Slashdot reports that Apple keyboards are vulnerable to hackers' attacks due to the complexity of their inner workings, which include RAM and flash memory.
Since the LED is active-low on pin P2.7 which corresponds to register 0x02 on the microcontroller, we searched the unobfuscated ?rmware image for instructions of the form MOV reg[0x02], expr which start with the opcodes 0x62 0x02. As a proof-of-concept, the following edited gdb session performs the changes mentioned above and demonstrates code execution on an Apple Aluminum keyboard.
My PC takes a few seconds to put anything on display, but if you look at the bottom right corner, you can see the blue power LEDs light up immediately after the knocks. I recently got myself a mechanical keyboard (to be precise, a Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2).
I recently finished an improved version of the NTSC composite video decoder previously featured here at Code and Life. I already talk a bit about the techniques used in the new version, as well as the new features. What my program does is essentially capture a run of 500 000 samples at 150ns intervals, analyze the data stream to see whether we have a working frame (and because the signal is interlaced, whether we got odd or even pixels), plot it on screen and get a new set of data. Read on to learn how this is achieved, and you’ll learn a thing or two about video signals! Above you can see an example of SD card traffic analyzed using my circuit – the full capture was 10 million samples which enabled me to capture all the traffic generated by my SD tutorial project without any additional triggering. Having done half a dozen V-USB tutorials I decided it’s time to whip up something cool. The place I work at requires me to change my password every few months so this would be one way to skip remembering a new password altogether (as long as I remember to write it down before regenerating a new one so password can be changed :).
The device is powered with a simplified version of the hardware I used in my ATtiny85 USB tutorial – I stripped away the LCD, reset pullup and both capacitors.
Starting tomorrow, some of the world’s most tenacious hackers will begin the tricky task of jailbreaking the iPhone 5. My guess is that those serial pins will just have to be accessed with wires soldered to the phone’s internal logic board, but they still exist. I was really addressing the OS designers who would normally be testing their code on a beta version of the phone and would need quick access to the internals of the phone. Seeing as Anroid is out selling iPhones 4 to 1, and the Galaxy S3 is out selling them something like 2 to 1, I don’t think most consumers care about closed source vs open source. In you own fantasy dreams as well as Samsung managers dreams the Galaxy S3 is outselling the iPhone maybe. That’s awesome how many hours talented people invest into jailbreaking the devices, and for free! Many hackers work in a group, just like professional programmers does in their daily lives. Personally I’ve spent over $20,000 and over 10 years of my life volunteering with a local non-profit. Jailbreaking has always been one of the primary issues that Apple and consumers have had to deal with. The third consideration, routing power through my body, shouldn’t be an issue this year. I view this project as a return to my makery roots: a wearable electronic device, with bits of twisted wire, a bit nonsensical and backwards. To avoid screwing up the existing contacts, I first tried soldering wires directly onto the exposed connectors, which lay opposite the slot. I failed a couple more times and tried to find a solution that would allow me to use the plastic sheets, since they already connected well with the circuit board. As an experiment, I tried dripping solder onto a wire held over one of the contacts printed onto the plastic sheet. The contact wires from either hand obviously have to connect to each other, so I’ll run them around the outside of the jacket. A USB-connected circuit board (shown below) shoots off wires into two ribbon cables, sets of wires connected side-by-side.
According to the report, the hack can potentially place keyloggers and malware directly into the device's firmware. The vuln is undoubtedly enticing to hackers, some of which are likely to create one or more exploits for the flaw in question. The ?rmware is modi?ed so that the LED under the CAP S LOC K key of the keyboard will ?ash momentarily when the keyboard is ?rst plugged into a system. We found the sequence 0x62 0x02 0x80 in block 0x0c which did in fact turn out to be the instruction MOV reg[0x02],0x80.

