Please double check your phone number, if it is incorrect we will be unable to contact you. We aim to get back to you within the hour, during shop hours (please see store details), to confirm your reservation. The first book in this new edition of Denes Agay's famous Piano tutor series for children Introduces easy piano technique and music theory in an accessible and imaginative way, inspiring students to learn and practice.
Use of two hands very hard to start with so suggest using one hand yourself to get pupils used to playing in time with another part. I received a complimentary copy through the post and tried it out with a few younger pupils. Having previously used the John Thompson children's piano course, I saw Denes Agay's Learning to Play Piano series on special offer on Musicroom and thought I'd give it a go.
After trying about what must be about ten different tutor books with my students over the last 12 years, I'm currently of the thinking that this is one of the best there is. High Quality Hardcover Keyboard Talking Book With Microphone High Quality Hardcover Keyboard Talking Book With Microphone is both a learning tool and a toy for the children, with funny pictures, vivid description and musical box. The product is designed to teach the kids to learn the beat of the nursery rhyme and develop their interest in the keyboard instrument.

The Reading pen TS is an ideal tool for anyone in need of comprehensive English language support and is especially helpful to students who have dyslexia and other reading difficulties! Address: Shatian Industry, Shuxin Village, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.
September 22nd, 2009 1:45 pmHi,If you go to the Amazon page for the book, you can sample the first few pages to get a feel for the layout and look of the book. October 5th, 2009 2:16 pmI found this book helpful for my child as he can now learn piano very easily.
Find a large selection of products for organizing your life, household gadgets and problem solvers, unique gifts and gift ideas. I like it because it works incrementally, teaching students to pay attention to intervals within a context of pleasant, tuneful pieces. On the one hand , the music kids toy can help cultivate children's interests of reading and develop their intelligence.
This is probably the only easy way of sampling the book unless you can find it in a local bookstore. As a result, these pupils were keen to buy their own and, so far, are proving to be very popular and motivational.

It does begin initially with songs based on middle C, which is not a particularly comfortable hand position, but the 5-fingered tunes work very well in transposition, and a third of the way into the book, new 5-fingered positions are used, so I don't feel my students get 'stuck' in middle C position.
Works with any printed text Easy to use icon driven interface for easy access to all features. They will help your child learn how to play the piano and keyboard, including identifying and playing notes and reading sheet music, plus some simple collections of children’s songs that you or your child can learn to play. Fun, quick-learn approach will guide you around the keyboard and have you playing real tunes in 6 weeks or less. The book is colourful with stickers and pictures to colour, so students can personalise it, and take pride in decorating their book as they progress through it. This leads to very musical results.No tutor book is good enough on its own, but this is definitely one of the best I've found.
Kid Songs: Easy Play for All KeyboardsBook can be used with piano and keyboard instruments and comes complete with coloured stickers for labelling the notes.

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