The youtube video is by Jean who is playing basically the same notes as the piece of music above the video.
This free printable piano sheet music for keyboard or piano class, Golden Wedding, will be a popular addition to your ensemble repertoire.
This arrangement has 3 partsPart 1 requires students to use the skills of finger replacement and crossing over. Printable sheet music for Part 3 Try consolidating parts 2 and 3 If some of your keyboard class students find this arrangement of Golden Wedding too easy, have them combine parts! See all the parts at onceA conductor's score is what I like to read from, and sometimes I will pass out copies of this page for my students to play from as well.
Beginner piano ensemble Golden Wedding Conductor part Because the melody has many repeating notes, and moves stepwise, it is not too hard for students to sing the note names aloud as they play. Please note that all comments are moderated, and will not appear until I have approved them. Debbie, Nashville, TN:I have been looking for a very, very long time for a website like this! The song is built mainly out of the same four chords (Bm, G, D and A) while the left have is playing the route and the fifth.

It's important to keep the playing minimal, smooth and quite to have the empty musical effect which make this piece so beautiful. Letter by Yiruma Free Piano Sheet Music Download Online, Pieces notes tabs scores scale pdf.
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The collections on this page are specifically designed for the beginning adult student, and perfect for the adult student returning to the keyboard after some years of absence! Not part of the above series, but for the adult student that can already read bass and treble clef fluently, the following collections (arrangements by Dan Coates) are outstanding!
These are exceptional collections with wonderful sounding arrangements, geared toward the adult. If you are an absolute beginner, this large book is excellent for getting you started at the keyboard, with detailed explanations and examples, worksheets, and lots of music.A unique feature is the presentation (Part 3 of the book) of 20 songs in very easy format (all note names written in), immediately followed by a harder version. Click Here to be magically transported to our site search page where you can search over 500 web pages of recommended music. Here's the piano sheet to the theme song of one of the most popular and classical films ever.

I like to start the singing, and after a few measures, ask them to join me as we move along reading notes.
Also, IF YOU ARE ASKING FOR MUSIC THAT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, YOUR REQUEST WILL BE IGNORED. The best to divide the rhythm is to divide each bar to four groups of three eighth notes each. Professionally arranged to make adult beginners sound great and inspire them to continue to learn. I don't insist on perfection, just that they try.In a digital keyboard class, it's fun to set the sounds for each keyboard to a different kind of instrument. He memorized it that week and I'm printing off the other Halloween songs to keep him going.
Part 3 can round out the sound of the ensemble with a deep, edgy kind of instrument sound such as bassoon.

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