To make the wings for the fan, draw a closed line shape in the top view, on the side of the fan core, as a wing would be.
Apply the material to the walls by clicking on the sample slot and dragging it onto the walls geometry in the scene. Apply this material to the small table as well as the wooden blocks of the bed, except for the platform, which is supposed to made of fabric. For applying material on the mattress, select another empty sample slot and click on the map button in front of the diffuse color swatch. For the fan and the flower vase, you can give any color the same way you did for the walls.
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I had forgotten the basic skills I used to have many years ago and this tutorial polished my memory! I would like if you could also tell the hotkeys you are using when you explain the modelling. Select the pressure gauge > go to the modifier list > choose meshsmooth or turbosmooth (I’m always using meshsmooth) and at Iterations you can adjust the smoothness.
Thank you very much is an excellent tutorial, thanks for explaining in such detail as to perform the steps, I am initiating me in this area and I really liked your explanation. I realize this might be a bit late, but i am a beginner, and i was wondering how to do some of step 41. Different colors and different textures will be given to each of the objects that you created.

Andrei, the administrator of the website and in this tutorial I will show you (as I promised) how to model a steampunk sword.
You can shift-drag the original wing two times to create two other copies and position them evenly around the core of the fan. By the way, you will have a different size but doesn’t matter, the steps are the same .
If you want to texture it please take a look at other tutorials or if you need help, we have a forum for this .

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