We offer piano, keyboard, voice, bass, guitar, violin, music production, saxaphone and drum lessons for students from 5 – 105, from beginner to advanced. Private instruction is available in piano, voice, guitar , violin, trumpet, electric bass, flute, saxaphone and drums. Imagine life without music…like your favorite movie without a soundtrack, driving to work without a radio, or going to a dance…in silence! We at Soundscape Music Studios dedicate our time so we can bestow the gift of music upon you and your loved ones. 10 top music schools in Cape TownMusic and vocal training for beginners to professionals These  music schools in Cape Town offer relaxed tuition, plenty of rehearsal space and the opportunity to perform and network with like-minded musicians.
School of Rock This internationally recognised music school, which officially launched in Cape Town in May 2015, offers kids the chance to live out their biggest rock star dreams by offering a comprehensive range of music lessons to suit all ability levels.
The Jazz Workshop Established in 1965, this music school provides a wide variety of music lessons, as well as vocal training. MHPS of Cape Cod offers a kind, supportive environment for both absolute beginners and returning pianists.

You are the one inspiring yourself and others to feel the way you feel when you listen to music.
Every new student gets a free 30 minute trial lesson.  This allows us to evaluate the student and also gives you an opportunity to evaluate us!  If it’s a match (and it almost always is) then we can proceed to month to month lessons. For those of you interested in enrolling your children or perhaps yourself in Certificate of Merit testing, we have qualified teachers who are part of the Music Teachers Association and can enroll and prepare you for this testing. Not only will your specific music needs be catered for, think everything from blues to ethnic beats, but you’ll also be taught by actively performing musicians. We offer piano, keyboard, electric bass, voice, guitar, violin and drum lessons for students from 5 – 105, from beginner to advanced.
Students can learn how to play instruments like the guitar, drums, saxophone and keyboard and can also hone their vocal skills. The Claremont-based school offers various age-specific programmes that focus on building certain skills that are appropriate for that level. While the main courses are suitable for ages 6 to 18, even older folk can get their jam on with the Adult Performance Programme.

10 Questions For: Jordan-Lee Garbutt Photographer Jordan-Lee Garbutt brings moments to life. She teaches privately and her range of subjects include: singing, microphone technique, styling and percussion.
The Legacy School of Music not only follows a syllabus, but also helps to develop personal musicianship and band skills.
He encourages students to experiment with their respective instruments, as he believes that real knowledge comes through experience. Fluent in various drumming styles, proprietor, Ian Black, offers affordable and practical drumming lessons.
This program involves children in singing, dancing, chanting and playing musical instruments.

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