Piano Theory is a written homework book that provides key principles for music comprehension. Piano is a popular instrument and considered as the 'king of all musical instruments' by many, because of its polyphonic nature, which allows you to play multiple musical notes at the same time, and also because it has a wide range of dynamics, perhaps the widest among all the musical instruments. Until a few years back, learning to play the piano was almost impossible to do all by ourselves. However, learning itself has changed a lot over the years, aided by advancements in technology and the proliferation of the internet. It is widespread knowledge that that playing a musical instrument develops a wide range of skills, including an improved intelligence. A whole step is made up of two half steps, therefore there is always one note in the middle of a whole step.
In the examples below, try to identify whether the interval is a half step or a whole step. The intervals that beginning students will be working with during their first year in music classes are below in treble and bass clef. Other intervals have different tricks and methods to assist in not only identifying them by sight, but also by sound.

The Learn to Play or Sing Junior Musos edition is a Wendy’s Music Program introducing children to the basics of playing their instrument or singing.
Theory books are for students to complete activities  to write, draw, colour music related to the topic learnt in the consecutive METHOD book.
This Learn to Play or Sing Junior Musos Theory book  is part of the Wendy’s Music Program introducing children to the basics of playing their instrument or singing. The Junior Theory books contain a mixture or writing, drawing, colouring and puzzles to reinforce each musical concept introduced in the method book.
This is the fingering for a C Major scale.Learn the fingerings for all of the major scales here. Brought to you by Timothy Wurm, professional piano and theory instructor, and graduate of the University of West Chester, ‘Piano: The Complete Beginners Course’ is designed to provide you with the tools needed to begin your exploration of the wonderful world of music! If you’ve ever been fascinated by the skill of an expert pianist, and thought you might like to begin an exciting new chapter of your life, then is course is for you! This uncommonly thorough yet accessible course has been meticulously crafted to help you realise your musical potential.
By the end of the course, you’ll be able to comfortably and confidently play two handed songs of varying rhythms and key signatures.

About UsHere at OfCourse we believe that it's best to learn from experts and that everyone has an area of expertise. Lessons include exercises and flashcards to better the student's understanding of concepts. Its now possible to do a lot of learning right from the comfort of you own home, if you have a computer and an internet connection. On a keyboard, a whole step is the distance from one key to another key with a key in between.
Starting with simple sight-reading and one-handed playing, you will progress into more advanced two-handed techniques along with more intricate sight reading exercises. What’s more, you’ll be well on your way in sight-reading, and various areas of music theory will become second nature!

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