This is the Bluetooth keyboard that connects wirelessly to an iPad for easy typing as if using a laptop computer. The keyboard’s rechargeable battery provides up to 90 hours of uninterrupted operation from a four-hour charge off a USB connection to a computer using the included cable. The $79.99 Belkin FastFit Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Mini is only 7mm thick (click to enlarge). Hot on the heels of Logitech announcing its $79.99 Ultrathin Keyboard mini, Belkin has trotted out the very similar-looking FastFit Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Mini.
I recently reviewed Belkin's Portable Keyboard Case for the iPad Mini, which appears to feature the same keyboard layout.
No word on exactly when the FastFit Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Mini will ship, but Belkin says it's taking preorders soon. Now that Microsoft Office is out on the iPad, it just underlines what the iPad has become: a laptop replacement for many people. Belkin Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air ($129.99) Slim, and outfitted with a great keyboard, the Ultimate's advantage lies in its three adjustable angles for desk or lap typing.
Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air ($99.99) My favorite iPad keyboard accessory gets a new variation that fits the Air's smaller dimensions.
Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air ($149.99) Logitech's highest-end keyboard case opts for a spill-resistant rubberized design and a wraparound protective covering. Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad The original Belkin case won me over with the same three-angle autoconnecting design as the Air version.
ZAGGKeys ProFolio+ Keyboard Case for iPad Zagg's $129 case has solid protection and some impressive built-in backlighting. Apple Wireless Keyboard Apple's own Bluetooth keyboard is still a great universal solution: use it with any iPad or any other tablet. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad is a very different spin on the typical iPad keyboard case. Logitech says it’s designed to impress and type in style – and touts it is as the perfect partner for your iPad. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover attaches magnetically to the left side of the iPad, in a similar way to the Apple Smart Cover.
Most of the keyboards for iPad keyboard cases that I’ve seen have a dedicated top row of special function keys – to do things like go to the home screen, the spotlight search screen, copy and paste, and access music controls. There are two buttons and one port on the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover – all located towards the top of its right-hand side.
This ultrathin cover may work well as a smart looking option for having a keyboard with you without gaining much added bulk while carrying just a single item. I love the look of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover, but I’ve been mostly disappointed with it. It’s not a case like the ZAGGfolio and others – so it doesn’t serve as a dual-purpose accessory. You can see more details or place an order at the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover product page. I got on okay with typing on it and came away with mostly positive feelings but my goodness it was easy to drop because the hinge grip isn’t strong enough! This is coming from someone who can easily type on the screen almost as fast as on a physical keyboard. Many reviewers of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard has concern or complain about the potential aesthetic of the back of the keyboard with repeated usage even with extreme care during handling. On another note, while I was researching this, I saw that quite a few people had defective magnets and when their products were replaced, they had no problems with the magnet not holding the cover on. As iPad becomes more of a portable workhorse, the need for professional grade accessories drastically increases. First in the Belkin lineup, the QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air is extremely thin and crafted of light, aircraft-grade aluminum for a matching feel and aesthetic with existing Apple products. My wife uses this case on her iPad Air and really enjoys the extra productivity that comes with the Bluetooth keyboard. A unibody, anodized aluminum design, the Belkin QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air squeezes into a mere 4mm form factor.
Thin Type utilizes a fixed viewing angle of approximately 35 degrees, depending on how close the user sits to the unit. The Belkin QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case for iPad Air is a folio designed iPad case with a built in keyboard. Considering the unit’s small size and focus on a padfolio design, there is no battery rating for this product, which makes me assume it is nothing too extreme. Two-sided protection is provided in a folio style case with a built in SecureLock system that keeps iPad fastened to the frame. A magnetic clip works to match the iPad internal magnets, ensuring a proper seal, and the magnetic groove holds iPad at a designated angle for touching and viewing. The Tablet Keyboard is not a folio or case, rather an external accessory that works with iPad Air. Designed for iPad Air, this Bluetooth keyboard features island-style keys and up to 30% more typing space that some competing devices. The ZAGGkeys Universal Black Keyboard from ZAGG switches, literally, between Android, iOS, and Windows.
