The meaning of the Scanner class for many in the beginning is a bit complicated to understand, but with time the programmer just gets used to its definition. The class Scanner aims to separate the entry of text into blocks, generating the known tokens, which are sequences of characters separated by delimiters by default corresponding to blanks, tabs, and newline.
With this class you can convert text to primitives, and these texts can be considered as objects of type String, InputStream and files.
The class IndividualScannerTest shows that several Person objects can be stored in a list and later printed. Character Stream : It provides a convenient means for handling input and output of characters. Byte stream is defined by using two abstract class at the top of hierarchy, they are InputStream and OutputStream.
These two abstract classes have several concrete classes that handle various devices such as disk files, network connection etc. Character stream is also defined by using two abstract class at the top of hierarchy, they are Reader and Writer. I am working on a typing app which includes the a keyboard but I have found a bit hard to re-size the space button to make it wider than the other buttons.. Well, if any of you guys can walk me through I will really appreciate it and if you guys need any clarification or more info please just let me know..

Another thing you need to consider is that GridLayout will not respect the preferred size of the components. Also see Laying out Components Within a Container to learn about the layout mangers available and hot they work.
There are two problems, one, you're calling pack before you've actually finished building the content.
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In which line does the subclass hide a variable of the superclass?In which line does the subclass override a method of the superclass? A non-abstract subclass typically overrides one or more methods of the abstract superclass. The classes IndividualScannerTest and Person make use of object-oriented programming (OOP).
A scanner class is basically used to read data from command line input or from a file system. As this function returns integer type value has we need to use typecasting to convert it into char type.

What you are doing is pack()ing before add the components and setting their preferred sizes, so the pack() is insignificant to the components added after the call (in terms of preferred size. GridLayout will give each component within the container an equal amount of space, horizontally and vertically based on the avaiable space of the parent container. When you get to know the basics of programming, with time comes the desire that a developer has to work with novice programs in text mode (console).
For example in the below image you can see that a wrong data type entry to the method which was expecting a data of type Double, causes an exception. With this principle, many begin to use the scanner class , precisely because it has the purpose of facilitating the input of data in the console. Methods setters (setAttributeName) keeps the value entered which are then used to generate the output of each object created in the list.
Another option is just to stick with the default FlowLayout of the JPanel and nest panels as you have done. Earleri to Java 5 it was difficult to create programs that received variable values ??in Console mode.

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