There are advantages and disadvantages on both types of pianos, digital and acoustic, some of which are pretty obvious.
When building the KDP-90, engineers at Kawai sampled the sounds from a 9-foot Kawai EX Concert Piano. Like other competing models in this price range, the KDP-90 has built-in pedals, 3 to be more exact. The pedals on this model are specially tailored to resemble the way the pedals on the EX Concert Piano behave. Aside from the fact that you can play multiple instruments on this piano, you can also use the 4 hands mode. Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox. The one thing though that counts a lot when deciding on a digital piano like this one is if it sounds and feels to the standards of acoustic models.
Sure, they are more practical as in portable, but some digital pianos just lack the proper sound and often feel plastic. It has different instrument options and each one will trick you into thinking it’s the real thing if you listen to it with your eyes closed.
The result of their effort is that the sound of this digital piano can be easily mistaken for the concert grand piano’s sound.
They contribute to the entire experience you get from playing the KDP-90, making it even more authentic. The most technologically advanced digital piano on the market today, wrapped in an authentic 160cm (5'3") grand piano cabinet. The sound is in an upper class, even if you don’t plug in external speakers and use the built in ones.
In acoustic pianos, the pedals have a certain action on the chords of the instrument changing the sounds coming from them.

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The CP205 not only looks like a traditional piano, it also sounds and plays like a traditional piano…Harmonic Imaging TechnologyThe authentic piano sound of Kawai digital pianos starts with the world's finest concert grand piano, the Kawai EX. Student and teacher can play the piano at the same time, easily, on two equal 44 key sections.More DetailsKawai is a world renowned name in the acoustic piano industry.
Piano students will make faster progress because they will not have to switch places with teachers. Our engineers then analysed the unique harmonic structure of the EX and created an extremely accurate sound map for each key across the entire dynamic range. They successfully managed to import all the positive aspects of their acoustic models to digital pianos, producing some of the better products in this category.
Finally, our engineers and piano technicians worked together to reproduce the excellent sound of the EX concert grand piano. In this review you’re going to find out if the Kawai KDP-90 is the right choice for you.
For this reason, Kawai has been a pioneer in the use of real wooden keys in our digital pianos. As acoustic piano has heavier hammers in bass section and lighter hammers in treble section, AWA Grand PRO uses different hammer weights appropriate for each playing zone. In addition, the lower keys have counter weights for better control when playing very soft. It's easy to forget that you are playing a digital piano with the excellence of AWA Grand PRO action with real wooden keys.User Touch CurvePreviously, when the normal touch curve didn't fit your playing style, the only solution was to choose one of the different touch curve presets in the piano. In User Touch Curve mode, you are asked to play dynamically from soft to loud to input your playing style.
Then the piano analyses the data and creates the perfect touch curve specially made for you.Sound SystemThe CP205 is equipped with a 200W sound system utilising 9 separate speakers.

Not only does the sound board look authentic it helps the CP205 project an amazingly authentic sound.CD BurnerThe CP205 is the only digital piano in the world to have CD-R (CD burner) incorporated into the piano. This enables the performer to not only record music from the pianos built in sequencer to CD but to also record music from other sources (vocals, guitar, brass etc) live onto the CD. Once recording is complete, the CD can be played in any CD player - be it in the car, at home or in the office.Concert MagicConcert Magic is Kawai's exclusive feature which lets ANYONE play music instantly.
A total of 176 Concert Magic songs are available for just listening to or playing in very easy way. Each Concert Magic song is categorized in either, Easy Beat, Melody Play or Skillful for different levels of playing enjoyment. With new Steady Beat mode, all 176 songs can be played by tapping any keys in steady beat.Virtual TechnicianA piano technician plays a very important role for an acoustic piano to be in the best playing condition for a piano player.
You will find Virtual Voicing, Sympathetic Resonance, Touch Curves and Tuning Temperaments.User MemoryYou can easily customize your CP205's initial settings. Expand your musical fun by connecting with MIDI recorder or other external MIDI devices.The built-in USB interface allows for direct connection to a desktop or laptop personal computer.
Enter the world of computer music and the Internet through one simple connection.Reverb and EffectsFive distinct reverb types simulate listening environments from private practice rooms to concert halls.
Digital sound effects such as delays (three types), Chorus, Tremolo and Rotary Speakers (two types) add to the remarkable realism of the Concert Artist sounds.User TemperamentBesides the preset historical temperaments, you can customize your own temperament by shifting the pitch higher or lower for each of the 12 keys.

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