story later on for more activities so don't go past lesson three right now.
Compass Rose practice - Park the Car URLCompass Rose practice site URLOrientometer - National Geographic URLRead Nikki's Adventure Lesson 5 to see what she learns about directions on maps.
The man who wrote this song thinks it is great that you will be learning about maps through his song!Rockbots: How to Read a Map URLRockbots Map Song Lyrics FileThis National Geographic game has a lot of choices. But there is simply no shortcut to entering vast quantities of raw information into a computer system.
Nikki's Adventures in Mapping URLWatch this video to see a map maker at work.Map Maker at Work URLLook at this map of Jefferson School. And like it or not, virtually every sentence, every word, every syllable, and every letter has had to be pounded out by a typist.
After placing the marker add some notes telling the class about your adventure.Class Map URLDownload a copy of this course.
If Nikki were flying over New Ulm this might be what she would see from the hot air balloon.Satellite Picture of Jefferson School PageNow you will make an overhead map of your house! It turns out that the lowly keyboard is one of the most important tools mankind has ever devised. Click on the links below for more directions.Google map of your house AssignmentHow to find your house on Google Earth PageHere is an activity to practice using satellite maps.
When you go to this link you will try your luck at finding the same exact place I have mapped by zooming in on a large world map.

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