Like the Universal keyboard listed above, the ZAGGkeys FLEX Portable Keyboard and Stand is not specifically designed to hold an iPad.
Like its brother options, island-style keys provide a familiar typing experience and the folding case keeps devices in either landscape or portrait mode. The typing angle is, however, a fixed angle, once the case is folded properly. Impressively, the Kensington KeyFolio Exact Plus Thin Folio with Keyboard includes dedicated locations to select different viewing angles for iPad Air. Six rows of island-style keys give a laptop feel, including special keys, and the seven selectable backlight colors keep things fresh and well lit.
Seemingly, playing little brother to the Exact Plus Folio listed above, the Kensington KeyFolio Pro Plus Folio with Keyboard for iPad Air, uses a sliding installation instead of a shell style case. Many people are replacing laptops with the iPad and a keyboard case, gives the option to have one or not.
Exactly, I think some of the Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad might have a shortcut or something to do it. I bought the Zagg Keys Folio and have been happy with it… would recommend it to anyone looking for a keyboard case. All cute keyboards trying to make a limited and overpriced device more productive…just makes it even more expensive than the Transformer T100 that offers a lot more for just $400. Finally, you have the ability to try out paid Windows Store apps before paying for them, all through one installation. I sincerely hope microshit is paying for all the time I made you waste typing that garbage commercial you just did to promote their crap as an answer to my single liner… Who’s the idiot now?

Btw now that I got your attention, no matter your camp, android, iOS, windows, Linux, why you people get soo riled up about this shit? I get irritated when I come across misleading posts, and I reply to them hoping others don’t get mislead when they read such post. You are the only one getting irritated my friend, honestly nobody cares about our opinions or facts if you will, I could do the same proselytizing chrome notebooks and you would not care either… Waste of time and effort really, off to work and do something really productive with my Saturday, have a nice day! And FYI, I just buy what works, but love my clients purchasing Microsoft products, keeps my business going! I bought the Logitech iPad Air keyboard case, it is a good keyboard and very lightweight BUT, the case won’t stay closed!!!!! The beautiful thing about an external keyboard is that the on-screen keyboard disappears while connected.
A real keyboard has all of those special punctuation keys that are an extra press away when using the on-screen keyboard. The perfect accessory for any work or home environment, the slim case design allows for easy storage that protects your screen while in a purse or briefcase. The keyboard’s sensitive, rubberized keys require only the lightest touch yet will last 500 million keystrokes. When you're ready to use it, you pull it off, prop up the iPad in the slot built into the keyboard, and pair it with your iPad via Bluetooth. I'll let you know how it stacks up against the Logitech as soon as a review sample turns up. The case autoconnects when opened and magnetically snaps into place, saving battery and preventing keys from being pressed when not in use. Cheaper than other cases, the Cover doesn't protect the back of your iPad, but it does magnetically snap onto the side of your iPad and act as a makeshift cover when tucked into a bag.
It autoconnects like the Belkin Ultimate case, but only has one set angle when snapped into place. Same idea as the iPad Air version: a bare-bones, Bluetooth keyboard that doubles as a magnetically attached Smart Cover-like front cover. I wasn't as wild about the typing responsiveness, but writers who prefer the dark might like having this option -- and the backlighting comes in many colors, too, which can be switched with a key-press.
But, if you're desperate for a little add-on that's not a full-size keyboard, Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover isn't bad in a pinch.
Compared with other accessories, I find their key feel and response to generally be the best.
In fact, it’s not a case at all – it’s a handsome front cover with a Bluetooth keyboard neatly integrated within it.
