Although this specific deal including Microsoft's Touch Cover, Touch Cover (Limited Edition) and Type Cover is limited to North America, certain countries in the EU have been enjoying a similar promo -- just with a less diverse selection of covers.
Microsoft claims its Surface Type Cover is the thinnest mechanical keyboard available and retails for a hefty $129.99 -- or free, for now, with the purchase of an RT. Microsoft Corporation has turned out to be a really good competitor in the field of technology since the last 2 decades, but unfortunately has not been able to overpower Apple. The tablet by Microsoft has the biggest screens as compared to all the available iPad as well as Windows Pro which is around 10.6”. Operating system is just another vital feature of this recently launched gadget by Microsoft. The extreme and great performance of the device is boosted by the incorporated Nvidia Tegra Processor which is a vital feature overlooked by Apple in its iPad. It has been claimed by the Microsoft that Surface users will be able to make use of the tablet for 2 days with the battery full on charge. This is yet another cute addition in the tablet and users can add in a separate keyboard with the tablet easily. This is one of the hottest and discussed topics in regards to Microsoft Surface and it is the Kickstand feature. While you are making use of the iPad, you will not be able to transfer data from your iPad to other devices as it does not offer users with a USB port and neither with a micro SD slot. Microsoft Surface happens to be slimmer as compared to the other tablets especially the iPad.
Microsoft is to offer its gadget at the price which will be exceedingly competitive to the present market rates.
The Microsoft Surface will be the first tablet which will sport Windows 8, and it is having some killer features, including the presence of a USB point, HDMI, amongst other features.
The Microsoft Surface keyboard comes as a thin case which clips onto the Microsoft Surface. At the end, it comes to personal preference as to which type of keyboard you would like to use with the Microsoft Surface. Many consider the inclusion of a keyboard to be one of the negative factors for the Microsoft Surface. But is should be taken into consideration that the Microsoft Surface Keyboard is not a compulsory accessory, and is to be purchased by those who require it. Whatever the case (pun not intended) may be, it will be interesting to see how the Microsoft Surface along with its cool new keyboards turn out and how the consumer reacts to them. For those of you who will be purchasing the Microsoft Surface, which keyboard will you go for? Netflix Stock Split 7 for 1- What it really means 10:09 am By SynerGizmo Netflix is the grand-daddy of internet streaming when it comes to video media. The Surface keyboard(Microsoft)The prospect of additional innovation in pricing and services is the reason why many observers applauded news earlier this month that Sprint (the nation’s No. When it comes to its immediate future, Microsoft officials privately say they are hoping their biggest ally is The Corporation. It’s worth recalling that only four years ago, two competitors held three-quarters of the mobile-phone marketplace.
Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly said the Surface would debut Oct.
After maintaining almost complete radio silence about its Windows RT Surface tablets since first revealing them in June, Microsoft has announced pricing and availability.
Redmond maintains that specs aren't really the point of a device like Surface, and that what matters is the overall user experience.
Surface preorders open today, at 9am Pacific, with delivery on October 26th, the same day as Windows 8's general availability. Initially, Surface will be available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In the US, Surface will be available exclusively through Microsoft's own channels: its brick-and-mortar stores and its online store. By starting at $499, Microsoft is undercutting the other Windows RT devices that have been announced, such as the $599 Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx, and the $599 Asus Vivo Tab RT.

