The Compact Keyboard with Mouse Pad offers an alternative access method to laptops and other computers. The USB connector allows the device and a standard keyboard to be alternated without any set-up time. The unnamed wireless connection requires battery power, and Roccat says the Sova can game for 12 hours on a single charge, presumably with a wired mouse attached. Mini Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard customized to work best individually with Windows, iOS, or Android, and with a mouse touchpad giving you a great way to enhance your computer and mobile phone experience.Most Bluetooth keyboards basically connect to a OS and work.? If your PC doesn't have Bluetooth then you will need a Bluetooth dongle to work with this keyboard.? Description: Gel-filled wrist rests makes you fell comfortable, has accurate fixed position of keyboard,non-skip PU heavy foam base holds wrist rest firmly in place. Description: Gel-filled wrist rests makes you fell comfortable, has accurate fixed position of keyboard, smooth high quality Lycra surface that wicks away moisture and dirtfully, is washable. Description: Gel-filled wrist rests makes you fell comfortable, has accurate fixed position of keyboard, the wrist rest surface color can be changed into your design.

Description: Mouse and keyboard pads - the finishing touches for any office with a computer! Traditional gamepads work great from the couch and for certain kinds of titles, but they're not ideal for shooters and RTS games that require precise aim and fast, sweeping movements. However this new mini Bluetooth keyboard accessory, each time you connect with Bluetooth and use the function key 'FN' and the required letter, the keyboard optimizes itself to the OS selected (iOS, android, or Windows).With responsive and writing capabilities, this ultra portable Bluetooth keyboard offers you wireless functionality for your device wherever you are. With its portable and compact design, this QWERTY keyboard comfortably fits in your pocket or in your hand. This is not claimed to be an authorized or branded product by these companies although it is compatible.
The channel is meant to be used with wired mice, which can plug into one of multiple USB ports.
And with a full QWERTY keyboard setup, multiple function keys, analog stick mouse control and more, use with any device is both easy and fun. This product and our company are not affiliated with these companies or endorsed by them in any way.

On the right hand side of the keyboard is an easy to use touchpad that moves the cursor just like how a mouse works on a PC. Use this keyboard as an all in one remote control, text input, game pad, and media controller. Also accompanying this wireless keyboard is a USB cable that connects directly into your computer and lets you charge and use your keyboard at the same time if the keyboard's built-in battery starts needs charging up.This mini Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard is compact and compatible with most modern systems. This product is in stock and can be dispatched within 24 hours of ordering with a 12 month warranty.

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