Born in the late 70s in Christchurch, New Zealand, Chris Hall soon found himself moving to England with his mother and father, where at the age of 7 he took up keyboard lessons, quickly moving onto piano lessons shortly afterwards.
In his time of coaching, Chris has taught hundreds of students who sometimes go on to perform in shows or even appear on television.
As a classically trained singer, pianist, musician and graduate of university, Chris is able to turn his hand - and voice - to a diversity of music. Freshfields Christian Music Ministries, formed in the summer of 2007 at an unexpected gig in Manchester but Chris Hall first met Les, the band's manager, at a Ball his local church, LivingWaters, had organised where Chris and friends performed live.
The band's first demo album was released early in 2011 and can be purchased by directly contacting Chris through this website.
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He regularly participates in amateur dramatic societies, often taking the leading roles, and is the lead singer and musical arranger of his band, Freshfields Christian Music Ministries. Having been in a number of performing bands, he has played a wide variety of music including rock, blues, reggae, folk and jazz.
During his teens he was in successful bands gaining placings in Smokefree Rockquest and entering other competitions such as Battle of the Bands. He thrives on helping others to achieve their musical goals and helping them enjoy music as much as he does. Kingsley can look back at all the shows hea€™s performed in and how singing has changed his life.

His bands had regular gigs at popular bars around Christchurch and has opened for groups such as Salmonella Dub, Fur Patrol and Che Fu. I believe a positive learning environment is essential for getting the most out of a lesson. Michaela€™s High, Runshaw College before finally graduating from Huddersfield University with the knowledge - and degree - to embark on his desired career in life as a vocal coach. To date Kingsley has performed in numerous plays, has had the pleasure of meeting Graham Norton on live television and has performing as Donny Osmond on Stars In Their Eyes.

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