Ever wanted to unravel the mysteries of improvisation and deepen your understanding of how music works? Although How to Play Jazz is an inclusive course for players of all styles and instruments there are some requirements to consider. A multi-instrumentalist jazz and folk player, Pete Thomas has been embracing the eclectic for many years.

How To Play Jazz is a course designed to develop your theoretical understanding of melody, harmony and rhythm through a practical exploration of jazz and swing. He has studied jazz at Goldsmiths and Klezmer at SOAS, plays gypsy accordion for Tatcho Drom, old time double bass for Cut-a-Shine, Aaron Jonah and the Nightcaps and is to be found playing jazz piano and squeezebox in Chats Palace’s very own house band, the Flat Foot Floogies, each Thursday. A trained teacher, Pete holds a PG Diploma in Music Education and a PGCE Music from the Institute of Education, University of London.

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