9:31 am January 11, 2010 By Roland Hutchinson ION has unveiled a new accessory for the Apple iPhone at this years CES, the ION iType.
The ION iType is designed to be used by travellers and people on the go who want to use a larger keyboard with their iPhone for emails, texting and web surfing.
There are no details on pricing as yet for the ION iType, it is expected to go on sale later in the year. Remember back when having a full QWERTY keyboard on your phone was considered to be top of the line, or even the brief period of time when it was the standard in the beginning age of the smartphone? You may remember a while back when we posted a article about this product, in fact it was questionable if the Typo Keyboard would even see the light of day. As I mentioned above, it can take some time to adjust to a smaller smartphone keyboard for the first time, though generally after sending a few texts, updating social media statuses, or reviewing apps on the App Store, you’ll be ingraining that muscle memory to your fingers fairly quick. The Typo Keyboard is without a doubt a great idea and one that a large demographic of users will be interested in, unfortunately the execution of that idea isn’t quite as great as the idea in itself. If one really good thing can come of this product, it would be to see future keyboards released for the iPhone.
We Apologize that we are out of stock with China Mobiles iPhone Style Mobile with Full Keyboard (Wifi, TV) or its has been discontinued by the China Mobiles! Personally I still miss those days, I used to be able to dial in text at rapid speeds without even glancing at my phone. Because the keyboard takes such a strong resemblance to the keyboard built in to BlackBerry phones, there were lawsuits flying at Typo and Ryan Seacrest for intentionally ripping off their keyboard. There’s absolutely no mistaking the resemblance here, the keys hold a specific curved texture for the right and left sided keys, though the feel of the keyboard differs quite a bit from that of a BlackBerry. Anyone who has used a smartphone keyboard, especially a BlackBerry keyboard will feel right at home.

Whether it be a improved model by Typo, or another company that ventures into the arena of smartphone keyboards, it will be great to see a perfected version of this product. While the lawsuit continues and BlackBerry pushes forward in a San Diego federal court to stop the Typo Keyboard from shipping out, Typo is remaining strong and continuing production. The keys have a much lighter and cheaper plastic feeling to them, making it lack the responsive nature of traditional keyboards.
As far as words per minute, it largely varies on the user, for some users they will find they’ll have a much faster word count on a touch screen keyboard vs the Typo keyboard and vise versa.
Much like using special characters on a desktop keyboard, Typo has you using key combinations for any character outside the alphabet. Connecting your charging unit as well as headphones feels more awkward and clumsy than without Typo. For now, Typo Keyboard is a product best left to veterans of smartphone keyboards who are desperate to regain this feature, without having to go to a dying OS.
The interesting part is the fact that Sonitdank is using as a work model, the most appreciated and the best sold smartphone in the world.In his vision, Sonitdank is using an iPhone as a model for the next projector phone and he places the projector in the back of the device.
BlackBerry has stood by their keyboard and is currently the only mainstream smartphone provider to consistently offer one, the problem is that BlackBerry’s OS is becoming somewhat of a dying breed.
A few iOS specific keys are added to the bottom like one to access your mail, as well as a much smaller home key.
Typo Keyboard feels like it works better with either smaller fingers or at least a more graceful touch.
There at least things to consider when deciding if having a full blown QWERTY keyboard on your iPhone is worth it or not. If you already purchased the Typo Keyboard we’d love to hear what you think of it as well.

The projector is able to produce a full size virtual Apple Mac keyboard, which means the well known touchscreen text input issue will be totally excluded. Now, thanks to Ryan Seacrest and the people at Typo, you can purchase a iPhone case that delivers a full QWERTY keyboard to your iPhone.
Because these Typo Keyboards are already in the hands of those who pre-ordered the product and will most likely be able to be found on outside networks, we thought it still deserves a solid review.
One of the better benefits is having more viewing space on your screen, no longer requiring the on-screen keyboard is a welcomed addition, especially with the few on-screen keyboard bugs that iOS 7 still has. If you’d like to check out the full story on the lawsuit between BlackBerry and Typo, you can check it out here. Besides the projector placed in the rear of the phone, the users would enjoy a front-facing projector as well.
This means that the smartphone will reproduce a Mac display that is projected in front of the device directly on the wall. This way, the users will practically have the opportunity to care in their pockets a full size personal computer.So?What do you say?
It’s quite hard not to, even though we are aware of the fact that this is only an YouTube user dream, but a very good dream we may say.

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