It clearly is a tribute to the famous Yamaha CP-80 electric grand piano, much featured in lots of '80s hit records.
With a look that leaves Sims dumbfounded and a sound that soothes the soul, the Bachmeier Grand Piano turns ordinary into extraordinary. If it is placed in a restaurant which uses a Gastronomer Restaurant Podium, it will spawn an NPC pianist.
In The Sims 2, pianos work much as they did in The Sims, except that they will occasionally need to be tuned.
The "Bosenklavier" name reminds the one of Bosendorfer, one of the best piano-making brands.
Chimeway Saloon has been bringing upright, 88-key, creative outlets into Sims' homes for generations. With the highest quality soundboard, the quickest key action, and richest tone, the Bosenklavier Model B will not disappoint.
If you want to level up this skill faster make sure your Sim is Inspired while leveling up. The Postcards collection gives off an Inspired aura or you can buy one of the Plumbob lamps: Shine On Ambitions Award or Enchanted Aurora Supernatural Award. After you reach level 8 you have the option to write your own songs, this takes a very long time but this is worth it.
It is available as an object in The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims Life Stories, The Sims Pet Stories, The Sims Castaway Stories, The Sims 3: Late Night, and The Sims 4.

This electric innovation provides all the sound quality and fullness of an upright at half the space and twice the cost. The brushless keypad drives, run by a CME24-7 control processor, creates a near perfect, simulated, piano-like experience. The handcrafted, imitation ivory keys, lightweight carbon-fiber pedals and harmonically balanced hammers and strings make playing a special treat.
Tuning a piano builds Mechanical skill, and Sims with high Mechanical skill will have an easier time of tuning a piano. The only difference between the two is that the Bosenklavier Model B has an Environment rating of 6, whereas the Chimeway & Daughters Saloon Piano has a rating of 3. This specific model, The Saloon Piano, harkens back to the days when Sims of the Wild West practiced the art of the quickdraw, and could play the piano so fast that no one could even see their fingers moving. Buying a Piano for your Sims is rather expensive, so in the beginning you can just go to the Nightclub to practice.
Click on the Sim who is playing the Piano and has a higher Piano skill level than you have. When you reach level 2 with this skill you have the ability to Research the Piano on the computer. You can also unlock Inspired aura items from specific careers; Entertainer, Painter, Writer.
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All pianos increase the player's fun motive and improve the player's creativity skill; as the player's creativity skill increases, the quality and difficulty of music played increases as well.
You'll be happy to sing for your supper as long as you have the Pianomatic AbsoluteSound Keyboard. Sims performing on a piano will also improve their creativity skill, but not as quickly as if they were just practicing, and will receive larger tips (up to §100 per person per tip) for higher skill.
Be careful, if you play the Piano with other Sims in the room with a low level Piano skill can make your Sim embarrassed. Pianos can be played by Sims from child age onward, though children will not be able to perform for tips. And after level 3 you will get the interaction to Plunk for Inspiration on the Piano, this will give you a +1 inspired moodlet for 8 hours! If you don’t want to max your skill level you can change the number 10 with the preferred skill level from 1 to 9.

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