If the bass note is repeated for several bars with the chords on top changing, it's called a pedal (wikipedia link) and is used to build tension in the music. Normally jazz pianists play rootless voicings, chords without the root (the C in a C7 chord.) The reason we don't need to play the root is because the bass player is doing that, or in solo piano it's our left hand. The main argument against using slash chords is that with effort and some creative theory, you can spell out any chord without a slash. Even though you can almost always spell a chord out scientifically, note for note, number for number, exactly as it "should be" from a jazz theory point of view, that doesn't mean you should. The first step in improvising over slash chords is playing over the chords (improvising on the chords), not the bass notes. On the other hand, if I had something else in mind like resolving to a CM7 chord, the chord would undoubtedly be written as a C11(b9) because it would put the musician mentally in the key of C for that part of the music, giving the musician the best opportunity to jam on the music as possible without any confusion.
Slash chords and especially pedal tones are useful when you want to calm the music down or go the other way and build up to a transition in your performance, to raise the potential for some kind of awesome splash-down that will drive the audience crazy.
A great example of using a pedal to work things up is Monty Alexander and his trio with John Clayton on bass and Jeff Hamilton on drums playing "The Work Song" by Nat Adderly at the Montreaux Jazz Fest in the late 70's. Take a look at the tune "Beautiful Love" (a standard we should all know!) It opens with a 2-5-1 in D minor. No matter how you feel about slash chords, the fact is you have to play them and improvise over them. The first thing you do when you see a slash chord is figure out how it relates to the music around it. When you are improvising you must know what the harmony is ahead of you and what the harmony is behind you while also focusing on your improvisation so that what you're playing is going somewhere and leading the listener to the next harmonic center in a musical way.
If you're having trouble figuring out the harmony over a slash chord (or any chord) try checking altered notes in the melody, notes that have sharps, flats, or naturals.
If you don't know what notes will work when you're improvising over a certain slash chord; some of them can be tricky, then play the melody or just stop improvising and listen. Jazz piano improvisation is like a painting- you can't see anything in the painting unless the artist puts some space around them. There are plenty of reasons to choose a desktop PC over a laptop, but the one thing I miss the most on my desktop is the trackpad. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that matches up to the Logitech K400 in terms of value for money.
The K400 and the E9080 have their trackpads where the numpad normally is on a full-size keyboard. I know a lot of people who still swear by Lenovo’s TrackPoint technology and prefer to buy ThinkPad computers purely so they can get that feature. With a big, comfortable keyboard and a large, sensitive touchpad, the Logitech TK820 is the best you can buy when it comes to wireless all-in-one keyboards for Windows. Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app.

I have to have a touchpad in the middle of the keyboard for the workstation at my job because 20 years of using a mouse was causing problems in my right shoulder.
There is absolutely no better combination than the mac wireless keyboard and the magic trackpad if you are a O sx user.
This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. With the introduction of Windows 8, a lot of brand-new touch-friendly features have been added to make the operating system enjoyable to use on touch-enabled devices. Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents the normal access to a system or files, unless the victim pays a ransom.
Whether you are at work or home and sadly missing one of the biggest games of the year, there is no faster way to stay in the sporting loop than with an extension for Chrome.
During the process of learning more songs and further developing the ones you already play, you will eventually know the architecture of jazz so well that you play the sounds you are hearing in your head without having to think at all about how.Why Do Jazz Pianists Use Slash Chords?
Take a deliberate listen at the 11:05 mark of the vid below if you're not swinging out of your mind by then as Monty sets up a pedal tone that they hold for 8 bars while Monty does his thing.
Don't get caught up in the semantics of how you're going to spell the chord, argue about how the chord should be spelled and if it should have a slash or not, instead get caught up in is how to make your music the best it can be by jamming over the sound of that slash chord as it pertains to the music.
That's part of always knowing what's happening ahead of you in the music and how it relates to what you're playing at that moment. It's worse to play through some harmony using guesswork; the audience knows when you are BS'ing and anyway, you don't have to fill up every moment with notes. A mouse is great, but there are times when a trackpad is what you need, whether it’s for multi-touch gestures or using your thumb to scroll around without lifting your hand from the keyboard. In fact, you shouldn’t even consider any other keyboard less than the white colour version version, which retails at $25. The keyboard doesn’t feel as cramped as the Logitech K400 and the scissor keys are fantastic to type on for long hours.
With this layout, you have to significantly change your hand’s position to use the touchpad. TrackPoint is a little red touch-sensitive pad in the centre of your keyboard (between the G, H and B keys). The trackpad is really the highlight here as it feels premium and is responsive, registering every tap or gesture (including multi-touch). Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. Ever tire of fumbling around with a full sized keyboard and mouse while trying to watch Hulu or Netflix? It provides so many interesting benefits, such as reduced energy consumption or increased home property value, yet so many people are against it. The same 5th that would be in the 2-5-1 chord (link goes to LJP 2-5-1 lesson) progression of the same key.

This is so you can get an idea of the harmony (which may or may not be obvious) and play appropriately. Keep in mind that the notes you play during improvisation are only as good as the space you put around them. The build quality isn’t fantastic, but it’s rugged enough to take the knocks of daily life.
While this may not sound like a big deal to most people, trust me, when you have to work for more than 6 hours on that keyboard, it matters a lot. It’s surprisingly accurate and once you get used to it, you’ll be surprised that you weren’t using this earlier. The chiclet keys are fantastic to type on, giving you just enough feedback to feel good while typing fast. None of the existing all-in-one keyboards for Mac are as good as the combination of these two accessories, so I’d suggest that you unite them with the TwelveSouth Magic Wand.
Sometimes it does crazy things like wipe out my text when I try to hit the exclamation point. Notice that we're playing the root of the chord, the C, in the right hand chord voicing (wikipedia link and see below).
The low-profile keys have a satisfying play when you type on them, but since this is a compact keyboard, it’s a bit scrunched up, especially with the different placement of the arrow keys.
Slide your finger at the bottom and it toggles between working as a trackpad and as a touch-sensitive numpad. It’s a little frame that docks the keyboard and trackpad together, letting you move them as a single unit. The only real problem I had with it was the lack of physical mouse buttons, which makes it hard to perform click-and-drag actions, and sometimes doesn’t register the command (especially in case of double-clicks). The mouse buttons are located conveniently below the spacebar too, so your thumbs can click. Despite all this, the TK820 is a lightweight and slim keyboard, and the ideal candidate if you are looking for a keyboard for your HTPC.
The whole combination of keyboard, trackpad and Magic Wand is a bit pricey, totalling up to around $160, but it’s well worth it, especially when you learn how to superpower your Mac Trackpad.
Lenovo’s keyboards have always been the most comfortable to type on and the ThinkPad Compact is no exception. But unfortunately, the Adesso does not offer multi-touch support, rendering gestures meaningless.

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