The Throne Room, or Victory March, is a song written by John Williams and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.
The song was also played in The Star Wars Holiday Special by the end of the show along with archive footage from Episode IV. As with the film, the theme was played during medal ceremony sequence in the radio version of the Star Wars story.
A version of the theme was composed by John Williams for the Disneyland attraction Star Wars. In the non-canon LEGO Star Wars special The Empire Strikes Out the theme is played at the end when Darth Sidious presents Darth Vader with a medal in front of a group of adoring fangirls. With the Star Wars Black 6" series, the Marvel Universe and the icons from a Galaxy far far away were destined to collide.
The brown soft cape, the belt, and the holsters compliment the armor and give the figure a classic look.
This figure is on the top of my list for the most coolest, well designed figures I have seen in 2015 and to make this your own, head over to eBay and place a bid on Fanboy Toys' Custom Marvel Legends Boba Fett Deadpool crossover figure.

I can't deny that when I first saw the Star Wars Episode 7 Force Awakens trailer, I felt like a little kid again.  The very first image of we saw in the teaser trailer will be burned into my memory and Kimota has immortalized this iconic continuation of the Star Wars saga with this Custom Force Awakens Stormtrooper 6" figure. Recreating a new version of Stormtrooper armor, Kimota has done a fantastic job replicating this armor from the movie and translating it into a fully poseable  6" action figure modeled from the Star Wars Black line.
To own this unique, one of a kind Custom Force Awakens Stormtrooper 6" figure, head over to eBay! The Star Wars Clone Wars series is a fantastic way for customizers to visualize new and exciting figures from the Star Wars Universe and Parasite Collectibles has create a killer set of Custom Mandalorians from Death Watch, which includes Pre Vizsla and two Mandalorians.  It is always great to see new figures added to the line, especially when they are Mandalorians. According to Darth Vegas, "figure has been modified and weathered to help make it stand out in one's collection. This is 19 Pieces Duo Blast Race Set Snap-together tracks Set by Kid Connection Double Launcher propels race cars side by side Winner clears the gate and loser crashes Consider grabbing more than one to share this magical play time moment with your family and friends.
Williams develops it into a set of chromatic variations during the scene in Return of the Jedi in which the Rebel fleet takes off into hyperspace. The theme is also used in the audiobook adaptation of A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy.

The track was included on Disney's Legacy Collection release of themes from Disneyland attractions. It is also used in the ending of the audiobook version of William Shakespeare's Star Wars (Verily, A New Hope).
An official Sideshow Toy Clone sculpt has been customized to give the trooper some character beyond the helmet.
Additionally, the book's narration seems to imply that the theme itself is in fact being played by musicians at the medal-awarding ceremony. This extended version was also recorded for the album version of the end credits for Episode III.

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