I received a free copy of the Keyboard Classroom Software in exchange for this review. This post contains affiliate links. Keyboard Classroom was created to teach kids the correct finger placement and help them learn the proper way to type. We were given a single user license to use and test out, so my two kids have been taking turns using the Keyboard Classroom program.
Now you can get a Family License with FREE finger guides for $49.95 that allows you to have up to FIVE users simultaneously! This site contains information concerning the activities and assignments related to the 5th Grade Computer & Information Technology course! If you are a teacher who happens across my website and are interested in any of the slideshows here, please do not hesitate to contact me. Students use Type to Learn 4 to develop proper keyboarding skills using the keyboards homerow keys to become touch typists.
Typing grades for the 1st through 3rd quarters will be based on students effort to develop those Touch Typist skills and their dedication to the task, and not on their speed and accuracy.
By the end of the year, students have been assigned to achieve a typing speed of at least 12 words per minute and 80% accuracy.
Students view a PowerPoint Presentation (available for download here as a PDF file) concerning Internet Safety. Students view a PowerPoint Presentation (available for download here) concerning Web Basics, Internet vs. Students will use the knowledge they learned gained the 2nd Quarter to conduct research on a variety of topics. Students will use the information they acquired during the 3rd Quarter about their assigned Person, Place, & Thing to produce a PowerPoint Presentation. CyberBullying is a hot topic right now, and is one that I consider to be of extreme importance for the well being of my students.As a parent and teacher, bullying is an issue that I take very seriously and am always looking for new resources. The links here will lead you to resources you can use to complete assignments throughout the course! Hands down, these are the most common mistakes students make that prevent them from excelling at keyboarding.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Finally, after searching off and on for a while, we’ve found a typing program that we both like. And when it comes to mastering a skill, I want to find a way to do so quickly and efficiently. This program sticks to the basics in an engaging way that makes for quickly acquiring the ability to type well.

Keyboard classroom recommends 15 minutes a day and guarantees that your child will learn to type within 6 months. This is the first step where you begin learning where letters are on the keyboard and what fingers you should be using to type each letter. This section works on strategic 3 letter combinations to solidify the skills of moving around the keyboard while sticking close to home position. This section lets you practice forming sentences with a series of increasingly more challenging levels. We’ve used Typing Instructor years ago but I love how this one has the hand guards that keep their fingers coming back to the correct positioning! Color-coded typing keyboard helps students keep their eyes on the chart instead of their fingers or the screen so they learn how to touch type fast.
This book is better than a learn to type program because it uses a brain compatible method. Your child will learn to type using Biblical principles, Scripture verses, and Christian history. Bible Type's color-coded typing keyboard on each chart in the book helps your child easily see the correct fingering of each new key. Kids can practice the skills they learn as little or as much as they need to before taking a timed fluency test. They begin by learning the placement of the keys which is the most important thing to learn in basic typing. A Single User License plus FREE finger guides is $39.95 and can be reused by other students once the first student is done.
This site serves as a resource for students throughout the course of the year they will spend here in the Middle School Design Lab. Touch typing means that students can accurately type text on a screen without the need to look down at the keyboard. Achieving these two goals will result in a grade of Good, and exceeding those goals will result in a grade of Outstanding for each category.
All of the grades for the individual 3 categories will be averaged together with technique being worth 50% of their score. They will investigate an invention and an inventor as well as information about one of 50 states as part of the People, Places, & Things activity. If there is any time remaining in the school year after completing the Presentation, students will either complete an additional Internet Scanvenger Hunt, or work with the Lego Mindstorm Robotics equipment. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. We are a group of tech ed teachers who work together to offer you tech tips, advice, pedagogic discussion, lesson plans, and anything else we can think of to help you integrate tech into your classroom.

Let's make the most of these years by pursuing intentional parenting, inspired learning and integrated living!
Great for all learning styles and abilities -- whether your child has superior reading skills or dyslexia -- whether your child is bright or challenged -- Bible Type has proven superiority. Bible Type allows students to learn to type at their own individual pace while ensuring both speed and accuracy for each chart in the book. We have tried a few different programs before this one, and I will say that I am very impressed with the content and quality of Keyboard Classroom. Each lessons has a practice option where the kids can practice the skills being taught for as long as they feel they need to. They like the incentives to move up a level and also the games they can play with their tokens.
It can also be a resource for parents to learn more about what their students are doing from day to day. Students practice their skills using Practice & Lessons in the Typing Tutor software. Speed and accuracy will each be worth 25% of their overall keyboarding score during the last quarter. Afterwards, they will go to a number of kid friendly websites to use what they learned to play some fun Internet Safety related games! Students will then complete a group activity to evaluate a website that their group will be assigned, in addition they will also complete an online scavenger hunt using age appropriate search engines and their research skills they learned!
This activity will actually run for the second half of the year, the focus for this quarter will be on information gathering. They guarantee that after practicing for 15 minutes a day for just six months they will become proficient typists. All students are encouraged to find a comfortable typing speed where they can be the most accurate, and to increase their speed as they become more comfortable with the keyboard layout and the inability to see the keyboard layout due to the use of keyboard covers.
Typing is such a needed skill now in this world and I am really glad I have found a program that works well for us! As they progress through the levels they learn to type more words and do it with more speed. The higher the levels progress to sentences and teach punctuation and capitalization as well.

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