Joy, deft at the keyboard, guitar and piano and Mini with her magical voice are enjoying every minute of their new venture.
Drumbeats are heard from one room while the other bursts with notes from the keyboard, piano and violin. Individual guidance is given by experts, says Joy Mathew who handles keyboard, piano and guitar. Both Joy and Mini were active in church choir and had their training at Cochin Arts and Communication.
In the Gulf Joy was with Dubai radio station but when their daughter was born, minmini returned to Kochi. They have had to sacrifice a lot; cut down on many music programmes to commit themselves to the Academy.
That was so quick sure will post more notes, I am actually desperate to post a lot of Ilayaraja songs, just waiting for some good free time.

Joy Mathew and his wife Minmini wanted to run a music school from the time they got married. The afternoons at D8 on the eighth floor of Heavenly Plaza at Vazhakkala are filled with music of different tones, heavenly at times and cacophony when practice is in full swing.
Though the Academy aims to tap the talents of the young as they are very receptive, people of different age groups and walks of life can be seen at the Academy,a€? says Joy.
By then the music scenario here had changed and when Joy returned offers hardly came his way. The academy offers classes in piano, keyboard, guitar, violin both western and eastern, tabla, mridangam, jazz drums and vocal (western, Carnatic and Hindustani and light music.) They offer Trinity guildhall exams of the Trinity College of Music, London. Ita€™s nearly a year since they founded Joya€™s Academy of Performing Arts in Vazhakkala in the city. The couplea€™s ardent prayers to found a school took root when the parents of one of their wards requested him to begin a school in their apartment complex.

Abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks. Son Allan Joy Mathew has sung for the movie a€?Loudspeakera€™ while he along with sister Anna Keerthana have many jingles to their credit. He used to be in music director Rajamania€™s troupe, did keyboard for Mohan Sitara, Shyam and many other directors.
Mini who sang about 2000 film songs in different languages lost her voice, her world collapsed and she took shelter in God.

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