I thought this cover looked great when it was first announced, ordered one back in April, and have been using it for a couple weeks now. There is no back to this cover – so the back of your iPad has no protection while using it – unless you already use a skin or back screen protector of some kind. A groove in the keyboard where the iPad is placed when in use is also magnetized to hold the iPad in securely if you place it into the groove in landscape mode with the home button on the right (with the keyboard facing you). The port is for charging it via a mini-USB cable, and the two buttons are for power and Bluetooth. Just a soft nudge with my thumb on the right hand side of the cover can easily push it around. I’m meticulous about handling my iPad and iPad accessories carefully, and despite that this cover is already showing a little wear and tear.
And it’s not a true keyboard plus smart cover alternative  because it just doesn’t stay anywhere near firmly enough attached.
I’m interested, because it feels at times counter-intuitive to buy a keyboard, almost the size of the iPad itself (not in terms of weight), on a product that its main design is to not use a real world keyboard. Our own Jeff Benjamin swears by his iPad to muscle common tasks for his daily blogging needs. Software keyboards only take up screen space, but do not take up space in a travel bag or add weight.
Additionally, the fixed angles make it a nice option for sitting on the couch without worrying about keeping the device held a certain way. In addition to offering an ample TruType keyboard layout, the Thin Type doubles as a protective case, sliding easily into bags, packs, or purses. With 5 colors to choose from, the folio can also be paired for a fashion statement or give a more personalized experience. With a touch of Apple flair, the cover is aluminum and the keyboard is nestled on the opposite side. A small Bluetooth keyboard that travels inside a folded carrying case, the Tablet Keyboard also uses dedicated iPad shortcuts. With ZAGGkeys Folio with Backlit Keyboard at 7.6mm thin, travel is not restricted, considering it is one of the thinnest full sized offerings, close to the Logitech FabricSkin. With a travel case that also operates as a stand, the FLEX is small enough to fit inside a jacket pocket and, at only 320 grams (11.3oz), will not bother the handler with weight.
However, if necessary, the Bluetooth keyboard detaches from its magnetic housing, which provides limitless viewing angles and extra versatility. Shape, weight, battery, keyboard style, and price are probably the five more important things you should look at when shopping for a keyboard. But honestly if you want a keyboard you shouldn’t of gone for a iPad in the first place. I have both and use my iPad for note taking, but I just use a Bluetooth keyboard when needed. Keys still light up, case handles scratches well (almost non existent), and it’s so easy to take in and out of the case. I have owned the original apple one for the iPad one, and then the SmartCover for the two, and the Logitech magneto keyboard for the three. So, there’s no need for proprietary apps for proprietary storage solutions AND no need to connect to some other PC with iTunes just to give some app access to a file.
I put the iPad Air connected to the keyboard case in the side pocket of my car door only to get to my meeting with a dead battery.
Now you can experience the freedom of using a real keyboard and enjoy the full height of your screen with this lightweight and durable Bluetooth Keyboard Case. We do not share, sell, rent, or lease the personal information of our customers without their advance permission. The only problem with it is that it doesn't protect the back of your iPad, which can get scratched up fairly easily if you aren't careful.
But, if you're planning on an iPad being a place where you get a lot of writing done, having one can come in very handy. Logitech's had newer versions since this older "tablet" keyboard, but this model was particularly great because it had its own keyboard sheath that doubled as a tablet stand.

You can also place the iPad in portrait mode, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near as secure when you do. To use the special function keys you need to tap them while also tapping the function (fn) key. This is something that does not occur with the Apple smart cover and it feels like a real risk for getting unwanted scratches on the iPad screen or causing drops of the ultrathin cover, the iPad, or both. For me, its keyboard is not a great selling point for it – so it’s not a better option as just a keyboard than an Apple or ZAGG keyboard used standalone. While the Slim is a padfolio design, it still offers the same TruType, responsive experience of the other two members in the QODE line. The Bluetooth keyboard is clicks like a true desktop experience and dedicated iPad shortcuts are included. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover comes in at $99.99 retail (including free shipping) and similarly priced via Amazon.
