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It is believed that musicians first attempted to use keyboards to produce bell sounds sometime during the 17th century, driven by the inclusion of bell towers and pipe organs in churches. In 1886, or almost a century after the Magic Flute, the Paris organ maker Mustel was granted a patent for a keyboard instrument whose keys drove felt hammers into thick copper plates to produce sound. Tchaikovsky first encountered the celesta in 1891 when stopping in Paris on his way to a tour through the US.
Within the Nutcracker, the celesta is used not only for solo play in Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy, but also in areas where the libretto was marked for "fountain-like" sound.
The noun celesta has one meaning: A musical instrument consisting of graduated steel plates that are struck by hammers activated by a keyboard. Celesta's are mainly purchased by college and university schools of music for use with their symphonic orchestras.
Third, the remarkable presence of the instrument comes out of Yamaha's long experience in developing percussion instruments capable of asserting themselves within orchestral environments.
The sound by Yamaha-celesta is produced by steel bars which rest on felt rails under hollow wood resonators. The hand-made resonators, that are actually hollow boxes of maple, are fixed above the metal bars and fashioned to correspond exactly to the pitch of the bar below. Double wheel locking casters are also included with each Celesta allowing the instrument to be transported easily for rehearsal hall to stage with little effort.
It is important to know that the celesta is a relatively quiet instrument and cannot make itself heard in an entire orchestra. Its sound characteristics mean that the celesta's main tasks are the addition of color rather than melodic, harmonic or rhythmic parts. Yamaha celestas are well known for their excellent playability, and are actively used by the Vienna Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera, the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, the NHK Symphony Orchestra, and by many other orchestras throughout the world.
Microsoft and its PC partners are producing a seemingly endless variety of tablets, from 8-inch slates that can practically fit into a (large) pocket to 10-inch tablets that still arena€™t quite ideal for long hours at a desk. In fact, today's Windows tablets offer such solid productivity chops that they can easily become the heart of a potent sit-down workstation with the help of a few peripherals and some smart software choices and tweaks. Sure, tablets cana€™t substitute for full-fledged gaming PCs and dona€™t have the power for demanding workloads like video editing, but so much of what we do with PCs can be done with cheap, power-efficient hardware.
While Microsoft's own Surface Pro 2 packs an Ultrabook-class Core i5 processor, and the Dell Venue 11 offers Core i3 and Core i5 options, most Windows laptops run on Intel's tablet-class "Bay Trail Atom" processors. Hal Berenson, technology consultant and President of True Mountain Group, uses his Surface Pro 2 to power a PC workstation, augmented by an Acer touchscreen laptop and a Microsoft-made keyboard and mouse. The missing piece of the tablet-as-PC puzzle is a larger display with dedicated input devicesa€”and ita€™s here that Windows tablets can shine over Android tablets and iPads, offering the full-PC power so many of us cana€™t live without.
Youa€™ll really want a tablet with some sort of video-out port if you want it to double as a PC.
Some Android phones offer Mobile-High-Definition-Link (MHL) support, which allows you use a Micro-USB-to-HDMI adapter. Check your tableta€™s specifications to see what it supports and pick up the appropriate adapter. However, therea€™s a good chance you'll want to use standard wired keyboard and mice, or wireless keyboards and mice with a receiver that plugs in via USB.
A powered USB hub like this 7-port Anker model makes it much easier to use a Windows tablet as a Windows PC.
Windows 8.1 tablets generally have a single combined headset-and-microphone audio jack, like iPhones, other smartphones, tablets, and even Ultrabooks do nowadays. Tablet hard drives tend to be far skimpier than PC drives, often topping out at 32GB or 64GB. Some manufacturers produce docks designed to make all this easier, like Microsofta€™s Surface Pro 2 dock or the tablet dock Dell offers for its sublime Venue 11 Pro.
The "Multiple displays" section of the taskbar's properties tab lets you customize how the taskbar behaves across two or more monitors. Windows 8 also includes better support for multiple monitors, so it can extend your taskbar across multiple displays. Windows 8.1 automatically sets DPI settings appropriate to the size and density of each display you use, ensuring interface elements dona€™t appear tiny on high-resolution screens. Windows 8.1's recent update attempts to use the ideal settings for the specific device youa€™re using. Stardock's ModernMix software lets you run Metro apps in desktop windows when you're using your tablet as a PC, but also lets you switch apps back to full-screen mode when you're on the run. If you like using the new Store apps on your tablet, but prefer using traditional desktop software when using your tablet as a PC, try Stardocka€™s $5 ModernMix. Beyond MetroMix, you can also use Windows 8's built-in Snap multitasking feature to run Modern-style apps alongside the desktop, or just display Modern apps on your tiny tablet display and the desktop on your larger display. Chris Hoffman is a tech geek who's been writing about everything technology-related for years. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
Point of sale (POS) system is the spot where your customer makes a payment for goods or services that are offered by your company. So POS is the final step in the consumption chain where the retail transaction is eventually completed.
