According to a media release, the built-in Bluetooth EasyType layout fits the seven-inch form factor while providing iPad mini function shortcut keys for oft-used commands, such as copy and paste. Like Apple’s Smart Cover, the Ultrathin Keyboard attaches to your device magnetically, with the comforting click, and automatically wakes the tablet when you open the cover and sleeps when closed.
It also doubles as a hands-free view stand so you can use your iPad mini without having to hold it.
In October of last year, Apple introduced not one, but two new iPads, and the iPads that currently populate the Apple Store and retail stores around the United States. The iPad mini 2 release date, complete with a Retina Display could arrive in 2013 as Apple pushes to compete with the new Nexus 7. So, October is looking especially good for an iPad mini 2 launch date which means that a release date could come sometime in either late October or early November. We expect similar issues to impact the iPad mini 2 release date thanks to a ton of demand and thanks to rumors that suggest that the device will be in short supply when it first goes on sale. While the iPad mini 2 ordering process might be a little difficult, don’t expect companies to sit by idly without at least trying to accommodate those trying to order a new tablet. Stores should open up early on the day of the iPad mini 2 launch to accommodate those who didn’t want to order their new tablet online. Those who are ordering online or in a retail location should not expect to encounter a lack of iPad mini 2 accessories on release day. While nothing is confirmed, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple deliver a smartcover for the iPad mini 2, something that would likely go on sale as soon as the iPad mini 2 goes on sale.
While the iPad mini 2 will likely be released close to Black Friday, it’s not going to have any deals available right from the start.
Read article and was hoping to see what not to expect on spec or hardware feature but instead I read about something I just thought was a waste of my time. The ZAGGKeys Cover and ZAGGkeys Folio will retail for $99.99 each and will come in several colors at launch, with more color options coming in the months after. The biggest selling point of these new iPad mini keyboard cases is that they come with backlit keys. In addition to the backlit keys, the both iPad mini cases feature a new hinge that lets users find the right angle for viewing while typing. The ZAGGkeys Cover is 6.3mm thick and features a hinge that lets users flip the iPad mini around into a reading mode or to use the case as a stand for watching videos and playing games.

ZAGG offers the ZAGGKeys Cover in black and silver, to match the back color of both iPad mini models.
The ZAGGkeys Folio iPad mini keyboard case will arrive in white and black, with new colors coming in the fall.
Zagg, a company that makes high quality keyboard cases for iPads that we’ve reviewed in the past, today introduced two brand new keyboard cover and folio designs for iPad mini. ZAGGkeys Cover: The first product Zagg is showing off today at CTIA 2013 is the ZAGGkeys Cover (pictured above). The Folio will sell for $99 in black and white (more colors coming soon) when it launches at retail. As expected, millions of consumers ate up the iPad mini as well, giving Apple a formidable duo on the tablet market. With October now in full swing and a launch likely in the cards for sometime in the next few weeks, consumer interest is high and ahead of the launch, it’s time to take a close look at release date expectations.
Apple typically releases its new products a little less than two weeks after launching them.
And while Apple may not have deals for its iPads, it will definitely want those products available as people take to malls and online stores across the country shopping for gifts. We should also see the same stock check options that Apple, and other sites, offered to iPhone 5s buyers.
Apple makes it a point to carry a ton of accessory options on the first day of availability and as we saw with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, it’s now in the business of releasing some nice products of its own.
That accessory, of course, would come in addition to a wealth of other accessories that should be out as soon as the iPad mini 2 is out on shelves. That’s because flagship Apple devices typically do not see deals emerge on a regular basis and certainly not on the day that they come out. Apple devices do not see those same price cuts through retailers like Best Buy and RadioShack.
The ZAGGkeys iPad mini keyboards let users pick from seven color options and three brightness levels. A magnetic closure keeps the iPad mini and the ZAGGkeys Cover closed while in a bag or while in transit. This iPad mini keyboard case features the same 135 degree hinge, but does not allow users to swivel it around for play or viewing modes.

Many owners of earlier models had issues with the recharger plug breaking off and the unit not holding a charge. Zagg says its the thinnest Bluetooth keyboard on the market at 6.3mm and it also features backlit keys in 7 colors and three brightness settings (Zagg already makes one of our favorite backlit keyboards for iPad with similar features). Be the first to know about product launches, iOS updates, product carriers reports, and competitor analysis. Just like the Archos ultra-slim iPad keyboard, Logitech’s baby incorporates the QWERTY key layout which comes in handy for prolonged text entry. With many consumers likely looking at buying the iPad mini 2 in particular, it’s time to take a look at expectations in regard to its release date.
And so it should come as no surprise that Apple is planning to replace its current iPads with two new models that it hopes will garner the same success during the holiday shopping season and beyond. This may seem flimsy but remember that Apple typically follows a year cycle with its products.
With the the iPhone 5s release date deliver minor site issues to some buyers in the early morning. It also includes magnets to keep the case closed and secure when in transit and up to 3 months battery life with normal use.
Three, OS X Mavericks Gold Master just rolled out, a sign that a public release is extremely close. We saw stock sell out instantly for some models including the gold iPhone which is still sold out and won’t return until sometime this month. Point is, those expecting some kind of a bargain for the iPad mini 2 should temper those expectations and maybe think about going with a refurbished iPad mini instead. Apple isn’t likely to simply announce OS X Mavericks in a press release, not if there are new MacBook Pros to announce. We saw stores offer uneven stock, particularly carrier stores where some models were in particularly short supply.

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