The Bluetooth® Keyboard BKB50 instantly turns your Xperia™ Z4 Tablet into a powerful laptop. As you’d expect, the keyboard has an integrated touchpad, so you get to choose how you control your device. By signing-up, you agree that EXPANSYS PLC and their respective group of companies can contact you from time to time by email, phone, post, SMS or MMS with information on products, services and offers.
Keep in mind that this keyboard will only work on Android 4.0 and above, and it requires a custom recovery such as ClockworkMod to be installed. Turn off your device and boot into ClockworkMod recovery (or whichever custom recovery you have installed on your device).
Install the .zip file copied to the device in step 2 by selecting the install from sdcard option. Dit product is niet meer leverbaar, de informatie hieronder is alleen voor referentie doeleinden.
Whether you’re at your favourite cafe, at home or at the office, this ultra-thin and lightweight wireless keyboard with cover stand is the perfect Xperia™ Z2 Tablet accessory.
Take your Xperia™ Z2 Tablet and wireless keyboard with you wherever you go and enjoy laptop ergonomics when you’re writing email, notes and browsing. Pairing is easy with One-touch (NFC) and the keyboard will perform for up to 3 months before you need to charge it.
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The new Sony Xperia Tablet S was unveiled today, and became immediately available for pre-order at the same time before Sony plans to release and start shipping the Xperia Tablet S on September 7 in the US (October 1 in the UK).
If you are familiar with the Sony tablet that this Xperia Tablet S replaces, then you recognise the newspaper-fold design on the back. Sony has built this tablet so well, that they encourage people to really use this tablet wherever they want and whenever they need to, without worrying too much about the fragility of the device.
Not surprisingly, given Sony’s position in the entertainment industry, the Xperia Tablet S is built to be your central media hub.
The media system has a personalized TV guide app, the IR remote control function has macro functionality that alerts you of popular TV shows you might want to watch based on your preferences and user patterns. Sony will also give all their customers $45 worth of feature films on Google Play so new users can familiarize themselves with the system and setup.
Like the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Sony Xperia Tablet S is also built for multitasking by letting users run two apps at the time.
And last but not least, Sony has a WALKMAN app that can be set up to automatically compile lists of Facebook friends’ “liked” songs, as well as related discographies, both as a way of keeping the Walkman concept alive and to offer something user friendly.
Crafted with Sony engineering expertise, this Bluetooth® keyboard is beautifully ergonomic and comfortable to use.
Use the keyboard touchpad for a true laptop experience, or switch to the Xperia™ Z4 Tablet touchscreen for touch navigation when you need it. XDA Senior Member idareyoutoclickthis has taken the stock keyboard from the Xperia S, and made it available for everyone to use even on non-Sony devices.

Then, while typing, simply drag down the notifications menu, and select the Xperia keyboard.
You can type long messages and emails, enjoy extended chat sessions and take detailed notes in comfort.
Your tablet and keyboard are effectively protected on the move and when you open the BKC52, your Xperia™ Z2 Tablet starts up automatically and stands at a convenient viewing angle. Once again Sony tries to be the unconventional one among other Android tablet manufacturers.
Touching the screen in the kitchen with wet fingers during cooking, or getting it a little wet outdoors, is in line with what Sony expects in your life.
But in order to maintain compatibility, only a a few apps of the Small Apps interface are compatible for multitasking at this point. So whether you take your mobile-office to a cafe or the boardroom, you can work in comfort for hours. Both through its media apps, and through its IR blaster universal remote control features, but probably most of all through Sony’s ecosystem.

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