Point of sale systems are a systems that enable the business transaction between the client and the company to be completed.
A food store requires a scale at the point of sale and a cafe needs to have an opportunity to customise menus in case of special offers. But in general there are two primary types of businesses that need the point of sales system.
For example, POS system makes it easier to keep track of your inventory, to notice and analyse movements and tendencies in sales processes, to analyze your sales reports and other data in order to predict more precisely future trend and your company’s requirements. As POS system makes it very easy to gather the contact details of your best clients at the same time they complete their purchase.
First of all you need to think about system computers because a computer is the most essential part of a POS system. These systems can be accessed directly from the Internet and they use data for operating that is stored in a remote server. Cloud-based POS systems are also created to be compatible with a wide range of POS hardware. System hardware consists of different equipment, such as cash drawer, bar code scanners, monitor, receipt printer, etc. Would you decide on new software to run your business strictly based on what you hear in a sales pitch?
Free trials are especially important for purchasing software to run your company when knowing that the software has a specific feature included is just not enough! You’ve probably heard about a lot of features in your search for POS, but trying out the product gives you a chance to really understand how those features work. Free trials let you see the POS System in action This helps you decide whether it is something you can envision your staff using in day-to-day business.
Free trials give you a chance to see if the sales team is representing their POS System honestly Make sure you’re not just taking the sales reps word for it when it comes to POS software! With all the retail software systems, integrated point of sale and inventory around, you’re likely tempted to indulge in complicated sales metrics.
When a promotion applies multiple times, API applyPromotions now creates just one statistics entry, instead of multiple ones. Understanding the consumer mindset is the holy grail of advertisers and business owners alike. User Experience Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for user experience researchers and experts.

I was wondering which is the best way to choose products from a desktop Point-of-Sale (POS) application using a touch screen. A couple of years ago I designed the ui for a high profile PoS system used by many of the major supermarkets and delis in the UK. Users do not need to be presented with options until the exact time that they are relevant. Users are happy to press more buttons if the cognitive load associated with each press is minimal.
You must cater for users who may be temporary staff or taking on someone else's role for a short period. If space allows, it should not be out of the question to be able to place extremely popular items also on the top level category page for direct selection. Systems with many products should also use alternative options to find a product such as using a Product Look Up Code (PLU) or good old search. If you have several staff using the same screen, you'll need a mechanism for easily selecting a user. In your situation, it looks like the second one is the best since its item customization workflow is the most straightforward. The system may prompt for the quantity as the item is added but this introduces an extra step when only 1 item is needed.
It shouldn't be hard to remove an item when a wrong one is added or buyers change their minds.
There's only one part of the process left that needs to be researched on case-by-case basis: what to do after an item is added. Items without preferences should be added automatically unless you ask for quantity right away (not recommended if most orders are 1 of each). Obviously this one is much more graphical and visually compelling because it's customer-facing and yours isn't. Relying on visual display of the items in question can help improve selection speed in a grid interface. I think this system works well and I was surprised to find that McD's hadn't messed up the fundamentals. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged touch-screen point-of-sale or ask your own question.
Does shooting at high ISO have a practical impact on battery life compared to exposure time? Its one of the most complex digital synthesizers ever, using additive synthesis and a type of FM synthesis to create very complex digital sounds.
Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods and will depend on when your payment clears - opens in a new window or tab.
If the item comes direct from a manufacturer, it may be delivered in non-retail packaging, such as a plain or unprinted box or plastic bag.
By clicking Confirm bid you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Tuning forks and glass "sound boards" were already known in 1886, and it is likely that similar instruments had already been devised.
Impressed with the instrument's sound, he immediately sent one to Russia and incorporated it into his Nutcracker Suite. Richard Strauss used the celesta to produce waterfall imagery in his Eine Alpensinfonie (An Alpine Symphony), and Ravel and Toru Takemitu similarly exploit the instrument's captivating timbre and its ability to stimulate the imagination.
His design tended to be very simple as the hammers were suspended by springs and propelled downward to produce the sound.
In 1989, Yamaha was requested to repair a Mustel-celesta by a musical instrument rental firm in Tokyo.
The celesta looks much like a harmonium, that is, it consists of a case with a keyboard and pedal. White keys have Ivorite surfaces and the damper pedal is aligned as a pianist would expect, slightly right of center.
The instrument uses high-carbon tempered steel plates tuned to high precision, as well as original maple resonance boxes designed to make effective use of Helmholtz resonance.