The piezo element uses a 1 Mohm resistor like in the Arduino Knock Sensor tutorial, providing a path for voltage level to get back to zero over time.
That turned out to be quite easy (with some limitations, read the end of this post to find out more).
Communication is bi-directional with the keyboard providing clock signal and sending end toggles data line while the receiving end listens. With the bigger buffer of Picoscope 3206B, I was able to capture enough samples per frame to add color.
If you want to take a look at the sources (or better yet, have a 3000 series Picoscope at hand), you can grab the source package. The medium length answer is, that it either requires an expensive oscilloscope with very large capture buffer (millions of samples), or then something that can stream the data fast enough so there’s enough samples per scanline to go by. I’ve also included full source code (consider it alpha grade) for any readers with similar equipment in their hands. As USB keyboards were an area untouched, I decided to make a small USB HID keyboard device that types a password stored in EEPROM every time it’s attached.
To date, every single iPhone has been cracked wide open by hackers, blazing the trail for tethered and eventually untethered jailbreaks. My assumption was that they just ordered a new device whenever something went wrong, no questions asked. It’s like buying a game system that allows the guy whom payed for the system to install Linux then the TRUE owner of the system comes back removes the feature and tells you to get stuffed. The fact that you have to exploit a security flaw to use a portable computer as a real general-purpose computer is depressing.
Imagine how the world would be like if all our desktop OSes work the same way – you can use it, but expect no admin access.
So it means that you need people with a lot of experience in the field, and they don’t work for free, none of them. Much of the money and time was spent on producing and maintaining customized software solution and an online web presence supporting their community.
While Apple releases gadgets with more complex security measures, it seems like those who jailbreak iPhones are always one step ahead. Last night (at time of writing), I broke out the copper and made finger-cages for the keyboard contacts.
This will help me avoid last year’s other main issue, solder lumps on the contacts, which would press and rub against the skin.
The juggling machine occasionally shocked me, which was probably due in part to my use of a 9V batter and transformer to make sparks between a couple of wires on the box. Also procure a pair of flat spring-loaded needlenose pliers, so you don’t mar the wire, with built-in clippers if possible. Like the juggling machine or my goggles, it appears to be a hugely overcomplicated solution to a solved problem (or no problem), but provides a weird payoff.
I got most of them on without soldering them to each other… and then I noticed that I still had to solder 18 more tiny wires side-by-side, and these ones were already falling off. These are printed flat onto clear plastic sheets, and each ribbon cable is inserted into a clamp on the circuit board. Each key has a set of coordinates, a unique combination of two wires that cross each other. It separates the two printed layers and has a hole punched through wherever two contacts overlap. If you compare the last two pictures, you’ll see that the first one has a gridlike structure, while the bottom one looks more like a set of racetracks. There are introduction of new smileys and emotions every time that bring more fun in our life. To better understand how this discovery has turned into a potential security issue, we offer you a few excerpts from the published document. Working with the Pi in my living room which has a projector with both HDMI and composite was an option, but spreading all my gear there didn’t seem like such a good plan.
Would it be possible to digitize this signal and emulate a composite video display on the PC? There’s some jitter and horizontal resolution lost due to capture rate and decoding algorithm limitations, and the picture is monochrome, but if you consider that realtime serial decoding is considered a nice feature in oscilloscopes, this does take things to a whole another level.
A lot of effort has been made to keep the material very accessible and informative to electronics beginners, too. A new password can be generated just by tabbing CAPS LOCK a few times (4 times to start password regeneration and one tab for each password character generated, 10 is the default password length).

Every year, Apple releases new products with increasingly complex security measures — and yet, without fail, they fall to the increasingly tenacious attacks of Apple hackers.How does a hacker jailbreak an iPhone or iPad, though? This custom code will disable the iDevice’s security features, allowing you to install non-App Store programs, such as Cydia. Do you really think all of these people releasing ROMs and kernels are employed and *paid* by OEMs? And as mentioned above, once you get the bulk of it down, any future updates involves relatively less work since you’re working off an existing codebase. At this point, I’m planning to put the other set of contacts on rivets or grommets, though I’m not sure where yet (belt? Last year I used a spiral pattern so that there wasn’t a complete circle around any finger, but it lacked stability.
It’s easiest to hold the joint in place with pliers and bend the long, unshaped end with your fingers. This will help hold the claw in place, and give resistance so it isn’t pushed back when you touch something. For extra strength, I could loop it back under the ring, but I’ve found that this presses irritatingly against the skin.
I needed a way to make the wire contacts accessible, so I could connect them to whatever Part III is. Each with a protective coating that had to be scraped off with a razor to expose metal near the end, so as to make contact with the circuit board.
I found a ribbon cable with wires a little bigger than the copper ones, and a little smaller than the ones that wouldn’t fit, and they fit perfectly.
These things are necessary  because people want new things while using social media networks. By replacing 0x80 by 0x00, the new checksum is 0x4e39b and so 0xe41b in the last block has to be replaced by 0xe39b. In the end of the article, source code for PicoTech 2000 series is included, and it can easily be adapted for any scope that can transfer captured waveforms to PC (in the simplest form by reading waveforms from a CSV file).
Weather it would be straight forward for the iHackers to jack in to is another matter though.
It was mostly elaborating on a pre-existing but abandoned mod, but I still put hours of programming in to it, hours of updating skins for 3D models, an hour or two updating a map texture, and more. Many hackers do what they do because they receive another reward from their work; the satisfaction of overcoming limitations, the adoration of the others in the community, or even just for the feeling that he made a difference. This time, the solder will be held away from the skin, so I can even leave some little spikes without it hurting. The hook should have its opening toward the end of the finger, to keep the keyboard wire from slipping out.
I sealed them in with hot glue as I went along, to avoid dislodging those I’d meticulously shoved in with tweezers. You can see the mnemonic printout I made on that one below, as well as one possible breadboard configuration. I spent countless hours improving on what was already a great mod and have seen thousands of downloads to it. Not every one thinks that being is a cynical bastard is the only way to live in this world. Bring it back to your finger-joint, then bend it around the other side of your finger, back to where you started. Hell ya, the experience, knowledge gained and friendships earned from my time there was certainly rewarding, to say the least. Again I will be working for free, but I do in case the download link in a URL shortened format from
However, I am not forcing people to actually pay me out of pocket, and the mod has been available for probably a year or more prior to adding an link.
This was partly because Apple is continually working to thwart would-be hackers — and also because Apple hired Nicholas Allegra (aka Comex), one of the key members of the iDevice hacking community.
I suspect it doesn’t have dedicated serial pins, which will add another layer of complexity that will need to be reverse engineered by the iDevice hackers.

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