Hey, i'm new to the forum, but not to making beats usually sampling alot, but i want to broad my experience and i am trying to create original pieces.
If you're talking in 4's (typical time for beats), you might lay down 4 chords in a progression.. Along the same lines, take your first 4 chords, and add more to extend the whole progression to 8 (and vary within). I try changing the velocity of things and i do know some of the scales not all of them i guess it just me on not knowing how to put chords together properly is probably why.

I USUALLY Tend to use 1 note a bar or a block i feel if i squeeze more in there it too much no reason why i do that.
I went through a similar problem in the early stages of making beats, but learning the major chords and scales on even the piano and understanding how they work helped me tremendously inside and outside of the studio as a musician. I have made a couple of beats that were good and got alot of people feedback, but even with my practice i seem to keep coming up with the same progression on Piano Roll when making new material. You can make endless melodies on the C scale alone, once you get comfortable and know the C scale, move to the next such as D major for example.

It all sound the same even when i try moving the length of the note i don't know what going on.

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