For most low-pitched music, (where most of it is lower than middle C), we use the bass clef. Dots are always placed on the right side of the note head A dot makes a note (or rest) longer by 50% . Players need to understand few different words (and abbreviations or short forms) for dynamics. A static dynamic means that all the music should be played at that volume, until another direction is given. A changing dynamics means that the music should gradually begin to change in volume (up or down) and continue changing until the next direction.
The seeds of TMSB were originally planted in 2008, as The Drum School Bangalore, which was the only school of its kind in Bangalore, at the time, to offer a practical, experience-based education in contemporary drumming.

With the addition of Guitar and Vocal courses, the school grew to serve an even greater variety of musicians.
Students are entitled to receive curriculum and other materials applicable to courses included in their official course schedule.
The teachers are highly skilled which encourages students, and also increases their passion in music. Joined the school almost a year back and have been having a tremendous learning experience.
The reason why i am able to live my dream of being a musician is cause of the teacher Mr Milton Lance, He understands your problem and helps you perfect it! The number 4 represents the crochet beat, the number 8 represents the 8th beat or quaver, the number 16 represent the 16th beat or semi quaver.

To make things easier we can group those words in to two categories a€“ Static and Changing. The innovative program was developed by Milton Lance, who established a tradition that continues at The Music School Bangalore today: instructing students with a unique blend of creative, educational and professional talent. Located in the epicentre Bangalore City, TMSB continues to attract students from all over the country, creating a diverse community of musicians and creative professionals.

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