I guess it would be something to get used to if I decide to use official Chrome OS hardware. I ordered one from Amazon but it will take over a month before it even ships (third party seller) I think Amazon should stock some. Electronic Keyboard, 49 Full size keys, 50 song bank, 50 voices, 50 styles, 5 drum pads, big LCD display. 61 keys electronic keyboard MQ-809USB, View 61 keys electronic keyboard, MQ Product Details from Jinjiang Shengle Toys Co., Ltd.

Chances are I suspect they are cheaper to produce, therefore the margins made on the sale of them (given the niche) is greater. Currently using a generic Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse with my Samsung Chromebox without any issues (so far). If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. I actually like it because I have to knowingly activate Caps Lock and can’t accidentally press it.

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