Any problems that occur just before a performance can be quickly corrected by a piano technician. The steel bars are struck from below by felt-covered hammers which are connected to a keyboard by means of a complicated mechanism. The resonance of its notes is similar to that of the piano in the same registers, though a little shorter. They wona€™t hesitate to tell you these devices are full PCs running full versions of Windows 8.1. Bay Trail processors provide solid performance in day-to-day computing tasks like web browsing, checking your email, watching high-definition videos, and Office-type productivity tasks.
Some of the cheaper Windows tablets out there dona€™t offer video-out ports at all, leaving you to fend with inferior wireless solutions.
Youa€™ll want to avoid these if possible, because youa€™ll have to use the Miracast wireless display technology built into Windows 8.1 with them them. This would mean a Windows 8.1 tablet with a standard Micro-USB port could output to HDMI with the proper adapter, if the display also supported MHL. If you're shopping for a tablet you want to also use as a desktop PC, be sure to get one with a video-out port so you're not stuck fiddling with Miracast. Practically every Windows 8.1 tablet should support Bluetooth, so you can easily use Bluetooth mice and keyboards without worrying about ports. In this case, youa€™ll just need to plug your USB mouse and keyboard into your tableta€™s USB port. Plug that printer into the USB huba€”or directly into the tableta€”and youa€™ll be able to print.
For example, you could read and burn optical discs from a tablet if you buy an external optical drive and connect it via USB. If youa€™re old school and have a headset with separate audio jacks for the headset and microphone, or if you have a pair of headphones and a separate mic, you can purchase an audio splitter adaptera€”like this onea€”that allows you to connect an audio-out and audio-in connector to the single audio port on a typical Windows tablet. Your tablet probably has a microSD card, so you can consider using it for additional storage. The dock connector on the device connects to the dock, where you can plug in your various cables. Your tablet can become one of your two displays in a dual-monitor setup, or it can simply mirror its contents to the larger display. Right-click your desktop and select Screen resolution to access it and see your connected external displays. Right-click your desktop taskbar, select Properties, and use the options under Multiple displays to control how your taskbar behaves with more than one display. This means booting to the desktop on desktop PCs, but it also means booting to the Start screen and using the a€?Store appsa€? by default on tablets. Right-click the desktop taskbar, select Navigation, and use the options here to boot to desktop and tweak how Windows 8.1 works on your PC. It lets you use confine those touch-first apps to traditional desktop windows when you're using your tablet as a PC, at the mere touch of the F10 button on your keyboard or menu bar introduced by the software. Both screens can be used at the same time in a tablet-as-PC setup, which can create some handy scenarios if, say, you want to use the touchscreen potential of the tablet itself to create diagrams, take notes, or mark up PDF files.
POS system is a computerised network that consists of a main computer linked with several checkout terminals and supported by different hardware features starting from bar code scanners and ending with card payment terminals. For example, restaurants, retail businesses and grocery stores all have their specialties and that is why they need a POS system that meets their specific needs. With a POS system you know exactly which products you have sold on daily or monthly bases, how many products are in the warehouse or how much money you have made.
This information is valuable for generating personal offers and developing personal client communication.Thereby with a POS system you can save money and boost your profits and in addition POS system helps you to make more informed business decisions. Cloud-based POS also helps to expand POS systems in addition to computers to mobile and tablet devices. You also need touch screens, programmable keyboards, scanners and handheld terminals to be able to enter necessary data into the system. It is equally as important to understand the ease-of-use, your common workflows, and how intuitive the program will be for everyday use, reading a few online reviews just doesn’t cut it!

However, a little time spent now could save you many hours (and dollars) of frustration later.
Thus selecting a category, selecting an item and (if relevant to the item selected) choosing the options associated with that item defines a clear and easy path where there is no more or less on screen than the user needs to see. A complex system that takes more than a couple of minutes to understand is going to seriously hamper usage. Whether it mains, sides, desserts or meat, fish, vegetarian - whatever - make the choices appropriate for your scenario. This can take the form of changing the quantity at time of picking the item (default is 1 say), changing the quantity after selection, or even to select an item already on the list and 'add one like this' which takes you to the options screen for the product - again this is like a shortcut but uses no more screen space because its an interaction directly through your order list. So, despite any recommendations received here, you still need to talk to the cashiers who will be using the system and observe their interactions with the current system.
Therefore, when a product doesn't require customization (pre-packaged goods) there's no need for an explicit "add" button (that's how barcode-based systems work - scanning means adding to the total).
Many POSes have elaborate "loss prevention" processes in place that require multiple screens and confirmation codes.
The main options here are to return to the list of categories or stay in the last category or go to another higher-level screen. I know I want a Big Mac, so rather than look for the words "Big Mac", I just look for the burger. Wendy Carlos is probably the best known Synergy user - she obviously appreciates it for its excellent ability to recreate complex acoustic instrument sounds.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Mozart's usage suggested to future generations how a keyboard approach might allow bell-like sounds to be used both for complex performance and for effective chordal accompaniments. But the celesta was the first such instrument to become established, thanks to it usage by Tchaikovsky. Following this introduction, the instrument gained popularity with the Impressionists and with subsequent composers.
