Presuming you've now mastered the left-hand keys of the home row, it's now time to have a look at the right hand. If you do not see the interactive exercise above, you may require the free Adobe Flash Player.
Teaching letters in a developmental order helps children master skills and boosts confidence. We help children develop their writing skills through explicit, multisensory, play based instruction.
In all of our workbooks, we teach children to check their letter, word, and sentence skills after new lessons. In our cursive program, mastery of concepts is reinforced with three levels of Review & Mastery activities throughout student workbooks. A 2013 survey of K-5 teachers showed that elementary students still spend up to 58% of their instructional day on handwritten work. Introducing the exclusive tokidoki back-to-school collection, featuring innovative bags, stationery, and coloring products.
This comprehensive text, provides three semesters of keyboarding and word processing instruction.
When you rent or buy this book, you will receive complimentary 7-day online access to the eTextbook version from your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. The Used and eBook copies of this book are not guaranteed to include any supplemental materials.

SummaryThe Eighteenth Edition of KEYBOARDING AND WORD PROCESSING COMPLETE COURSE, LESSONS 1-120 uses proven techniques to help readers master the keyboarding and word processing skills they need for career success--from initial new-key learning to expertise in creating business documents with Microsoft? Our program uses multisensory teaching to incorporate all the senses in a fun and engaging way, ensuring that all children learn regardless of learning style or background. Our teaching sequence takes advantage of child development and brain research to promote effective learning and good habits.
Children move, touch, feel, and manipulate real objects as they learn the habits and skills essential for writing.
The sections follow a group of letters and focus on reinforcing the formation of all previously taught letters. As seen in the picture to the left, the first five letters on this keyboard layout are Q W E R T Y giving its name QWERTY.
Named after its creator, the Dvorak keyboard is often credited as being faster to learn and more efficient than the standard QWERTY keyboard layout. As seen in the picture to the left, the first five letters on this keyboard layout are A Z E R T Y giving its name AZERTY. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. All 120 lessons are in one convenient text, so students can advance from beginner to expert user without having to change texts. Click to sign up for FREE typing lessons and learn how to improve your typing skills on the QWERTY keyboard.

Click to sign up for FREE typing lessons and learn how to improve your typing skills on the DVORAK keyboard.
This keyboard format allows the use of accents and other language specific characters that the standard QWERTY keyboard does not support. This is true even if the title states it includes any access cards, study guides, lab manuals, CDs, etc.
South-Western College Keyboarding offers a proven, time-tested approach that helps readers develop a strong foundation in basic keyboarding, steadily improve their skills, and rapidly become proficient in document formatting, proofreading, and business communication. Children master the easier letter groups, and then move to the more difficult letters groups. Other multisensory lessons in the teachers’ guides use Voices, Letter Stories, Door Tracing, Air Writing, and Mystery Letter Games to teach letter formation and placement on lines. Click to sign up for FREE typing lessons and learn how to improve your typing skills on the AZERTY keyboard. Each lesson is clearly focused, well structured, and designed to provide step-by-step training and reinforcement to help readers quickly acquire and apply new skills.
It should feel good to type! And because you're still new around here, you may want to read the instructions again.

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