Have you ever worked with an instructor or jammed with someone a lot better than you and felt like you were really making progress when you were together only to slide back into your same frustrations when you practiced alone? Are you apprehensive about playing in front of even a small audience because you can’t consistently get your fingers to play all of those notes in the right order, and you don’t want to end up looking and sounding like a fool? Do you secretly fear that you may NEVER experience the passion and satisfaction of blowing away a cheering crowd with your monster piano grooves? And what’s worse… when this happens, there often seems to be no explanation…and NO GOOD REASON AT ALL. By now you’re probably wondering who I am, how I know all of this, and why you have to listen to me to immediately improve your skills to play your favorite piano lines much faster than you ever thought possible. My name is David Motto and I’m the go-to expert for frustrated musicians who are sick and tired of being stuck. I’ve played and taught music for three decades, done countless gigs and sessions, and even written four best-selling music books.
My students are professional musicians (who are actually paid to do what they love), music teachers who need to help their students make new breakthroughs, and even a Grammy winner. You’ll get all 101 secrets organized into a digital book that hooks you up with real-world tips, tricks, and strategies of PIANO MASTERY that will immediately take your playing to mind-blowing, fun levels—much faster than you ever thought possible. The ebook is packed with all the tricks,tactics,tips and shortcuts I’ve discovered in my 27 years teaching and learning from the best in the music industry. Secret #2: This is the same secret used by top project managers who know how to get the job done without feeling overwhelmed. Secret #29: Learn the secret to overcoming the all-time, worst ever practice habit that will prevent you from ever displaying the mastery you know you have within you. Secret #32: Discover why a standardized warm-up routine is probably blocking your progress and 3 simple steps to creating a custom routine that will have you ready to rock in a matter of minutes. And there are 20 more practice room secrets that guarantee you keep improving between lessons and jam sessions. The more motivated you are to play your piano, the more you’ll learn in a short amount of time. Secret #56: Find out how simple changes in your choice of words can take playing piano from a frustration to a joy without being weird or fake.
Secret #57: If you think your music learning is like a roller coaster ride, you are not alone.
Secret #88: Discover how exaggeration will effortlessly lead to greater levels of audience engagement and fascination.

Good question, but first let me ask – What’s it costing you to stay where you are?
My students have consistently paid me more than $1000 to discover what you’ll be getting for a fraction of that price.
As an introductory offer, and a drop-dead bargain, you can have every one of these 101 insider secrets today for only $47.
If for ANY reason you don’t see the value of learning the secrets in the book, you can ask for a FULL refund within the next 60 days of your purchase. Are you an adult piano beginner interested in buying the best self-teaching piano lesson books you can find? With so many piano books out there, how do you find the best piano lesson book for yourself? You want to be able to find a piano lesson book that will be easy to understand but at the same time challenging enough to keep your interest and packed with a few popular songs…. This piano book is so great that it is almost like having a real piano teacher right beside you! However, for the adult beginners that want to teach themselves how to play the piano, I was able to find a few good piano lesson books and decided to share them here with you…. If your goal is to learn how to master a few piano songs by yourself, for your own entertainment and as a challenge, all you will need is a few good self-teaching piano books and the will to learn! Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Piano: Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Now! It also comes with an audio CD that you can listen to after you practice the lesson and compare to see if you did it right! I use it with a few of my own piano students because it’s full of cool songs that everybody knows! The beginning of the book covers a little bit of piano theory so you can brush up your skills a little and then you will start playing the songs according to their difficulty level, starting with very simple ones. Happy buyers say that they are having a lot of fun learning the piano with this amazing book! It covers several musical styles and it’s perfect for the student to identify with his favorite one! It teaches chords for both hands so that the student can play more than single note melodies.
This piano lesson starts by teaching the simplest ABC notes and slowly progresses to standard notation in a way that when the student realizes he will be playing over 40 classics, including: Greensleeves * Scarborough Fair * The Entertainer * and many more beautiful songs!

It teaches you to use all the basic piano chords and to adapt them to each new song you want to learn! Once you understand how music is made up and you know a few chords, magic will start happening!
The BETTER news is that you’re about to discover how to put these problems behind you forever. So, I’m one of the select few musicians who actually decides who gets every Grammy Award. The tricks and tips in Part 1 give you the secrets of accelerated learning and efficient use of your time. Learning the piano is a BIG project and you’ll benefit by applying this secret to your playing. These secrets reveal exact steps to make you as effective as possible while you’re practicing the piano. Part 3 reveals the most effective strategies for musicians who don’t always feel they have enough time for their music. Included in Part 4 are the insider secrets that move you from the practice room to the performance venue.
How much time, energy, and money are you wasting every month by not having these behind-the-scenes secrets at your fingertips? The important thing to acknowledge is that if you continue on your current path, you’ll keep getting the same results. These strategies make the entire process of learning the piano easier and faster than ever before. Use these strategies during your practice sessions to master new techniques and quickly learn songs. So this is your opportunity to grab the book of secrets before we change our mind and raise the price to match the value you’re getting. But, if you’re ready to take your playing to the next level, this program is for you.

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