During my past decade of teaching music, I’ve met a lot of students who seem interested only in taking drums or guitar. Edward Van Halen, a man who single-handedly changed rock music in 1978, wrote most of the music for his band on the keyboard.
Heather – I was online looking for some piano parts to rock songs – and your face appeared!!! Learning the basics of the Fruity Loops FPC generator will be the focus of this FL Studio tutorial. Basically what you have is 16 pads on the right that can be loaded with a sample and triggered by clicking on each pad or routing it to a MIDI controller of some kind. How I like to use the Fruity Loops FPC is by setting it up to be triggered by my computer keyboard.
Here I set Pad 2 as Kick drum on the right and as note C4 (which is key Z on the computer keyboard) on the right side of FPC. Now you can set the tempo to your track hit record and play your beat or melody in real time. If you’re interested in using the Fruity Loops FPC with a real MIDI controller to lay down your tracks check out these couple of controllers.
I’ve known a few people who had one of these MIDI controllers and they worked great with Fruity Loops for real time input in the FPC or any other VST instrument, generator, or plugin.
If the whole sample plays just use the envolope contol and change its decay, hold and attack and then when u hold the note it will play but when you dont it wont.
I have a korg microkontrol with 16 pads in it but i don?t undestand how to link them to the 16 pads in the FPC, can you please help me??Saludos de Chile!
Play your DAW's virtual instruments more expressively on the Akai MPK49 USB MIDI controller keyboard, with 49 semi-weighted keys and 12 genuine MPC pads. Akai MPK49 49-Key MIDI ControllerUsing a computer-based production studio gives you access to a literally infinite number of virtual instruments. The Keyboard ControllerThe 49 full-sized keys are some of the best you can get on any USB controller, even those costing hundreds more. The Controller KeyboardSupporting MIDI Machine Control protocol, the Akai MPK49 can be used to trigger more than just notes in your DAW.
MPC FeaturesOther keyboard controllers may have "trigger pads" that emulate the classic MPC, but only the Akai MPK49 has the real deal. If you're looking to get more musical with your computer audio software, don't settle for a USB controller that's going to get in between you and your music. Power Supply: USB Cable (Included) or Akai MP6 Power Cord (Not Included - only required if using Akai MPK-49 without a computer). Akai MPK49 49-Key MIDI ControllerMaximize your musical ideas on-stage or in the studio with the Akai MPK49 performance controller. The Akai MPK49 features MPC 'Full Level' and '12 Levels' functions on its pads, and MPC Swing can be applied to both Note Repeat and Arpeggio functions. Of course this unit makes no sound on it's own, if you expected it too, you might need remedial MIDI classes. While the unit has no power switch, to me thats fine, when I boot up the computer it is ready to go!
The LED screen is large enough to read easily.The lighted pitch and mod wheels are nice to see also. Ahhh, the interface is the very heart and soul of a controller and I condider the keys, knobs, buttons, sliders and pads to be the featured event. The sturdy frame of the MPK 49 is way retro reminding me of my early Akai purchases, X7000 sampler and s-612 rack.
The keys feel as good as virtually every synth i every used in my life and better than most. I have had a bad case of gear lust for years, my FIZMO still has the original box, my Micro modular too. Considering how well it's built and that it's a well thought out piece of gear, not just a collection "features" it's cheap. Black Sabbath, perhaps the first true heavy metal band, incorporated several songs to play on the keyboard into their discography. Sure, you can write a rock song or two without it, but you couldn’t create the unique richness and depth that comes with the sound of the keys. Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting.

