Logitech has just rolled out a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo that features 3 years of battery life (the keyboard). Meanwhile, the Laser mouse that come along with the combo is 5700dpi, one year battery life, and left-right handed user friendly design.
For security reason the keyboard’s keystrokes has been hardware encrypted (128-bit AES keyboard encryption), which disable any type of keystrokes recording software to work and it could eliminate the risk of leaked information harvested by hackers. This fully adjustable keyboard support has a height and tilt indicator so you can remember your setting.
Today, just a few short months ahead of the Windows 8 launch, the company has announced a number of new input devices.
Images of both the Wedge mouse and keyboard were leaked in the past weeks, otherwise the designs might come as a bit of a surprise. Along with these two products Microsoft has announced the Sculpt mobile keyboard and the Sculpt touch mouse. The Measy RC12 Air Mouse and Wireless Keyboard is one helluva gadget that has made its mark in the current era of portable tablets and smartphones. The left part of the device features directional buttons, including left and right mouse buttons, giving you absolute control.
With a reasonable 2-minute timeout, the device also has an auto sleep mode that helps preserve battery life.
The Bluetooth connection is a 2.4GHz wireless with plug and play, making connections seamless. To further describe its wonder, the Measy RC12 is perfect for media boxes, whether it’s Windows, Linux, Apple, or Android. The Measy RC12 is also great for presentations and lectures, especially since it’s more functional than most commercially-available presenters while still being as portable. The Measy RC12 is available in both black and white and usually costs around $30, but there are online stores that offer them for as low as $16. If you’re not the type to splurge on high-end a gaming keyboard and mouse like the G810 Orion Spectrum and G502 Proteus Spectrum, Logitech Malaysia has also got you covered.
The full-size keyboard runs on two AA batteries that could power it for three years depending on use. As mentioned, the full-size keyboard has no learning curve involved, but it still has some extra tricks up its sleeve. In the Asia Pacific region including Malaysia, Logitech MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse come with a one-year limited hardware warranty. Reuben Thum's love for technology dates as far back as the Sega Master System era when people are still rocking out on an 8-bit "Dixie's Land" chiptune.
The set also uses a tiny Logitech Unifying wireless receiver that connects both the keyboard and mouse with just one receiver.

Windows XP has native drivers that will enable full functionality of all keys, buttons and functions of both the keyboard and mouse.
Known as the Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard mouse Combo, the keyboard has features a low-profile keys, with the enequal Logitech’s Incurve Keys design. In fact many of office furniture clients have SOF service their facilities across the county; a reference list of national projects we have completed is available upon request.
The keyboard is compact, with an iPhone 4-like metal band around the side (though the finish is brushed as opposed to satin), and it come with a rubber cover. For example the battery covers on each are attached so they can’t be dropped or lost in transit. While touchscreen interfaces and keyboards are becoming easier and more effective to use, they still do not give the full feedback of physical keyboards. The air mouse has high sensitivity, making it responsive to even the vaguest of touch commands.
The keyboard itself also features full function keys, allowing you to use convenient keyboard shortcuts and commands for various applications. As long as it has Bluetooth, you can pair it with the Measy RC12 and you’ll never have to get off your couch to control it ever again.
The touchpad is also large and responsive enough for handwriting and drawing applications, so you have more power at your fingertips during your presentation. It has just announced the brand new spill-resistant MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo that’s coming to the local market in March 2016, for just RM99 including GST.
The combo only comes with one Nano Receiver that talks to both devices; just plug it into any modern Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, or even Linux machine, and it’ll work right away.
It is a spill-resistant keyboard but no mention if the mouse has the same type of durability. The row of function keys on top also double as other shortcut keys, for media playback and the like. As mentioned, it will be available from March 2016 onwards through MCL Berhad and M-Link Systems (M) Sdn. His gig as a bartender later did not douse his interest for tech one bit, as he then dedicated a few years of his life assisting users to achieve the same love, deep in the bowels of the tech support world.
If so, now’s a good time as the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard and Mouse mk750 Combo is currently available in the store.
The most unique feature it has is the Easy keyboard storage where you can let the keyboard placed in a standing up position to free up your workspace. When the cover is removed it will activate the keyboard and then it can be folded into an acute angle (where it will hold its shape) and be used as a stand for a tablet. Also, both devices have mechanisms in place that will power them down when they are not in use so your batteries (AA for both) don’t drain.

The Sculpt keyboard is a thin, compact, wave-style keyboard (as in, somewhere ergonomic) while the mouse is a bit larger then the Wedge but still has the 4-way touch area.
This is solved with the Measy RC12, a Bluetooth device that features a small QWERTY keyboard, an air mouse on the left, and a touchpad on the right side. The bottom of the device opens up to reveal a compartment for 3 AAA batteries as well as a micro USB Bluetooth dongle that can be plugged into the PC. All of these little things give the Measy RC12 a superior functionality that is rare in similar devices. The device itself weighs a mere 123 grams and is 20cm long and 5.6cm wide, which is quite compact for a device that has such a wide range of capabilities.
It also makes it more versatile than those traditional TV remote controllers that are required to be pointed directly at the receiver of the TV. MK235 also supports Logitech SetPoint installed, though I’m not certain if you can remap the shortcut keys with it. Currently, he just feels weirded out writing about himself from a third person's perspective. When the cover is in place it can be held up against a tablets screen without sliding or scratching the glass. This allows the user to scroll up and down as well as side-to-side (which will be useful in the Windows 8 start menu).
The cover on the mouse has a great spring-loaded action which will be hard for fidgety people to stop playing with.
This touch area on the Sculpt mouse is actually clickable, so it acts as a third button (the mouse actually has three of them, whereas the Wedge is effectively one big button). With the Measy RC12, you can easily input your commands even if there’s something blocking the device.
The wireless is also on a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), so the security portion is covered too. Not only that, Logitech said even the keys are treated with some anti-fading coating, to avoid the ugly paint fading on the letter keys.
It uses a BlueTrack sensor, so the Wedge mouse will be able to handle all sorts of difficult surfaces, like polished wood and granite.
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