Besides playing it online, you can also download this piano as game to play it in your computer. Imagine being able to sit down at your piano, place your hands on the keyboard, and just play! Last month I outlined some good ways that students can experiment with sounds and create music online. The Virtual Keyboard is an online keyboard that students can use to virtually play piano, organ, saxophone, flute, pan pipes, guitar, bass, and steel drums. The Virtual Keyboard could be a good way for students to experiment with creating chords and sounds on instruments that their schools might not have.
Check out an online piano course!  or you can take piano lessons at either a local piano lessons location, a teacher's home or a teacher may offer piano lessons in your own home and on your own piano.

It’s really fun and you can even learn to play few songs with your mouse and keyboard. To record the play, click Rec, click piano keys, then click Play to re-play.A Overall, there are six different drum beats.
The site also has piano emulator, online keyboard piano, interactive online piano, free piano lesson, online piano flash and games for piano.
The interesting part of this site is that, as you play the piano, you’ll see the wave forms as well as hear them. If you know of some website that lets you play piano online for free, post it in the comments and I will add it to this list.
But want to remark on some general things, The site style is perfect, the articles is really nice : D.

Earlier this week through Danny Nicholson's Whiteboard Blog I learned about another resource to add to that list. I'm pretty sure my elementary school didn't have an organ for us to play, but something like the Virtual Keyboard could have been useful for us. You can also press the letters on your keyboard to play the notes by referring to its diagram. The piano can also play a song for you, while you watch.A This virtual reality Java piano lets you play the piano and have a little fun while learning the relationship between the sounds, music theory, musical scales, and the underlying math and physics of how sounds are produced and perceived.

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