As you listen, read along with the music and pay attention to the details of how the right hand notes are played: phrasing, articulation, rhythmic feel and the overall expressive inflection. Also listen to the source recording that the licks were derived from: "Confirmation" by the Tommy Flanagan Trio. Transcription of the introduction to the Major ii-V-I Progression lesson, taken from the bridge of Tommy Flanagan's solo over "Confirmation" from his 1982 recording of the same name.
Record your performance and compare it to the introduction to the lesson and the original recording.
How does your recording compare and contrast with the original recording with respect to phrasing, articulation, rhythmic feel and the overall expressive inflection? The idea behind harmonizing a melody in jazz piano is pretty much the same as in other styles of music.
After playing piano for a while, your ear will surely start to develop sensitivity to recognize music intervals.
Adding jazz riffs in a musical progression is relatively easy if you know how chord structures and music harmony works. When most people think of jazz piano techniques, boring exercises like scale runs, hanon workouts, arpeggios will often come to the mind of the pianist.
Besides swing and bebop styled music, swing phrasing is also commonly found in jazz genres of piano playing.
Whether you are an adult beginner, or are keen to build on your piano experiences as a child, it will be my pleasure to help you make the most of your piano playing. My piano lessons for kids stretch their ability in a healthy way, with an encouraging style that fosters their enthusiasm and confidence. Once I have learned what your pianistic goals are, I’ll define a pathway of study tailored to your individual needs. As you develop confidence you’ll take your first steps in improvisation, starting to establish your own individuality as a jazz pianist. Whether you would like a structured course of piano study (for exams, auditions or concerts) or to play purely for pleasure, I’m here to help you fulfil your potential and gain maximum enjoyment from your piano playing.
Otherwise, I teach at home in Friern Barnet, North London, on a wonderfully toned Steinway upright. My own pianistic heritage has a substantial Russian influence (please see the about section of this website), with its emphasis on physical effectiveness and beauty of sound.

As musicians I believe we should always try to locate the emotional essence of every piece we play. Although the backbone of my piano teaching is classical music, you can take jazz piano lessons with me as a self-contained subject (please see the jazz section of this website) or we can incorporate some jazz and other popular styles into your standard classical piano lessons.
Other lessons offered: music theory, music appreciation (please see the separate sections on this website). Please look at the headings on the home page to find the section(s) most appropriate to you.
The MusiClassroom Academy proposes a high quality of music education in the main fields of music theory, accompaniment, harmony, composition, arranging, orchestration, piano, guitar, singing, ear training, classical music, jazz and song writing. The MusiClassroom Scores offers to musicians the opportunity to purchase a large number of single sheet music and tabs, as well as a collection of scores for piano, guitar, voice and various instruments, educational methods, books, cd’s or dvd’s, a necessary further training for lessons proposed in the Musiclassroom academy, and finally, different formats of blank sheet music by free download, that have been conceived for various instrumental or vocal bands. The MusiClassroom Studio opens to amateurs and professionals the road to music production, including arranging, recording, remixing and mastering for their own compositions. The MusiClassroom Artists brings to light new artistic talents to thousands of visitors, acting as a real artist manager and distributor, by allowing paying mp3 downloads and album purchases. The Musiclassroom TV, first online educational tv channel, broadcasting 24 hours a day music educational programs, video clips as well as artist interviews.
The Musiclassroom Shop allows visitors to purchase online and receive by free shipping, numerous single sheet music, scores or music educational methods in a secure way.
The beginning piano lessons in the theory section are especially made for those of you who want to expand their knowledge in the secrets of music. Imitate my playing by emulating the elements of the recorded performance that you noted from listening to his solo.
Letting time pass between recording the solo and listening to it can give you perspective on your playing that is more objective than when you are in the midst of making the recording.
As a jazz musician playing the piano, a good understanding of the jazz chords and their voicings will help greatly in your craft. In jazz playing, being able to identify some common intervals used will help you improve in this style of music.
In jazz music, a turnaround is a good method to end a particular section of the song and help lead the music into another section. Besides technical playing skills, there are a variety of jazz piano chords that need to be mastered in order to comprehend the style of music fully.

Did you know that rootless piano chords are a commonly found way of playing chords to create that distinctive jazz sound?
In this lesson, we will get you introduced with the concept of applying it in your playing. Areas of North London readily covered include: Highgate, Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Hampstead, Golders Green, Finchley, Southgate, Whetstone, Barnet, Enfield.
If you are tackling advanced repertoire, my experience as a concert pianist will help you project your musical intentions with maximum impact, and overcome the most challenging difficulties. However, my approach to piano teaching is flexible and imaginative, with my lessons being tailored to the individual student’s needs, aims, personality and aptitude.
Showing a student how to practise the piano in the most effective way is one of the greatest gifts a teacher can bestow. This program is divided into 3 levels of skills : beginner, medium and advanced, and includes regular evaluation tests. They may also subscribe to online music lessons, or inquire about available studio or artistic services. It's a free ticket to making better music since you'll understand the logic behind what you're playing. One common problem that many people have is that as soon as you try to add rhythms or melodies to that rhythm, everything might fall apart. Equally, I’m adept at cultivating the talents of students at all the earlier stages of development. Adults are very welcome. Although I’m rigorous and meticulous in preparing you for your goals, I’m also patient and encouraging. When we succeed as artists we enrich our own lives and those of our listeners, sometimes to a very powerful degree. As long as you are trying your best, the piano lessons will always be friendly and positive.
My aim will always be to inspire you in seeking what lies behind the notes on the page, so that your musical endeavours can genuinely enhance your own and other people’s emotional experience.

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