While the Touch Cover has its merits in being cardboard-thin and doubling as a protective layer for the display, many users find it unwieldy to type without tactile feedback, like one would receive on an ordinary keyboard.
Nonetheless, most prefer the mechanical Type Cover for long sessions editing Office documents or rapidly taking notes at a conversational speed.
The good news is there are alternative keyboards that are compatible with Surface (and other Windows 8 tablets). The Logitech Tablet Keyboard wirelessly connects to your tablet, with hotkeys compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT. The faux-leather carry case doubles as a stand, which can be used to prop up the tablet at different angles. Although the Logitech Keyboard certainly has more of a polish in its design, the Anker is a serviceable option for the road warrior needing to get work done.
Redmond says the promo will end on June 30 for the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The Type Cover packs a laptop-like QWERTY keyboard and capacitive touchpad in a 6mm-thin device which weighs just over half a pound.
Tablets by Apple such as iPad 2 and many others have been an amazing head start for the present era.
It happens to be a great feature as users will be able to enjoy the feasibility of being portable on the go with more or less net book sized tablet.
This gives users with an optimum level performance so that they can enjoy when they are surfing or even working on the Surface. However, Microsoft Surface has both the feature integrated so that users can easily transfer their data whenever they want to.
In fact, we would even go to the extent and say, that after the iPad, it is the most talked about tablet at the moment. But the presence of a keyboard on the Microsoft Surface serves as to fill in a particular niche, which many consumers were in. It has surpassed the keyboard and mouse duo, as it has been accepted universally for tablets, smartphones and with the launch of Windows 8, laptops and computers also. But when purchasing the Microsoft Surface, we will have two options for the Microsoft Surface Keyboards. The difference in thickness is marginal, so it should not be much of a factor when deciding which one to buy. Come critics are saying that Microsoft is making a mistake, as the attachment of accessories defies one of the main features tablets have going for them, which is portability. Although many are saying that the cases-cum-keyboards compromises portability, these people are forgetting that the cases will increase productivity for many, which will counterbalance the portability factor. With the Apple iPad leading the pack when it comes to tablet sales, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft’s brainchild can come in and shake up the competition. Microsoft, for years considered a fast-follower of innovations developed elsewhere, is upgrading hundreds of features. The new flavor of Windows uses large, animated tiles to convey when and where your new information, apps and services are updated. Indeed, we all have a stake in Microsoft’s success because a third competitor (against Apple and Android) will make for a more competitive ecosystem.
Once this period passes, the two competitors settle down into a zero-sum battle as the two dominant powers battle on the margins for small numbers of incremental customers.
Its overall product vision is to integrate the work and personal sides of its customers’ lives with an operating system that eases seamless movement from the office computer to the mobile phone. This week, Apple unveiled its smaller format iPad Mini tablet, and Google is expected to launch a new set of slick Android-based smartphones and portable tablets next week, on the same day as Microsoft’s formal announcement. The tight integration between Windows desktop and mobile environment embodied in the new Windows 8 system is designed to foster corporate orders for a new generation of products. This will give you 32GB of storage, but won't come with a Touch Cover membrane keyboard-cum-cover. Type Covers—a clicky keyboard with actual key switches—will come in black only, and cost $129.99.
As is the case with all Windows RT devices, it includes previews of four Office 2013 apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

To supplement its permanent storefronts, the company is opening 34 "pop up" stores for the holiday season to help promote the Surface tablet. Those other tablets typically have more expensive keyboards, too (although arguably more capable keyboards, as they often include batteries or additional ports), so even at $599, the Surface is giving you more for less.
A lot of people who bought the Surface RT bundle on Black Friday received an original Touch Cover with their purchase.
To be fair, the Touch Cover 2 has improved sensitivity (1,092 sensors compared to the 90 in the original), making it possible to type with lighter keystrokes. If you wanted to use any of the Microsoft Surface covers this way, you would need a $59.99 wireless adapter, making the Logitech a convenient substitute (needs no adapter, pairs directly via Bluetooth). Even though the Surface already has a kickstand, Logitech designed their product well to sturdily support the 1.5 lb tablet. It pairs easily to any Bluetooth-enabled tablet, including Windows 8 and Windows RT models. The deal is for a "limited time only", although details regarding its official end haven't been announced. Meanwhile, the Touch Cover forgoes mechanical switches for a "pressure sensing input technology" which provides a truly thin (3.22mm thick) keyboard, even if it is only $10 cheaper.
Nevertheless, after the successful release of Windows 8 operating system by Microsoft Corporation few months ago, now the company has announced this unique, best and wonderful tablet named Microsoft Surface. As for now, Windows 8 is considered as the best Windows OS that has been launched by the Microsoft Corporation. It is yet to be seen if Microsoft is going to overcome the Retina Display feature of iPad or not. This can be for many reason, but one of the primary reasons is actually the case, which doubles as a Microsoft Surface Keyboard.
The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is the physical interface which many consumers were wanting so that they can interact with their tablet with a way other than the touchscreen. The presence of a kickstand along with the Surface Keyboard can setup the tablet in a laptop like fashion. It has keys which are not actually physical buttons, but just capacitive areas which will feel our fingers. The Type Keyboard will also have a track-pad akin to those on laptops, so that we can scroll with a cursor on the Microsoft surface. And next week, the once-dominant technology giant is also launching a new Windows operating system for mobile phones, prior to the long-awaited launch of its new version of Windows itself—Windows 8. A key element is the new Surface device—a lightweight, sleek tablet-cum-laptop with an ingenious keypad that doubles as a cover. Are we doomed to face the inevitable decline of innovation caused by the two giants, Apple and Google, falling into sedentary slumber?
With the recent RTM of Office 2013, buyers can expect to see these previews updated to final versions starting in November. The generous key travel, and slight inclination of the keyboard makes it comfortable to type for extended periods of time on this keyboard. The most popular game, Angry Birds has also been made available in the gadget within the OS.
Typing is not as fast and accurate, and precision in not as high when selecting small tabs and menus. This will be perfect for the x86 version of the Microsoft Surface which will feature Windows 8 Pro. The Surface feels like iPad-meets-Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim for style-savvy mobile technology users. Surface also has two 720p cameras (front and rear), two microphones, an ambient light sensor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a compass. The compromise for this increase functionality is that the keyboard will be marginally thicker.

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