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Both characters when through tremendous changes and had completely different insights into what was happening.
Seeing the story from only one side, would make either Mandy or Jill seem like terrible people. I don't think she was stupid, I just think she was left to her own devices most of the time. Jill doesn't even know how to convince her mother it's a bad idea without her father's helping words.

I really enjoyed watching all the characters grow together and loved how everyone was touched by the death of Jill's dad. Mandy wants a better life for her daughter and Jill doesn't want anything to do with Mandy. Jill was a bit more of a relateable character, except that the death of her father filled her with a rage that lashed out at everything and everyone. They won't make readers turn away for being too intense like some realistic contemporary fiction can tend to be.
Mandy and Robin and Jill all have some learning to do in order to make the next step forward and together, they might just get through it. Jill sometimes acted like she was the only one who missed her father, which I imagine happens when you grief.

Robin hid her pain from Jill, so Jill felt like she was the only one still hurting, still not over his death. I'm not sure how it could be unpredictable though, because the story needed a character like him.
I like how his relationship with Jill started and developed, it was humorous and a little bit sad.

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