The Performer’s Stage Piano The class-leading Responsive Hammer II key- board action recreates the touch of an acoustic grand, with realistic movement providing a smooth, natural playing experience. Stunning Acoustic Pianos A variety of beautiful concert, jazz, and pop grand pianos, and a full-bodied traditional upright – appropriately voiced and mic’d for a broad range of musical styles. Cherished Vintage EPs A treasure trove of authentic tine, reed, and modern electric pianos, crunchy clavs, and a striking electric grand – lovingly sampled to preserve their characteristics and imperfections.
Inspiring Subsidiary Sounds Studio quality strings, pads, basses, and other essential sounds suitable for creating splits, layering with acoustic pi- anos and EPs, or for simply playing solo.
Powerful 4-Zone System Four independently configurable zones allow internal sounds to be layered and split easily, for external MIDI devices to be adjusted in real-time, or both to be controlled simultaneously.
Masterful MIDI Control Connect to a PC or Mac via USB, and to your favourite semi-weighted boards via MIDI, then control both simultaneously. Accessible & Intuitive Panel A large graphic LCD display, four assignable real-time control knobs, and a well organised, immediately usable panel interface. Quality Materials, Design, & Build Elegantly finished wooden side panels, sleek gloss-black paintwork and a raised fallboard displaying the Kawai family name give the MP7 a distinctive, professional appearance. Generous Setup Memories Store and recall every customised sound, knob position, fader level, and adjustable parameter at the touch of a button. Chupp’s Piano Service is an authorized Kawai Piano dealer and we are able to supply you with any of the following Kawai AnyTime Hybrid Pianos.
At its core, this instrument is Kawai’s well respected 48” K-300 Professional Upright Piano. Digital Features: 256 Note Polyphony, Virtual Technician, Metronome, Dual Sound Layering, Drum Rhythms, 23 Customizable Effects, Two-Track USB Recorder (MP3 and WAVE Modes) Includes slide out control panel. Join Our Piano Lovers ClubSign-up for exclusive offers, invitations to recitals, concerts and more.

Triple- sensor key detection, ivory-like surfaces, and authentic let-off simulation ensure the MP7 performs like the real thing. Enjoy playing the original sounds, or delve into the powerful Virtual Technician to adjust the piano beneath your fingertips. Tweak the organ’s rotary speaker characteristics and use the MP7’s mixer faders to adjust on- screen drawbar registrations. Tweak each voice using comprehensive ADSR parameters, or fatten the overall sound with flexible parametric EQ. Each zone features separate reverb and effect con- trols, with two effect blocks and an amp simulator for the MAIN zone. The MP7 allows up to four MIDI channels to be controlled at the same time, each with their own custom key ranges and user-definable pedal and knob CC# assignments. Leave the manual at home and concentrate on playing, rather than trying to remember exactly which button does what.
Its sturdy aluminium and steel chassis, and reinforced base reassures players that this instrument is built for the stage.
With over 200 setup memories, the MP7 is ideal for busy stage musi- cians who like to plan several shows ahead, before going out on the road. When the baby is asleep, the children are studying, people are sharing the room or the neighbors need quiet, you need an instrument that offers the touch of an acoustic piano but with sound that only you can hear. For those wishing for privacy when practicing, the audio is played through a set of headphones. When in digital mode, the piano hammers stop just short of the strings to give you the feel of an acoustic, but private, digital sound through the connected headphones. Founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai and his associates, the Kawai piano company has grown to be one of the leading piano manufacturers in the world.

The CS10 Hybrid Piano blurs the line that separates acoustic pianos from their digital counterparts. Featuring stunning new samples of Shigeru Kawai Concert and Chamber Grand Pianos, the latest in sound technology and action design, plus its innovative Soundboard Speaker System, the CA97 Hybrid Piano captures the essence of playing an exquisite acoustic piano. You're now following Used Kawai Piano in your eBay Feed.You will receive email alerts for new listings.
A family business specializing in premium restored Steinway & Sons grand pianos, we have the education, experience and dedication required to ensure the highest caliber of craftsmanship.
Unlike purchasing a purely digital instrument, this allows the pianist to retain the feel and touch that only an acoustic can give.
Great digital features merge with acoustic piano characteristics to create a beautiful, and incredibly capable, hybrid instrument. A Kawai AnyTime Hybrid Piano is a piano that you can play anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone!
These pianos are a great choice for pianists who plan on late night or early morning practicing.
The K-300 is truly the best option when looking for digital convenience and acoustic quality.
If you live in an apartment when piano practice is restricted to specific hours of the day, this instrument may be the perfect one for you.
This is just another reason why Kawai continues to be one of the top innovators within the worldwide piano industry.

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