Many Clavinovas have built-in computers with play-back capacity and internet connection to access a vast library of downloadable songs and educational software. Portable: Insert batteries, put it in your keyboard gig bag, and play it anywhere--much like the guitar. Touch: Piano beginners wishing to start on the electronic keyboard should use a touch-sensitive model, which resembles the acoustic piano in that dynamic levels (loudness and softness) vary according to how the keys are struck by the fingers.
Dynamic range: Electronic keyboards tend to have a limited dynamic range, which many young students are not too excited about.
If you have any questions about these options, give us a call at (908) 782-4943, and we'll be happy to help. High grade 61-key Electric Keyboard Organ musical Instrument TD980, View Keyboard Instrument, Tide Music Product Details from Tide International Co., Ltd. Play 385 voices, jam along to 100 auto-accompaniment styles -- then simply press the "Portable Grand" button to return to Yamaha's rich grand piano sound. Learn to Play Piano -- This Yamaha Keyboard Makes it Fun!For students, beginning players, and musicians on a tight budget, the Yamaha PSR-E233 keyboard is the ultimate in portability and practicality. Sounds GoodUnless you represent the 1 percent of the population that wants to play only piano sounds on a keyboard, you will appreciate the rather wide range of voices, auto-accompaniment styles, and songs onboard the PSR-E233. Built-in Effects, Dual Voices, and MoreThe PSR-E233's reverb effects add concert-hall ambience to your playing, making it easy to imagine your typical practice session in a more refined venue. When a Turn-Off Is a Turn-OnAuto Power-Off mode turns off the power automatically if the instrument has not been used for a set amount of time.

Yamaha PSR-E233 Portable KeyboardThe Yamaha PSR-E233 features 385 high-quality, natural-sounding voices. Advanced Education SweetPractice at your individual level with the advanced Yamaha Education Suite lesson functions.
High Quality SoundsIn the Yamaha PSR-E233, You will find 385 high-quality instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles. This is a great beginner instrument or for those of us who like to "putz" around with playing. There’s also a specially designed clip that secures an iPad to the included music rest. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Despite its modest price, the 61-key PSR-E233 manages to pack in a wealth of voices, accompaniment styles, songs, effects, and other handy features, making it just as much a performance instrument as a practice tool.
In addition to preset digital effects, the portable keyboard features preset dual voices, which lend a richer feel to standard piano tones.
How many times have you forgotten to turn off a keyboard and come back to find a hot power adapter or a set of dead batteries? Now, the playback of the selected song is continuously adjusted to the tempo of the player's performance.
The Portable Grand button instantly recalls a great-sounding piano covering the keyboard's full range.

I owned an electric piano many years ago (probably in the 70s), and it can't hold a candle to this one. It also has built-in wireless connectivity to the Page Turner iPad appĀ that’s available for download from the App Store. To make your music sound even bigger and better, you can select the keyboard's various Ultra-Wide Stereo presets.
For example, the playback of the selected song is adjusted continuously to the tempo of your performance, giving you the chance to play along without feeling rushed. No worries with this Yamaha keyboard -- its auto-off feature supports both battery life and forgetful musicians. Page Turner is an app that allows you to play sheet music in PDF format from beginning to end without having to remove your hands from your instrument. With this keyboard's learning tools, you won't have a critical teacher telling you what you did wrong. The Yama PSR-E233 has rich Reverb effects, adding concert-hall ambience to your performance. That’s real handy compared with flipping pages and pages of music score and it might even be blown away by wind.

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