Our engaged teachers implement lesson plans that include music and movement, fine motor skills, cognitive and motor development, science, art, social and emotional development, drama, beginner’s violin, math, and literacy. The Children’s Education Zone keyboarding class is a self-paced course which provides students with correct keyboarding techniques and typing procedures.
Our After School Excellence Program teaches children organization and time management skills that are necessary for lifelong success and productivity. Our Language Refinement program for children 4 through 16 years old uses a comprehensive individualized diagnostic test which is aligned with the State Standards and Core Strands. Children that sign up for all three classes per day will participate in Math Enrichment, Language Refinement, Success Skill Set Development, Handwriting Without Tears, and Yoga. We provide several Birthday Party themes designed to foster learning, emotional confidence and social interaction all through the guise of fun and play! I love the fact that she gave my son a head start on reading as he enters into Kindergarten. It analyzes each child’s area of mastery and advancement as well as areas in need of improvement to determine a learning schedule for each child. We also use the Award Winning and Nationally recognized programs titled Zoo Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears.

This class will help to improve each students speed and accuracy while allowing them to focus on text and ideas. Organization and time management are essential skills for school-age children who must meet increasing educational demands. Those children that already play the violin, viola or cello will have allotted practice time as well. From the first meeting with Susie, I knew I wanted her to be a role in both my children's lives. She often teaches them using Smart Board technology and also has them do public speaking through presentations. Our Preschool Enrichment is also further enhanced with the special and unique Success Coaching Core Curriculum which is also offered as a stand alone class. The diagnostic test is done through a computer analysis program which pinpoints the accurate academic level to maximize their learning potential. She has an incredible way of not only teaching them, but mentoring them at a young age, as a personal life coach. Our Class Math Leaders work with each child which is made possible due to our small class size.

Students will work from laptop learning stations on their own personalized animated and interactive profile tracks. Our Class Math Leaders teach Math Drills and test taking techniques to optimize each child’s overall success.
Scientist program children learn about coming up with hypotheses, collecting data, testing assumptions, looking for patterns, communicating their findings making presentations, and conducting further testing.
Our Class Language Leaders work with each child which is made possible due to our small class size.
Our students build a strong and advanced foundation in the area of grammar, vocabulary, phonics and reading comprehension. Our program is designed to maintain the interest of each child with creative and fun exercises.
Our Class Language Leaders implement the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and teach our students test taking techniques to optimize each child’s overall success.

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