I’ll show you how I use the FPC and set it up to create beats using input from your computer keyboard. To do this press F6 to bring up the step sequencer, right click on a channel and select Insert then FPC. This way I can input beats live while recording then fix whatever needs adjusting in the Piano Roll editor. While not as responsive as a real MIDI controller it is great when laying down ideas and when you don’t have or want to hook up your other MIDI gear.
They each have 16 pads laid out just like the FPC in FL Studio and can trigger the exact pad just as you see it on screen when using FPC. C4 to D4 being z to x]instread of getting D4, Fruity Loops plays the next instrument in the sequencer !how do i turn that option off ?
I chopped up a sample using Edison and placed the individual portions of the sample on a few pads in the fpc. From sampled strings to modeled analog synthesizers to fine-tuned, studio-recorded drum kits, a universe of voices and timbres is at your fingertips with a MIDI-over-USB controller keyboard. Semi-weighted, with pressure-sensitivity and after-touch, they grant intimate, tactile control over otherwise antiseptic virtual instruments. A whopping 76 assignable rotary knobs, sliders, and buttons grant you hardware access to virtually any control parameter in any digital audio workstation. Twelve genuine MPC pads, velocity- and pressure-sensitive, sit at the top center of the MPK.
Get your hands on an Akai MPK49, and rediscover the excitement, passion and fun that your music's been missing. Tap Tempo and time-division buttons allow for real-time control of Note Repeat and Arpeggio clock speeds.
For someone used to actually using a keyboard arpeggiator this one is pretty nice indeed, a real bonus for me. The recording interface is like having an actual recorder making software recording seem even more like the 'good old days' of reel to reel or whatever.
The large LED makes it easy to see what I am going for and the apparent reliability of the hardware eases my fear of a second rate bargain. The sliders are great for bringing a running track into a live mix, or for doing an audio mix. When the UPS front loader ran over my x7000 it only broke a few keys, heh they paid full price and i got another Akai.
I am used to 60 key controller but space is at a premium until I get a larger recording area.(A recent move to the far North!) 49 keys fit right in front of my monitor and my computer keyboard is in front of the MPK.
They've upgraded their software and firmware (which means it's an ongoing product and the company has an interest in supporting it). It’s not because they were particularly well-suited to either of them, or because they loved the instruments, but because they wanted to play rock music, and they thought that the only way to do that is to learn the drums or the guitar.
Led Zeppelin, widely considered one of the greatest bands of all time, used piano quite a bit throughout the years.
She is a graduate of the prestigious Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, and has performed with the New York and Royal Philharmonics, the New Jersey and Virginia Symphonies, the American Boy Choir, and the internationally renowned opera star Andrea Bocelli.
Now it will load up and you might notice that the FPC is based off the old MPC hardware sampler, drum machine. If you want to load a different sample into a pad click the little folder icon in the lower right of the pad and browse for your sound. It gives a more human feel to the tracks when you’re actually playing the hits rather than laying everything out in the step sequencer. Only problem is, most controller keyboards feel less like keyboards and more like controllers. Keys that feel this good are sure to inspire better performances, as well as make you want to spend more time making music.
A dedicated transport section turns the keyboard into the nerve center of your entire studio setup.
They're joined by familiar MPC functions like "full level," "12 level" and "note repeat" modes. It delivers an amazing 76 assignable controls, with assignable inputs that include an expression pedal, footswitch, pitch bend and modulation wheel.
I do have some in my software and some in my hardware like my Waldorf Q rack, but as many know, nested loops are really quite awesome.

I used Otari 8 tracks and also 4 track cassette recorders, this controller moves the computer into a realistic mode for me.
The knobs feel very, VERY good, the sliders are better than some I have had and more than I expected in this price range. I did consider the Novation controller (Thanks Tweek for the reviews on selecting a controller keyboard!) but I do things my own way a LOT and the reports of wobbly and unstable joysticks and way unresponsive pads on the Novation put me off a bit. Compromise is not a very popular idea with some people, I first started programming semi modular equipment back when patch cords were used.
Yes, they do try and give all the takes on a piece of equipment but they depend on the advertiser. Opened Reason, set the keyboard preset to Reason and that's it, what ever instrument I selected was mapped to the knobs and sliders. Elton John and Billy Joel, men known for their classical piano training, are now well-respected members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
It doesn’t really matter what pad on the left side on FPC each sample is on, as the right side with the notes will determine which key will trigger that specific pad.
Solid, responsive pitch and mod wheels add to the Akai MPK49's expressive capabilities, as do assignable inputs for expression and sustain pedals.
Eight sliders, buttons and rotary encoders are arranged like a mixer for intuitive control over channel level, panning and arming, should you choose.
A tap tempo control can be used to control both the note repeat and arpeggio functions in real time, and classic Akai "swing" can be applied as well. The pads feature the heart and soul of hip hop: the MPC Note Repeat function and Swing parameters. This buy was researched for days and I put a lot of consideration into all the choices in controllers available, the price was right and the specifications. I miss my old gear sometimes and if I placed some of the newer stuff side by side I would find both good and bad about then all. I am being objective here and gain nothing other than knowing I may help someone make a good choice. And of course the Mixer allows you to boost and cut the volume of each pad as well as your usual mixing functions. I like to set mine at least two keys apart on the keyboard as sometimes when they are right next to each other on my laptop keyboard they false trigger each other for some reason.
Makers of the legendary MPC Music Production Center sampler-sequencers, Akai understands how important it is for electronic instruments to have the same feel and expressiveness of their acoustic predecessors.
Alternately, use them to control various functions and effect parameters in plug-ins and virtual or rack-mount synthesizers. If you've ever programed on an MPC before, you'll be right at home -- and if you haven't, you'll soon understand why the MPC has been held in such high regard for so long.
I see this controller as being just what I need for really flexible music making and sound design. Now I have pads, sliders, buttons and endless rotary knobs as well as keys all in a piece of gear that fits on the desk in front of me. With this I can play my Hi-Hat pattern on the B key and lay out the Kick and Snare hits with Z and C.
They've applied their decades of electronic music expertise to the MPK series, and the result is a USB controller that feels more like an instrument than any that have come before. You can even create intricate patterns with the multi-phrase programmable arpeggiator built right into the MPK, tempo-sync-able to DAW projects or external MIDI gear.
A big, backlit LCD screen clearly displays MIDI control presets and makes it easy to edit your own layouts as well. There are more choices and you don't have to use them if you like it simple, what could be easier. It is normal for people to expect a LOT for their money but expecting a 2-3 thousand dollar set of pads on this is a bit unrealistic.
I want to keep the sample sounding the same, assuming that time stretching it would change the pitch.

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