Note for Visual Grid and Visual TONAR: Digital zoom must be pressed to view visual effects. Note for Morse and Piano: 'Read character' must be checked to view visual effects (Sign Language). That's mean iFeelPixel software can simulate pseudo-tactile sensations without a haptic interface. Brightness relates to the amount of light coming from a source or being reflected from an object. Thanks to Tokkyo Nakamura (Author of WiinRemote) for the help and Wiimote support (Copyright Nintendo Wii All rights reserved). The ability to choose a different hardware or software MIDI synthesizer other than the default Microsoft GS Wavetable Software synth has been removed from the user interface for audio configuration in Windows Vista.
If you are just starting with piano play, I would recommend bypassing this piano software, and come back to it later once you have some more experience with piano playing.
As the name says, this is a simple piano software :) It has a very simple interface, and easy to use features.

MidiPiano is another natural looking piano software that lets you plan piano with your keyboard. I have been looking for a keyboard (piano) online to download, but when I search I get keyboards (for typing). Fix For Non English Users issue: International compatibility with international version of MicroSoft Windows. A different output MIDI synth or output device port can be selected only by editing the registry. You can download these piano software for free, and have fun playing piano with your keyboard.
You can play guitar, flute, violin, and many other instruments that are available in this freeware.
Unlike the piano software mentioned above, this freeware might be a bit overwhelming for newbies.
I’ve been a church organist for 12 years and this proves helpful, especially inspiring me to teach more students in a fun way.

Interface of this piano software provides lot of settings, that would be very good for any experienced piano player. So for example a pink would be less saturated than a spectral red but more saturated than white. It lets you change keyboard layout, comes with a visual piano roll to edit MIDI files, and comes with different color stands to simulate hands.
It includes 128 musical instruments that you can choose from, 47 drum sounds, and can play 12 types of chords.

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