And of course the celesta has also found its way into many performances of the Magic Flute. Although treated as a member of the percussion section in orchestral terms, the celesta is played by a pianist, the part being normally written on two bracketed staves.
The instrument also offers a wide dynamic range, allowing for soft balanced chords, loud expressive play, trills, glissandos, and other play techniques that are typical of grand pianos but were never before available on celestas.
This is especially important because steel bars produce a high proportion of inharmonic partials. It combines most effectively with the harp, the high strings and the woodwinds, especially the flute. Miracast theoretically lets you wirelessly stream your tableta€™s display to a nearby monitor. However, wea€™re not aware of any Windows 8.1 tablets actually implementing this feature yet. Youa€™ll need a micro-USB-to-full-size-USB adapter to connect your USB devices to such tablets. Youa€™ll probably want an external USB hub with a power cable of its own that connects to a wall outlet. Leave your peripherals plugged into the USB hub and youa€™ll only have to disconnect a single USB cable from your tablet if you ever want to pick it up and walk away. Simple USB flash drives or external hard drives can also augment your tablet's storage capacity, and you can leave them plugged into your USB hub if you'd like. You can drag and drop them to rearrange thema€”for example, if the second monitor is currently located to the left of your tablet, youa€™ll want to drag and drop the second monitor to the left.
That also means that there are mainly two suitable POS systems one for retail and the other for restaurant businesses. Besides the office environment POS system also increases the efficiency in the everyday sales environment thanks to different POS features such as bar code scanners or credit card terminals. It is possible to buy POS system together with computers, but you can buy computers separately. But in general POS software packages contain features and functionality that will help you to manage easily all common customer related transactions that are needed in your business. For example, as cloud-based POS systems run on iOS based devices you can use an iPad based POS system. Besides, you’ll also need to make sure the POS System really does what they say it will do! At ERPLY POS SYSTEM every free trial comes with a free 1 on 1 consultation with one of our retail experts. I don't know how preferences are added but at other applications you click a special button to add preferences. Users will recall and locate a colour for a category more quickly than trying to differentiate the groups by labels alone. Many systems use a 'key' of some kind which can be a chip, swipe card, or proximity tab that staff carry around with them. The best way to design the POS for it is to show all options on one screen grouped into their respective categories because buyers may not follow the intended customization process (you don't want cashiers switching back-and-forth between screens) with an explicit "add" button to tell the system when customization is completed.
In the McDonald's UI, there is a tab bar along the top which allows you to select between things like burgers, menus, deals, etc. Please seach the web for more information about the Synergy if you're not familiar with it.
It should be noted, however, that these early instruments of this early period produced sound using glass plates rather than metal. The musician had to hit the keys fairly hard to get the sound out and therefore it was quite difficult to play rapid passages.
The sound of the celesta is akin to that of the glockenspiel, but with a much softer timbre. The lower notes are produced using larger hammers with a thicker felt covering, which results in a particularly warm and rich timbre. The resonator amplifies the fundamental and suppresses the inharmonic partial ensuring a clearly identifiable pitch. The warm sound of the celesta is less apparent in sound combinations than that of the glockenspiel. For example, the Lenovo ThinkPad 8 offers a micro-HDMI port, while Microsofta€™s Surface Pro 2 offers a Mini DisplayPort instead. However, Miracast often doesna€™t work very well, and devices that are certified as compatible may not actually be compatible. Your tablet will only provide so much power through its single USB port, and it may not be enough to power a mouse, keyboard, and all the storage devices you may want to connect. Select the display you want to adjust in the display control panel, click Make text or other items larger or smaller, and adjust the scaling to your desired level. This means less time trying to figure things out and a ultimately a faster determination if ERPLY Point of Sale System is right for you!
Once you select something there, another tab bar allows you to distinguish between beef, chicken, fish, vegetarian, etc. You'll end up dogfooding a potential customer-facing POS and as we all know by now, a great user experience can actually make a relatively average user interface feel a lot better than it really is. The result is a celesta that incorporates grand-piano action and overcomes all of the problems previously associated with celesta play.
Youa€™ll need a micro-HDMI-to-full-HDMI adapter or a Mini-DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter, which will allow you to connect your tablet to a standard computer monitor or TV. If you want to try Miracast, youa€™ll probably need to pick up a wireless Miracast adapter for your display, too. Performers may also have had problems to maintain smooth dynamics as they moved across the keyboard. People seem to prefer the tick button (confirmation) although I can't decide whether it is good or not. In most of the software that follows the other approach, you have to switch windows to get a selectable list.

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