The first great advantage of using a wireless keyboard and mouse is the complete absence of wires! Wireless keyboards can come in the standard QWERTY design as well as typing friendly ergonomic. Most desktop PC's now have a huge range of peripherals attached to them (speakers, webcam, microphone and printer to name just a few) and desks can get cluttered with wires.
With devices from Logitech, Microsoft, Belkin and Labtec, to name but a few, we have all of the major manufacturers.

The great advantage is that the keyboard and mouse are the most used devices on any computer. They may also have fully programmable hotkeys which you can assign to do any number of actions.
Buying a combined wireless keyboard and mouse set is cheaper and the two products often compliment each other in performance and looks. Wireless technology is the future of computing and now you can get a highly functional wireless keyboard and wireless optical mouse for your desk.

The wireless mice use optical technology to take up to 6,000 frames a second to detect mouse movement.

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