Inventively, the carrying cases doubles as a folding stand for iPad, in either landscape or portrait orientations. Rated at around 180 hours, the battery is similar to the competition, but the weight of the overall unit is slightly heavier at 535g or just over one full pound.
Island-style keys are similar to full sized keyboards, instead of recessed or covered with a material.
The ZAGGkeys Universal Black Keyboard has a reasonable buy-in at $69.99 retail (free shipping) or nab it from Amazon at $45. FLEX will operate with both Apple and Android specific functionality, including keyboard shortcuts. The folio case flap doubles back for a small wrist rest and the raised bezel protects iPad from scratches.
Part of the convenient design also includes a one-handed open or close and the iPad wakes or sleeps automatically.
Using the same six row, island keyboard design, Pro Plus also has seven selectable backlit colors.
Even more convenient, you can move around a document with the arrow keys and edit using cut, copy and paste with command-X, command-C and command-V, just like you can with a Mac. All personal information collected is used solely to contact our customers in regards to new products and special offers.
The sleeve is made from durable synthetic leather, treated with polyurethane that resists water and dust. Yes, you can type on the iPad's screen instead, but a real keyboard frees up screen space, feels more comfortable, and isn't hard to set up via Bluetooth.
This cover lacks auto-on pairing or extra angles, but has one of the best keyboards I've used. You can see this flaw pointed out in my friend Larry Greenberg’s video review of this cover, at right about the 2:20 mark.
The Bluetooth keyboard is the answer for users looking to get extra mileage from their iPad Air.
Additionally, 4,300 hours of standby keep Ultimate going on the road and recharge with the included USB-to-micro-USB cable when necessary. The QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air retails through Belkin for $129.00, and can be found on Amazon, starting at $90.
Like an Apple Smart Cover, the Thin Type uses magnets to autowake iPad Air when the case is removed. The battery, even in the small 4mm design, will hold out for an estimated 79 hours, with 3,100 standby hours. When not using the keyboard, it flips around, behind the iPad for easy reading or movie watching with one hand. Like other Logitech keyboards, the standard keyboard design is accompanied by iPad specific shortcuts.
Keeping everything tidy, the keys are low profile, both for portability and for easy storage, giving a mere 16mm depth. For the extra bells, the ZAGGkeys Folio with Backlit Keyboard retails for $99.99 (with free shipping), but no discount is offered through Amazon. Sliding into a travel case, the keyboard is easily portable and the case has a hidden tablet or phone stand built-in. At 2.78lbs, this is not the lightest design, but many of the individual enhancements make this a contender. The biggest difference is the faux leather exterior, no wrist rest, and a lighter form factor at 2.15lbs. For the first time, I really don’t mind the case or the cover, and the keyboard is fantastic. Point is, the iPad has nothing exclusive to it that Atom tablets don’t offer, yet it costs more.
There's also a search key that takes you to the iPad search feature and a home button that returns you to the home screen. For a propped viewing angle, a small stand comes from the back and operates at variable angles, depending on distance. For more information about the FabricSkin Keyboard Folio, make sure to read Lory’s review. Bring the KeyFolio Exact Plus Thin Folio home for $149.99 retail, or score one for $127 via Amazon. Pricing is also a factor, with KeyFolio Pro Plus Folio retailing for $119.99, or available for $99 from Amazon. Its basically full size, and while the layout takes a bit of getitng used to, It works wonderfully. At $149 retail (with free shipping), this is an expensive option and no pricing relief is offered by Amazon.
I had bought the ipad 4 keyboard case and it was the best, had the magnetic case closure BUT this iPad Air case does NOT!!!.
Any Bluetooth keyboard should work; you may even have one on your desk that works just fine. So, having used several new accessories and written on each, I've broken my recommendations down into categories of iPad: Air, previous generations, and iPad Mini.

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