In 1859, John Freeman Young published the English version of the song, which is also the one that is most frequently sung today. Franz Xaver Gruber was an Austrian primary school teacher and church organist from the village of Arnsdorf. A series of free online piano lesson videos on playing Christmas Carols on the Silent Night a lush arrangement of this all-time favorite using lots of chord Silent Night Chords by Franz Xaver Gruber - guitar tabs and guitar chords. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. The first video shows you how to help kids learn to play Silent Night by ear using the help sheet. After you’ve watched the videos to learn how to use this free printable Silent Night sheet music, click on an image below to print.
With young kids, it’s a good idea to first introduce the accompaniment by playing a duet. Keep in mind that students will be most successful with this activity if they know their scales and chords well. If you like this video tutorial and the free sheet music, please take just a second to like it, share it and leave a comment. Apart from the translation, there is also a slight change from the original melody composed by Franz Gruber. During the same period, he was also an organist and choirmaster at St Nicholas Church in his neighboring village, known as Oberndorf bei Salzburg.
Once your student can play the melody, whether by ear or by reading the notes, show them the neat little trick in the second video.

Silent Night is an excellent piece for anyone who’s new to playing by ear because the melody is simple, includes plenty of repetition, and is well-known. Hopefully, you’ve been teaching scales and chords all along, but if not older students can probably still do this if you give them a quick crash course on how to play just the chords needed for this piece. I’d love for others to be able to find and use these resources, and I really do read your comments and appreciate your feedback.
THANK YOU for taking the time to make the video, the challenge, the cheat sheets…I KNOW it takes a lot of work! I’m so glad you found my site, and I so appreciate you sharing and inviting others to visit.
I am 68 years old and I just bought a keyboard after retiring as Executive Director of Elementary Schools. And I’m impressed that your student is only 6 years old–you must be a wonderful teacher!
On the Christmas Eve of 1818, Joseph Mohr approached Franz Gruber to show him a six-stanza poem that he had written in 1816 and requested him to set the poem to music. It also revealed that the lyrics were first written in 1816 by Joseph Mohr, but the music was only composed two years later by Franz Gruber. This second video teaches a beautiful left hand accompaniment that even young kids can learn. It makes the piece sound beautiful and the students will be floored that they can create such impressive sounds.
I figured that since I spent all the trouble to make them for my students, other teachers might as well benefit.

I hope you’ll take a look at the free music theory worksheets and the improv activities. During his time there in 1816, he wrote a six-stanza poem that was to become one of the world’s most popular Christmas carol. As the church organ wasn’t functioning at that time, Franz Gruber decided to produce the melody with a guitar arrangement. I was blown away, and you should have seen those huge grins–they were so proud of themselves! Joseph only moved to Oberndorf in 1817 for two years, when Franz Gruber agreed to compose songs in churches in the Salzburg Diocese and when folk singers from the Ziller Valley decided to take the song on tours around Europe. Silent night guitar chords tabs.pdf Andr e did a beautiful job with the Silent Night Variations , a project that I gave to most of They learned how to select their own chords to create a lead sheet.
The site includes free piano sheet music and notes, piano chords table, lyrics and hundreds of piano songs.
They may prove off-putting if you are accompanying singers (depending on the situation) but if you are playing the carol on its own for enjoyment or performance, you may find one or both are interesting alternatives. Instead, push through to the next playing-level by mastering Silent Night , like many songs, can be harmonized using just 3 chords.

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